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Mayor Calls Cortese’s Sheriff Proposal ‘Political’ Ploy

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said a new proposal for sheriff officers to assist San Jose police would only be considered after other issues are resolved.

Elected officials in San Jose and Santa Clara County have expressed diplomatic, if not cautious, public support for a proposal that would have the Sheriff’s Office assist an undermanned San Jose Police Department. But behind the scenes, the two law enforcement agencies have been at odds for more than a year over services already contracted.


Wasserman’s State of the County Speech Highlights Social Services, Healthcare

Supervisor Mike Wasserman, recently installed as president of the Board of Supervisors, delivered his State of the County speech on Tuesday.

The stink of ex-Supervisor George Shirakawa Jr. has dissipated, and Santa Clara County is focused on a fresh start for 2014. “Scandal is no longer in the air,” Supervisor Ken Yeager said after Tuesday’s State of the County speech, delivered by recently sworn-in Board President Mike Wasserman. “We certainly spent most of last year changing and improving public outreach and creating much more transparency than there was before.” Wasserman’s address focused on the county’s role as a safety net for the most vulnerable, while also highlighting the little-known services it provides for residents.

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County Combines Addiction Treatment, Mental Health Departments

South County Airport could be getting a new name. (Photo by Ikluft, via Wikimedia Commons)

Given that clientele often overlaps, Santa Clara County will integrate its departments of Drug and Alcohol Services and Mental Health. Also, on the agenda for Tuesday’s county Board of Supervisors meeting: a new name for the South County Airport, making campaign disclosure forms available online and funding an anti-terrorism law enforcement communications network.

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County Supervisors Uphold Existing Civil Detainer Policy

Speakers supporting no change to the existing detainer policy in Santa Clara County wore orange ribbons to Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

Just when a debate over Santa Clara County’s civil detainer policy was getting stale, straight-laced Supervisor Joe Simitian delivered a bombshell by admitting he was arrested as a kid. The former state senator declined to share any more details except to say that he was locked up for “47-and-a-half hours” in Juvenile Hall on suspicion of some crime, cleared and then released. A details man, Simitian may be the only person to ever make the distinction between being in jail for 47-and-a-half hours and 48. “I’m going to ask you about that later,” joked fellow Supervisor Cindy Chavez. Maybe it was an attempt to relate, but Simitian’s youthful brush with the law hardly compares to the plight of undocumented immigrants who face deportation if charged with a crime.

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