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Three Quick Hits for a New Week

This week’s quote was a bit unusual in that it comes from the redoubtable Scarlett O’Hara, but how else to emphasize the incredible stupidity of the former Executive Director of the Redevelopment Agency, Susan Schick? I remember how several members of the Rotary Club suggested that I was too tough on her when I criticized her plan in 2001 to seize over fifty pieces of private property, our citizens’ “land,”  in an astonishing, wrong-headed and aggressive plan invoking eminent domain in San Jose.

Et Tu, Chamber?

Throughout its history, San Jose has maintained a distinguished and courageous business community.  In times of crises, our business men and women have risen to the task when elected leaders were too craven or too corrupt to do the right thing.

One can only feel nauseous and disgusted learning that when a member of one of our most prominent business families is solicited for a bribe, what action is taken?  He calls Ticketmaster instead of the DA!

Pitching Baseball

Imagine this: our County Assessor Larry Stone is standing on the mound at Candlestick Park.  It’s 1989. He’s a Sunnyvale City Councilmember and it’s Sunnyvale Day at the ballpark. Larry’s wearing a Giants cap and gets to throw out the first pitch.

The stadium is full and the fans are cheering. His name gets announced.  He rocks back.  His long arm reaches skyward and he throws the ball in the dirt – not the dirt at home plate where the catcher is patiently waiting.  No way.