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Downtown Needs More Local Restaurants

By Stett Holbrook
Walking down South First Street in San Jose recently, I was thoroughly unsurprised to see that Asqew Grill called it quits last month. The 200 S. First St. location is something of a doomed corner. Zyng Noodles also occupied that space and failed as well. I don’t know the details of why Asqew left, but I wonder if part of the reason was that the chain restaurant simply didn’t resonate with downtown diners.

Gov. Gavin Newsom Allows Outdoor Dining and To-go Drinks Statewide until Dec. 31

The governor's announcement includes the use of sidewalks and converted parking spaces for outdoor dining and the sale of alcohol to-go. Bars will also be allowed to continue partnering with food trucks, restaurants and catering companies to sell food with alcohol even if they don't have an on-site kitchen.

Gunman Had Hostile Personality, People Who Knew Him Say

The man identified by California law enforcement officials as the gunman in a mass shooting at a San Jose rail yard on Wednesday lived alone and had a hostile personality, according to interviews with a neighbor and an ex-girlfriend, as well as a review of court records. The gunman, Samuel James Cassidy, 57, lived southeast of downtown San Jose, in a suburban neighborhood of cul-de-sacs and palm trees, public records show. Doug Suh, a real estate agent who lived across the street, described Cassidy, who authorities say appeared to have killed himself, as someone with a short temper.