Rosemary Kamei

San Jose City Council to Israel and Hamas: Ceasefire, Help Gazans, Free Hostages

We strongly encourage the US government to implore Hamas and Israel to do all they can to work toward a cessation of hostilities, protect civilian lives, and facilitate the safe delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza residents. We also expect Hamas and Israel to release hostages and prisoners based on continued negotiations.


Rosemary Kamei Poised to Be Named San Jose’s Vice Mayor 

A year ago, on January 5, Rosemary Kamei told Fly she was running for San Jose City Council. And six months later, she stomped on two opponents, winning the city’s District 1 council seat outright in the primary, with nearly two-thirds of the vote. Now, a year later, she’s positioned to be named the city’s vice mayor, an announcement we’re expecting any minute now.

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