Sacramento Bee

Judge Dismisses ‘Patient Dumping’ Lawsuit

A federal lawsuit alleging that a state-run mental health clinic in Nevada bused more than 1,500 patients to San Jose and various other cities around the country over the past several years was dismissed last week. But civil rights groups and attorneys say the fight isn’t over.

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Nevada Hospital’s ‘Patient Dumping’ Extends to San Jose, Report Says

At least five mentally ill patients from a Nevada psychiatric hospital took a one-way ticket to San Jose, arriving homeless and un-medicated at the Greyhound Bus Station in downtown. That’s according to a series of disturbing reports this week by the Sacramento Bee, which investigated Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital’s apparent practice of “patient dumping.” The state-run mental health hospital in Nevada reportedly bused out more than 1,500 patients to various major cities across the country during the past five years, according to records of Greyhound bus ticket purchases reviewed by the newspaper.

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