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The Soap Opera at City Hall: ‘As San Jose Turns’

San Jose's public safety union heads sent a sharply worded letter earlier this week to the mayor and council regarding future negotiations.

A recent San Jose Inside story uncovered the hubris exhibited at the top levels of our city’s government. The piece shatters the mythology that “professional” governance is somehow better than elected leadership. But salacious details aside, the fact remains that San Jose will remain a second-class city until we adopt a strong-mayor form of government.


Leadership Transition Continues with City Manager Debra Figone’s Retirement

City Manager Debra Figone’s tenure will come to an end after six years on the job and a career spent in public service.

San Jose City Manager Debra Figone announced this week she will retire after overseeing city operations for six years. Her tenure, which will come to an end in December, has marked some of the most difficult years in the city’s history, as the City Council enacted layoffs and pay cuts to cope with historic budget deficits. Her departure will likely leave the city with an interim city manager, police chief and fire chief, all while the 2014 mayoral race is in full swing.