Veteran San Jose Cop Suspected of Drug Dealing

Word to the wise: Always pay your storage fees if you're hiding drugs. And you're a cop.

On Wednesday the San Jose Police Department announced that a 20-year veteran was arrested after authorities found a huge pot stash in his storage locker.

Son Vu, 42, was booked a day prior and charged with two felony counts of marijuana possession for cultivation and sales. His bail was set at $20,000.

Authorities were alerted to the drug stow when employees from Public Storage on Tully Road were clearing through storage lockers from tenants past-due on rent. On Tuesday, they found the sizable cannabis cache—20 pounds of it, by one account—and called the cops.

SJPD summoned its Internal Affairs unit and later found out that Vu rented the storage closet. Vu was booked and placed on paid leave.

"We will not tolerate such conduct—especially criminal conduct—and we will hold those responsible for their actions," SJPD Chief Larry Esquivel said. "We are working closely with the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office to ensure this investigation is thorough and complete."

Vu is the second San Jose officer arrested this year. Officer Geoffrey Graves, 38, stands accused of raping a woman he dropped off in a motel room after picking her up from a domestic violence call while on duty. Graves pleaded not guilty, but prosecutors added new charges last month, accusing him of assaulting an ex-girlfriend.


  1. I guess with the cuts in pay and benefits you have to make ends meet somehow.

    • Maybe he thought a little extra spending money would help him repair his morale.

    • He is an idiot and should be fired immediately. But just like you Mora, he is allowed due process, even with pay that is how it works. Hopefully he is smart and resigns, pleads guilty and does his county jail time.

  2. The beat officers received a suspicious call and notified supervisors who in turn notified the entire chain of command. An investigation was initiated criminal as well as administrative. Charges were submitted to the DA and he was booked. So much for all the conspiracy theorists that the cops cover for each other. If he is guilty he should get the maximum punishment! No plea deals.

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