Couple Who Injected Botox at Their San Jose Home Charged with Felonies

A San Jose couple who gave Botox injections, lip fillers “and other invasive beauty treatments face criminal prosecution for practicing medicine without a license.

Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen said Monica Canales, 45, and James Carey, 48, of San Jose “had created an unlicensed ‘med spa’ in their house” where they illegally administered beauty treatments, some costing hundreds of dollars.

The district attorney’s office last week reported that the pair were arraigned on May 9 on multiple felony counts for the unlicensed practice of medicine. Canales was also charged with unlawfully using a doctor’s license and electronic signature to obtain Botox.

The next court date is scheduled for July 11 in San Jose. If convicted, defendants face incarceration and fines.

“Administering medications without proper licenses or supervision by a licensed physician is dangerous and illegal,” Rosen said. “The improper use of Botox and other injectable fillers such as Juvéderm can lead to injury and paralysis.”

The investigation into Canales and Carey began when a woman made a complaint to the San Jose Police Department and another victim reported Canales performing injections of Botox and fillers without a license or supervision by a licensed physician, prosecutors said.

The California Department of Consumer Affairs in conjunction with the Medical Board of California began investigating the complaints.

Later, a local dentist complained that her identity and license was being used to buy Botox and other controlled substances, according to a press release.

Additional victims came forward and reported that a “med spa” business was being conducted at the home of Canales and Carey and that injections of various substances occurred there.

Anyone with information that may help investigators locate possible additional victims who were injected with Botox, filler, unknown substances, or treated for any cosmetic procedure by Canales and/or Carey is urged to call District Attorney Investigator Krissi Durant at (408) 792-2567.

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