Bullis Charter School

School Suspensions a Civil Rights Issue?

School suspensions go beyond just quick-fix discipline to get an unruly student out of the way. Statistics show that suspensions can lead to to a number of dangerous paths in life. The Santa Clara County Board of Education will hear a report about suspensions at its meeting Wednesday night, as well as an ongoing fight involving Bullis Charter School.

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Charter School Debate Difficult, Important

At last week’s Santa Clara County Board of Education meeting, there was nothing more important to me than the decision of whether or not to extend the Bullis K-8 Charter by five years. I wished to do so with wisdom and care. Depending on who you listen to, the four-hour debate was far too contentious and protracted. I wish to set the record straight from my perspective, knowing full well there are a variety of vantage pointes and views.

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