Live: The State of the City


  1. Lying in bed with several cracked ribs is not fun.  Lantern will be back cracking poltical kneecaps next week.  A Kathleen Flynn prayer would do nicely.

  2. If you plan to sit across the table and negotiate with someone on a major project like a ballpark and your goal is to get a good deal for the city, do you really want to have that person introduce you before a major speech?  Does anyone else think this is dumb politics?

  3. During the Mayor’s speech this morning he showed a slide which illustrated how the City’s employee costs have risen 64% since Y2K, while general revenue has grown 18%. The number of City employees has fallen 6%. ( > Mayor’s State of City Address slides)

    From this sobering visual, Mayor Chuck made his case about why this is not a sustainable model and went on to urge wage concessions and emphasize why increased business is so important.

    I hope people were paying attention and will continue to do so.


    • Yes, as usual, he started right in with an attack of employees, blaming them for the financial crisis the city faces.  Of course, the drop in revenue due to the global financial crisis also plays a big part in the disparity between employee cost growth and revenue growth.

      • The Mayor stated facts in hard numbers. Then he stated more facts about the overall global financial crises, drop in sales tax/property tax (hence the general revenue column on his slide showing only 18% growth) and he stated how the State of CA continuously grabs from City coffers. (To get the big picture of exactly what was said and how it was presented, folks can check out the video taped speech: >View the video.  I hope viewers find it presented in a balanced, truthful, and rational manner as I did.)

        Further, I also thought his point was well taken that City employees are having to do more and more with less and less (I might add as a City resident, I understand how this feels; I pay more and more for less and less.)

        RE: Employee costs. I am deeply concerned about our City workers, I know several of them and have found them to be fine, hard working, caring people. I feel for them during this time and am frightened at the thought of 500+ City employees losing their jobs. We don’t need any more unemployed!


      • > Yes, as usual, he started right in with an attack of employees, blaming them for the financial crisis the city faces. 

        Arithmetic wasn’t your strong suit in public school, was it.

        I suspect you probably majored in self-esteem and union organizing.

  4. Mayor’s speech

    Mercury News – “it is not fair or productive to make sweeping generalizations about the entire police department based on a small number of incidents.

    It’s time to reholster the rhetorical revolvers, lay down the weapons of mass exaggeration, and set aside other agendas.

    Let’s focus on the facts, identify real problems, and then implement effective solutions, as we have in the past.”

    Short version – Merky caught lying and distorting again

  5. If you think City services are slow/bad right now (i.e. to get your graffiti removed or your call answered)…wait until they let go of 500+ City employees.  This is going to be fun.

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