Single Gal and Whatever Happened to the Brew Ha Ha?

September just has a feel to it. The weather is changing, the nights are a little colder, school is back in session and summer seems to become a more distant memory as each day passes.

I started thinking about how much I enjoy the end of September and look forward to the beginning of October for many reasons. The weather seems to peak that first week of October before it starts to rain, Sharks season is right around the bend, and into my head popped the San Jose Brew Ha Ha Festival. Then I wondered, “What happened to it?”

I thought that for some reason I had become busy and maybe I missed it. Then I realized I had heard nothing about it for years. So I looked it up online and found this on the San Jose Downtown Association’s website:

After a successful 10-year run, the Brew Ha Ha comedy and beer festival went on hiatus in 2003. San Jose Downtown Association staff is focusing on other programs that enhance the vitality and livability of the downtown area.

The wording made me laugh because I was wondering what they are focusing on now that adds so much vitality and livability? Did something take its place, or did the Brew Ha Ha decline and was its fate sealed by the appalling behavior we have seen at some Music in the Park or Mardi Gras events?

I always remember it being a nice event, never too out of control. I liked it when it was smaller and held in San Pedro Square, before it moved to the Discovery Meadow. It drew a good crowd to downtown. Like the Grand Prix, it brought a nice mix.  So why did something that worked stop all of a sudden?

Maybe the festival just didn’t make any money. Maybe it was too hard to staff. I am not sure what became of it.  But we have to keep trying. Trying new things is what our city needs to do more of—until we get it right.


  1. How the heck are we supposed to save the planet when we’re drinking CARBON-ated beverages at every turn.

    I for one, applaud the SJDA for making a statement and putting a stop to this greenhouse gas producing event. 

    We need a Carbonation Czar to stamp out carbonated beverages and soon!

  2. Well, it won’t make up for the loss of the Brew Ha Ha comedy and beer festival but Gordon Biersch is rolling out its fall seasonal, Festbier, tonight. Festbier is one of the better seasonals.

  3. Novice #3,

    Yes, I believe we do need a Carbon Czar. (In the heirarcy that I envision, the Plastic Czar would be subordinate to him) He’d probably eliminate the consumption of these non-essential carbon based beverages. That would be a shame because I like to drink beer too, but I’m willing to give up all my personal freeedoms if it is for the greater good of society. I’m sure you feel the same way, comrade. Besides,the Czar might make an exception on St. Paddy’s Day and let us have a glass as long as it was “green” beer.

  4. If you want the truth about why the Brew Ha Ha is gone, you can Contact Dan Dorothy @ mission ale.  He was one of the original planners.  I think it had to do with PD.

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