San Jose Rep

End of the San Jose Rep: Part I

The San Jose Rep began as an idea in my 27-year-old brain in 1979. For more than three decades, it was a home to top-notch professional theatre. I was then saddened and shocked to find out last month that the Rep board was declaring bankruptcy and ending the company’s existence.

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Farewell to 2 San Jose Legends

I am going to deviate from my usual writing to pay tribute to two people whose lives had a positive impact on our community: Janet Gray Hayes and Carl Cookson. Their accomplishments are many and great.

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Causes That Go Beyond Crime

Public safety has been the number one issue on everyone’s mind during this critical election year. That myopic obsession has effectively forced other important issues off the radar. Luckily, we have a series of opportunities in the week ahead to shift the focus.

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San Jose Rep Rights its Course, Again

Ever since Rick Lombardo took the reigns and imprinted his vision on the San Jose Repertory Theatre, the performance center has had excellent seasons. But until recently, a behind-the-scenes drama was playing out—one that would test Lombardo, Managing Director Nick Nichols and the Rep’s Board.

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Thank You, Miss Irene Dalis

This week’s column is a tribute to one of San Jose’s most amazing and accomplished people: Miss Irene Dalis, founder of Opera San Jose and a world-class international opera star. I consider myself fortunate to have known Miss Dalis for more than three decades and even more fortunate to have witnessed the growth and development of the company she created.

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The Real Status of San Jose Rep

A recent Mercury News article regarding San Jose Rep noted that the theatre’s financials are in a dire state. Unfortunately, that report drew on a note from a 2009 audit, providing a sensationalized makeover of old news.

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Explore and Enjoy Arts Locally

Arts and Culture are words used quite often to describe the vibrancy of cities; particularly big cities looking to attract business, tourists and new residents. City folk have enjoyed arts and culture entertainment for centuries, which has been funded both privately and publicly.

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Rumor of Rep’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated

San Jose Rep managing director Nick Nichols may have devoted his career to those who strut and fret upon the stage, but he was put off by the melodramatic tone of a Merc article last Sunday, which seemed to predict the 30-year-old theater’s imminent demise: “Last Curtain for the Rep?” the header wailed. “Well, the fact of the matter is, we’re here, we’re opening our next show, we were successful in the fundraising we needed to do—we’re in better financial shape than we’ve been in a while,” Nichols says.

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