Letter to the Editor: There’s a Glimmer of Light at Every Turn

Dear Editor,

As a student taking online classes during “shelter-in-place,” I find it extremely flexible compared to the regular bell schedule. By managing my time carefully, I free up extra hours each day.

Recently, I’ve been sketching and daydreaming nature’s many wonders—thinking about what I want to see and where I long to go. I have been on the trail, over the mountain, and along the river. I am embracing nature from the inside out.

I particularly like one drawing, one of the majestic Yosemite Falls which I visited last summer. It reminds me of my time in the Park and inside my house.

We are the river, making a tumultuous journey, feeling that there is no bottom to all of this, but somehow we know, we will make it through and peacefully continue with the rest of our meandering.

Embrace the journey. There is a glimmer of light at every turn.



San Jose

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