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Remembering Ted Kennedy

If it wasn’t for Ted Kennedy, I’d probably be unemployed now. You see, when I was in college I wanted to be a journalist. Unfortunately and tragically, that’s not a place these days for those looking for job security. Like a scene from Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life, I can see my guardian angel pointing to a cubicle in some half-filled newsroom as the place I would have toiled if Kennedy had never lived.


E-mail Peril

After serving as Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, Leon Panetta taught a course at Santa Clara University, his alma mater, about the White House.  In early 1999, I met with Panetta to get his advice on how to organize an executive level political operation since I was running a mayor’s office.  He told me something I never quite fully understood then:  he never used e-mail.


Sites for Our Eyes

Observant San Jose Inside readers, of which there are legions, will have noticed that we link to a variety of other websites. (link)  For those of you who haven’t observed this, do not be ashamed.  Not even our duly elected leaders catch all the details all the time, like the fine print in garbage contracts or signs at press conferences.

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Reading Lists

Welcome to banned book week.  To celebrate, I’m going to do something covert and read a Harry Potter book.  Yes, the popular book series is on the lists of 100 most frequently banned or challenged books. (link)


Memorable Lines

Picking the best movies lines of all time is a challenge similar to picking your favorite quote from a San Jose mayor.  Well, okay, it’s not exactly like that.  Alright, it’s not like that at all. 


A Mayor in Crisis

Mayors can’t hide, especially when there’s a crisis.  New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin may not emerge from Katrina’s wake on a first name basis with America, ala Rudy.  But he did the best with what he had – mostly his mouth.


10 Lessons

I’m the proud father of a fourth grader and first grader.  Yesterday, I took both of them to school.  As they are just beginning their educational journey, I think it appropriate that I share the things I’ve learned about the importance of a good education.  It might be helpful to San Jose Inside readers, too.


A City on the Brink

Here’s the candid situation:  if you talk to local business leaders, they will tell you they’re concerned that the scandals will hurt the city’s ability to attract business.  Many civic leaders wonder how quickly the city’s once outstanding national reputation for good government will be regained, if at all.  Everyone it seems is counting on a new mayor to put the city on the road to recovery.


The Next San Jose Scandal

This scandal doesn’t involve Ron Gonzales or Joe Guerra.  There’s no IT director or cost overruns or grand jury or even a garbage company in the story.  It’s hard to imagine, but yes it happened in San Jose.


Training Wheels

A long, long time ago, the Mayor, City Council, and top city staff spent a day together discussing ethics.  It was January 27, 2005 – the neo Grand Jury Report era.


Drive a Little, See A Lot

San Jose is great because you don’t have to drive far to see or do interesting things.  I don’t feel badly saying this on a site devoted to San Jose because of two reasons:  first, our convention and visitors bureau touts it (link); and second, it’s true.


Are We Having Fun Yet?

Forget all the chest thumping about being the tenth largest city in America, we’re the third most fun city in America.  No kidding.  This is according to Cranium, Inc. (link)  They should know.  They make board games and their CEO’s title is Grand Poobah.  No kidding.  Here’s the top ten:

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A City by Any Other Nickname

Hey San Jose, we just became the tenth largest city in America and all we get is Scott Herhold (link) and Tom McEnery (link) telling us don’t worry, be happy.  We didn’t crack the top ten by being complacent, so let’s seize the moment and strive for something to make us bigger and better.  How about a ballpark?  We still need a site. Or BART extension? We still need federal money, lots of it.  Or new city nickname?  Now, that’s something we can do.



Some people are calling it garbage-gate.  Others say it’s Gonzales-gate.  I’ve even heard a few call it Guerra-gate.  Investigations and alliteration are popular at City Hall these days.