Two More Guilty Pleas in Santa Clara County CCW Case

A pair of former managers for executive protection firm AS Solution pleaded guilty today to allegations that they took part in a conspiracy to exchange bribes for concealed gun permits in Santa Clara County.

Forty-two-year-old Martin Nielsen and 43-year-old Jack Stromgren entered their pleas this morning during a hearing at the Hall of Justice in San Jose. Their sentences will be handed down at a later date.

DA Jeff Rosen applauded their decision.

“Mr. Nielsen and Mr. Stromgren testified honestly at the grand jury with no promises made to them,” he said in a news release. “We are pleased that they have now, accordingly, taken responsibility for their parts in this bribery scheme.”

Christian West, 51, the former CEO and founder of AS Solution, pleaded guilty to related charges a couple months prior.

The three former AS Solution cohorts will now face reduced penalties.

Still facing felony charges in the case are Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Capt. James Jensen, attorneys Christopher Schumb and Harpaul Nahal, and The Gun Co. owner and founder Michael Nichols.

Prosecutors accuse the trio of plotting to bribe the Sheriff’s Office $90,000 in exchange for tough-to-get concealed weapons permits for AS Solution employees. In October 2018, Nielsen put half that amount toward an independent expenditure committee supporting Sheriff Laurie Smith’s election to a sixth term.

Nielsen, who helped prosecutors collect evidence against his colleagues, was charged with three misdemeanors: conspiracy to solicit a bribe, conspiracy to file falsified concealed-carry license applications and laundering a campaign contribution.

Stromgren was charged with a misdemeanor count of conspiracy to file hidden-gun license applications with false statements.


  1. Three high-profile convictions, all attributable to Laurie Smith. I wonder, would it be appropriate for the sheriff to formally commend herself for them?

  2. When is she stepping down, A true CROOK? Law enforcement heads are worse than the criminals that they arrest..
    She is a disgusting excuse for law enforcement…and an embarrassment to the citizens.

  3. Phu: I lol at that last sentence…..”…After a years-long undercover operation that I, Laurie Smith, personal lead, I am pleased to announce the rooting out of corruption a the highest levels of the Sheriff’s office. Only my steadfast dedication to justice, saw me through some dark portions of this investigation. My disappointment in senior Sheriff Department staff is only exceeded by the trust the public has placed in me…..I am proud to accept this Sherrif’s Dept. plaque (picture of award inset here). “Furthermore, it is with some irony that today the Sherriff’s Dept. is announcing the arrest of Jeff Rosen under the same charges for accepting campaign contributions under similarly-shady circumstances. Hopefully, the same persons who aided Mr. Rosen in his investigation will aid the Ca. Attorney General who received our investigative report….

  4. Whaaaatttt??? Did anyone notice the changes are ALL “MISDEMEANORS”??
    OKAY, NOW THAT’S CROOKED RIGHT THERE! This entire prosecution is a joke! What a waste of tax payers money. I know people that were charged with a much smaller “White Collar Crime” & they received FELONIES. Come’n get real. We are not stupid.

  5. LOL,
    I’ll bet not a one of you would blink an eye when you go to vote for “Take a Bribe Joe Biden”

  6. M.T. Gunn,

    Sometimes there’s a downside to being quick on the draw, such as when you’re reaching for assumptions.

  7. Tina, I totally agree with you on this! This is DA Jeff Rosen’s show time. I am enjoying every piece of it. Laurie Smith, I sat outside my door to watch the top crooks of this county go down one by one. You and Jeff Rosen engaged in covering up for that pedophile deputy working for you. In the past you both were partners in crime. You know that saying “Divide and Conquer!” Step down NOW! See you in hell Sheriff Laurie Smith. I waited seven years for this moment! Que bonita es la venganza cuando Dios no la concede! Two of my contacts talked to San José Inside to share about the corruption at the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

  8. Hoapres,

    I’ve got my checkbook out, but since Sheriff Smith doesn’t take “tributes” directly, and the DA’s got her Luca Brasi on ice, do you have any idea who she’s using now for a bag man? Also, is $10,000 per still the going rate?

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