Letter to the Editor: Turn Shelter-in-Place into Something Beautiful

Dear Editor,

As a student in Silicon Valley, I am now “going to school” online from home, limiting social interaction and benefits of learning from my teachers in person. Staying at home all day can be tedious and lonely, especially on days where I don’t have much homework.

One thing that helps me stay connected is playing the violin. I picked it up about three years ago, when I played for the sake of my orchestra. Now during this pandemic, I reach out to my violin every day for connection.

In music, I find no politics or virus, only the beautiful melodies flying out of the instrument, giving me the benefit of taking my mind off of my day.

Whether it is reading a poem, singing a song, or expressing your feelings through an instrument, you can transform shelter-in-place into something beautiful.


Henry Huang

San Jose


  1. Henry, you are terrific! Long before we had the internet, we did appreciate music , nature and each other much more than we have done in your lifetime. Technology has been a mixed blessing for our lives. We can use Google to find our way just about anywhere, expect the path you just discovered. While these days can feel strange and lonely you need to know that we are all here and listening to you. You have found a way to listen, and speak up at the same time and you have found the universal language that unites us all. Keep playing Henry and find others who are playing as well – if you can – please send me one of your favorites – [email protected], I would love to hear it and maybe will pull out my flute, or dust off my piano and try to play along! – And remember to never let the music die!

  2. When the Voters continue to “vote” for leftist Democrats whose policies constantly bring down civilized society, enjoy the fruits of those “votes” and cease your whimpering on the Homeless population increases and their ancillary deleterious effects to; your lives, property-values and peace of mind.

    At some point in your useless lives, you will realize “the most vulnerable population” are and have always been, the taxpayers.

    “Escape from San José-the Movie” is the title of a screen-play under production.

    Suffer in silence for you have wrought this crap upon yourselves.

    David S. Wall

    • > Suffer in silence for you have wrought this crap upon yourselves.

      Mr. Wall:

      You’re not even TRYING to cheer me up.

      I’m beginning to lose my faith in Democracy.

      This would have never happened under President Hillary.

  3. Hey Henry, great idea! You should forward your idea to Raj at DeBug so he can propose it to Laurie as a way to calm down the prisoners in The SCC County Jail. Or maybe she’ll release most of them as London Breed did, and Liccardo can start an initiative to give all the released criminals a violin and some lessons to soothe them. Hey, how about the same for the homeless? Two problems solved, and Newsom could declare violin makers and teachers essential businesses and put them back to work. A journey of a thousand jobs begins with the first violin.

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