San Jose: America’s Oldest City

A study released this week by The Daily Beast revealed that San Jose has the longest life expectancy of any major American city. The study examined lifespan data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention going back ten years, and found that local men live to be 79.2, on average, while women live to be 82.9.

Honolulu, was second on the list, with five other California cities making the top 20: Anaheim, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and Oakland.

The article inspired a number of comments, including one from a bitter former resident and one from a local booster.

Writing under the handle “Stupid Politics,” a commenter who claimes to have lived here for years writes: “I’m surprised people in San Jose don’t die early from sheer boredom.” To which proud local gal Jade Cichy reples: “Yep, boring. Too much sunshine, open space hiking, and mountain biking. Too close to Monterey Bay and San Francisco. Too many awesome Vietnamese and Thai restaurants. Far too many taquerias. And I hate being able to walk from my house to the best indoor arena in the Bay Area to see the best hockey team in the Pacific Division. It sucks!”

A commenter going by Kruelgor does his or her best to spoil the feel-good vibe by pointing out that “America is still ranked number 36 in the world for life expectancy because of the chemicals put into the food supply.”


  1. Well lemme see here. 79.2 years for men. 82.9 years for women. Hmmm. That means women in San Jose live on average 3.7 years longer than men. By my off the cuff calculation the average female City retiree costs us about $2.0 Million while the average male retiree costs us ‘only’ about $1.8 Million.

    So “Evil Chuck” and “Diabolical Deb” would be saving us about 200K per employee whenever they hire a dude instead of a chick!

    Who says women are underpaid? Not in government service that’s for sure, where employees are paid not for what they produce while they’re working, but for how long they manage to live AFTER they’re done working!

    • I don’t know how much but whatever it is it’ll be way too much. But alas, she’s a City employee and as such will be a beneficiary of the taxpayer funded ponzi scheme, so whaddya gonna do?
      In a sane, ‘real world’ system, Ms. Figone would be expected to save for her own retirement, making her own investments of her own money from her own generous salary. As a grown-up we’d expect her to take responsibility for managing and paying for her own life and choices.

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