Mental illness

LA Prosecutors Try to Pass off Serial Rapist to Santa Clara County

Christopher Evans Hubbart is expected to go free, potentially in Santa Clara County, despite a lengthy criminal record.

A convicted serial rapist may get released in Santa Clara County, should a judge agree to a writ objecting to his relocation to Los Angeles County, where he was born and raised. SoCal native Christopher Evans Hubbart, 62, has admitted to raping 40 women in Los Angeles and Santa Clara counties between 1971 and 1982, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. Due to more lenient laws in the past, Hubbart likely avoided prison terms that would have kept him incarcerated for life.

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Parks Promote Better Mental Health

A couple takes a morning walk through Almaden Lake Park. (Photo by Ray Rodriguez)

People like Frederick Law Olmstead and Henry David Thoreau claimed that direct access to natural surroundings, such as parks, has psychological benefits for people. Noth based these claims more on opinion than fact, but recent studies show both men were on the right track.

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‘Patient Dumping’ Victim Files Lawsuit with Help of ACLU

Mentally ill patients in Nevada were allegedly bused out of state with no one to help them upon arrival. (Photo by neovain, via Flickr)

A schizophrenic man bused with a one-way ticket, no cash and a few-days-supply of meds from Las Vegas to Sacramento earlier this year has filed a federal class action lawsuit against the state agencies he says abandoned him and at least 1,500 other mentally ill patients. Those patients were bused to nearly every state in the nation, many to major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Jose.

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Nevada Hospital’s ‘Patient Dumping’ Extends to San Jose, Report Says

The Sacramento Bee reported this month that a hospital in Nevada has been putting psychiatric patients on Greyhound buses going out of state, leaving former patients homeless and lacking medication. At least five of these patients reportedly had tickets to San Jose. (Photo by loop_oh, via Flickr)

At least five mentally ill patients from a Nevada psychiatric hospital took a one-way ticket to San Jose, arriving homeless and un-medicated at the Greyhound Bus Station in downtown. That’s according to a series of disturbing reports this week by the Sacramento Bee, which investigated Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital’s apparent practice of “patient dumping.” The state-run mental health hospital in Nevada reportedly bused out more than 1,500 patients to various major cities across the country during the past five years, according to records of Greyhound bus ticket purchases reviewed by the newspaper.

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Newtown Requires a ‘Call to Action’

The Newtown tragedy is more about the resources we need as a nation to care for our fellow citizens who are mentally ill than gun control. And yet, we will not advance the cause of decreasing violent incidents until we discuss both issues openly and honestly with a subsequent call to action.

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