Single Gal and Fishing Through the Mess

It seems as we get closer to the election most voters have made up their minds and are just waiting to see how things fall. I heard someone today ask another person, “Is there any way Obama can lose?” And the prevailing opinion is that he has it in the bag. But why?

Have the people who have underlying prejudices against African Americans shelved those for this election? Or did John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin inspire voters to fear his dying in office and Palin becoming President?

There have been so many wrong moves, so many questionable answers during interviews, and so many reasons to poke fun at all of the candidates—yet I think in the big picture it’s all good, because it has people interested in politics like never before. People are hoping this next president can save us from ourselves and get us out of the messes we have made in our world economy, and the messes we have made in Iraq. Just imagine a president deciding to take the money we spent each day in Iraq and putting it toward our national economy—there could be hope that we won’t fall too deep into Great Depression, the Sequel.

And if it happens, I think the historical significance of having a black President is getting somewhat forgotten in these last few weeks.  Think about the significance. African Americans have come from one of the biggest injustices of all time to the disgrace of their civil rights being taken in the ’50s and ’60s to having one of their own become the most powerful man in the world. I think that we are so busy fishing through the mess that we don’t have the time to sit back and really let that sink in. I for one, think it’s amazing and must be an amazing prideful feeling for anyone of African American descent.

I think this Election Night will be like no other. Blue States, Red States and counting those all-important and misunderstood Electoral votes. Getting there will be a wild ride and it’s going to be fun to be a part of it.


  1. This is no endorsement of John McCain, who is a pathetic candidate for what is supposed to be the “conservative “party, but this country appears to be on the verge of electing a socialist President. If Obama was white would he have gotten this far? No way. So by voting for Obama we’re supposedly proving that America has moved beyond racism? No. We’re totally hung up on it.

    As H.L Mencken said, “Democracy is the theory that the people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard”

    Well, we’re about to get it “good and hard”!

  2. “People are hoping this next president can save us from ourselves”

    Teacher Vladimir was talking about this just yesterday.  He says that there is only one who can save us, and his name is Barack Obama.  And that we must each do what we can to spread the word of Obama the most merciful.

    I will do my part this Friday by taking candy from the buckets of little trick-or-treaters and give to the other trick-or-treaters that don’t have as much.

    This way I can feel good about myself and not have to spend any of my own money at the same time.


  3. 1: Socialist? Come on. Something must be done to restore something even resembling a balance. Are you opposed to antitrust and insider trading laws, too? Obama’s “socialism” is geared to give some power back to the majority, not to send CEOs into homeless shelters. Mountains out of molehills, John…

  4. #1,
    Explain to me how providing Americans who make less than $250,000 a year a tax cut is “socialist.”  You mean to tell me it’s OK to give big business and the filthy rich massive government subsidies (ie tax breaks), while the poor and middle class continue to shoulder a heavy tax burden?  By the way, we’ve been getting it “good and hard” for eight years now, culminating in this latest financial crisis/recession.

  5. I think this Presidential campaign has been an interesting one on many levels. One is sexism, one is racism, one is the difference between closing the socio-economic divide, and ageism. We as a country we have much to learn and a long way to go to change our many biases.
    Palintine and McSame have shown us one thing for certain; a maverick is not what is needed in this country. They have shown us that touting hate can get someone killed or assassinated by skinheads, and that pretending to be a soccer mom whilst dressed in designer clothes just doesn’t float. You betcha! wink
    Obama has shown us that you better be very careful whom you associate with if you are ever going to run for office, and that who donates to your campaign can definitively cause you problems. He has shown us that even a person who grew up on Welfare, and food stamps, without a father, can turn their lives around and become President of the United States because hard work and dedication does pay off.

  6. As Gary Trudeau noticed recently, in the USA and elsewhere, profits are privatized and losses are socialized. “Get the rich off welfare” has been a call to arms for many years. What is this shit about Obama being a socialist? Should he be, the real bitch is that he isn’t entitled because he isn’t privileged. Only the rich get handouts, time and again, from either party, doesn’t matter.
    Take taxes from the rich and the poor and redistribute them to the undeserving, if possible. The 10B US a month doesn’t even get to the Iraqis—it’s for Cheney’s pals contracts to “build” non-functional sewers.
    How’s that for redistributing the wealth?
    George Green
    George Green

  7. Depression is a good thing since it forces us to reduce spending and bring us together to take care of our needs.  It brings prices down.  The more pain, the more gain.  We would have to live very few basics,  and it makes us more humble.  I, therefore, hope we do, but I know it would be hard for us, but in the long run, it’s very healthy.  Things must vacuum out and come back in.  It’s very important cycle.  The government must not try bail us out.

  8. SG, you ask why Barry seems to have it in the bag, try the mainstream media’s blatant favoritism.  As much as I’m not a Hillary fan, the predominate mainstream media wasn’t even fair to her.  In the beginning of the primaries, I remarked to a friend, they’re not electing O, they’re electing the other O, Oprah.  Where would he be without her?  Toward the end of the primaries, Hillary was gaining on him.
    McCain was not my choice, must agree with #1, he’s not representative of conservatism, but I’ve already cast my vote for him because he’s apt to maintain more of our republic.  Open you ears #3, just what do you call taking from those who have worked to attain what they have to give to those who do not?  It is socialism.
    As far as the nonsense of McCain dying in office, has anyone noticed what great health his mother enjoys.  Has anyone ever seen O with a cigarette in his mouth, apparently he can’t kick the habit.  We barely saw that with Jacqueline Kennedy either, I do have one photo of her and it was well documented that she’s smoke at the back of halls as Jack delivered his speeches.  But, nothing on O, in the age of You Tube and camera phones?
    I’m not alone in being an admirer of Sarah Palin and what she stands for, for one, responsibility.  That’s evident with her child that is compromised.  She didn’t get to be governor on looks or basketball ability.  She got there on her own, not by being someone’s wife, daughter, or sister. You won’t hear it on mainstream stations, but she’s been attracting more fans than O lately.
    As far as electing a African American president, I have no problem with that, just not one that could throw this country under the bus as he did his grandmother years ago. My problem with him is the questionable associations he’s had, it’s not just one, Rev. Wright, Ayers, on and on we go. And his words about not wanting to “punish” his daughters should they experience an unwanted pregnancy.  Guess life is no longer sacred. From the getgo, I’ve never thought he had had enough experience to lead this country.  How long has he actually been a senator and how many definitive votes did he actually cast? There were a lot of “presents” recorded. Then, there’s the question of foreign donations, and Acorn lining up questionable voters.  And, just how much do we really know about him.  He’s been anointed by Farrakhan, we know that. And then we have Michelle, who hasn’t been happy with this country.  Why can’t we see her thesis.  There are so many things off limits with this couple, it does make me wonder, why and just what don’t they want us to know about them?

  9. #8 Wonder Woman: Most Americans aren’t happy with this country these days.  For 8 years, the leadership in Washington has been an embarrassment.  Soon, we’ll be rid of that and we’ll be back on the right track with Obama/Biden.  Republicanism has failed.  Took almost 30 years to figure that out, but the message will be heard loud and clear next Tuesday.

  10. Tony –

    I know you don’t like to use real facts when you make attempts at arguments, but perhaps you should try it some time.  It might be a refreshing change that takes you out of this ignorant streak you have been living in for some time now.

    Last year, the top 1 percent of taxpayers (AGI over $388,806) earned approximately 22.1 percent of the nation’s income, yet paid 39.9 percent of all federal income taxes. That means the top 1 percent of tax returns paid about the same amount of federal individual income taxes as the bottom 95 percent of tax returns. 1% of the population paying 40% of the tax! And the poor (who largely do not even pay income tax at all) and middle class shoulder an unreasonable burden? O.k. If you say so.  You might even say that they are so overburdened with taxes that they can’t afford even another dime a day eh?

    To your last point, let me end by saying that while I am no Bush apologist by any stretch of the imagination, if you think the Administration over the past 8 years was the sole (or even largest) reason for the current economic meltdown, you have yet again proven your logic to be as worthless as the VTA ridership and costs analysis for BART to SJ.  Sad…

  11. WW #8 states:
    “Just what do you call taking from those who have worked to attain what they have to give to those who do not?  It is socialism.”  How dare you suggest that Americans making under $250,000 aren’t hard working or deserving of a tax break!  Heck, some are working two to three jobs just to make ends meet.  I made about $14,000 a year in the military, willing to lay my life on the line to protect all Americans, including wealthy conservatives.  What have the ultra-rich ever done for me?  I tell yah, these right-wing lies about Obama’s tax plan sure reek of desperation.

  12. We’ll wait to see #11, have you ever seen the amount of taxes higher income people actually do pay?  You might be surprised. # 9, I haven’t been happy with the rampant immigration that has caused many of today’s problems.
    There are many to hang the current economic situation on.  Guess we’ll all see, those “chickens are coming home to roost.”

  13. #10 MG
    In response to your “facts” (citations anyone?), let me just say this.  If I could earn over $250,000 a year, BUT had to pay an extra $900 in taxes, I WOULD!  Look Mark, I don’t feel sorry for someone living in a 12 room mansion, owning 4 luxury cars, making 8-7 digits a year paying a little more in taxes under Obama’s plan.  Throw at me all of your elitist “facts” and insults you want…change is coming, get used to it!

  14. #11 Tony,
      Excuse me but, you confuse me. It sounds like me you are not pleased with Socialism or Socialist concepts in government?
      Tony, what do you call BART which you support? BART is a Socialism concept!
      Who is going to pay for BART? The majority of the users of BART are people earning less than #250K per year, these people will pay the fair box as they enter BART and they will pay a sales tax everytime they purchase goods in this county with a portion of that money going to BART (1/2%+1/2%+ 1/8% +++)the rest of their lives.And, because they are not execuatives, they must be to work on time and will pay extra to ride on BART in or during prime time traffic times.
      Many of these BART riders will, in addition to those costs, will park their cars in BART parking lots and pay again.Then when they return to those parking lots in the evening, they will find their cars broken into, more costs! (if they are in a hurry to get home, they will again pay extra to ride BART in prime time).Oh, how about day care cost.
      So Tony,who benefits from BART to San Jose? The riders on BART or,“those that own property along the BART routes or, those property owners in south Alameda County that have purchased cheep land in southern Alameda County years ago when land was cheep.
        Will the CEO from SVLG ride BART? The last time this question came up I was told he lived in Los Gatos (no BART in Los Gatos).Others live in Saratoga,Los Altos Hills and Woodside, (no BART their)and they don`t want BART in their communities either.
        So Tony,think about your postions before you take a stand!

  15. #12- Wonder Woman said, “I haven’t been happy with the rampant immigration that has caused many of today’s problems.” Who do you think has been letting them in and protecting them from deportation for the last 8 years? And who do you think has been unfairly profiting off the backs of these illegal immigrants? Our current President has screwed us all straight down the line on allowing illegal immigration, and McSame has voted with him more than any other Republican.

    #11- Tony D.,
    Thank you very much for your service to our country. God Bless and keep you safe. It isn’t much to give you Vets but I voted YES on Prop 12. I hope it passes by a landslide, and helps in some small measure, to repay you and your buddies for the incredible sacrifices you’ve made for us sometimes, ungrateful idiots. wink

  16. The fastest increases in job growth during these “tough times” is in Government. The surest way to become a millionaire is to get a Government job. I’ve got nothing against self made millionaires but my blood boils when I read about the salaries and retirement benefits of public employees. I’m sick of having my hard-earned money confiscated so that those in Government can retire in luxury. So now, more than ever, we need to stop the growth of the federal Government and the guy to do that is NOT Barack Obama.

    I don’t know who said this but it’s prophetic;
    “A democracy can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy.”

    It looks like we’re at that “tipping point”. The liberal Democrat policies of dumbed-down education and unrestricted immigration have been successful at last. We have achieved critical mass. Good work.

  17. 16 – What are you talking about? The surest way to become a millionaire is to get a Government job? Where do you get your information—from a cereal box?
    Keep in mind which Party has been in charge of the White House and what have they done to reduce the size of government? They’ve done a great job of increasing the deficit.
    I know it’s much easier to blame Liberals, Democrats, etc. but you might want to try focusing on facts—for a change.

  18. #15
    I said I was unhappy with it, also said McCain was not my first choice, I am well aware of his stance on immigration, it’s not conservative enough for me.
    Interesting article in last Wed.‘s WSJ regarding illegal immigrants now not being able to purchase homes; now people must have a valid social security number.
    In general, remember our present Congress, that makes laws, etc., not the president, has a lower rating than the president.
    #18, correct, O is mulatto  
    –noun 1. the offspring of one white parent and one black parent: not in technical use.
    2. a person whose ancestry is a mixture of Negro and Caucasian.
    –adjective 3. of a light-brown color.

    Does anyone know just why we are not suppose to say O’s middle name, Hussain, it is his name???

  19. Kenny # 18,

    What is it that you hope I’m not implying?

    Let me be clear.
    Many people have supported Obama simply because, in their minds, “it’s time we had a black president”. Without this gigantic component of shallow, simpleminded voters Obama never would have advanced this far.

    Far from being impeded by racism, he has been assisted by reverse racism.

    Of course, I’m programmed to think this way because I’m just “a typical white person”.

  20. Tony –

    I find it amusing you are asking anyone for facts or citations. I beleive there is a saying somewhere about a glass house and throwing stones?  Regardless, here are my citations, which includes the Internal Revenue Service (ever hear of this “elitist” group?), and the Tax Foundation, a well-respected, national nonpartisan research group based in Washington, D.C.

    1: Prante, Gerald “Fiscal Facts: Summary of Latest Federal Income Tax Data.” Tax Foundation 18 July, 2008

    2: Internal Revenue Service (IRS) “SOI Tax Stats – Individual Income Tax Rates and Tax Shares.” IRS Website, 2008

    Or maybe this is a good one for you:

    “The bottom 50% of families saw their average tax rate fall by a third, to 3% in 2005…”  Staff Reporter “Tax Cuts’s Two-Edged Impact on Income, Tax Distribution.” Wall Street Journal 12, October 2007

    Pretty easy living from the cheap seats isn’t it Tony? It is always easier to spend someone else’s money rather than your own. When/if you get to a point in your life that you make more than $250k, feel free to raise your own taxes. By all means, give $900 more (or whatever amount you wish) to the government, your neighbor, or the guy seeking “food” money on the street corner.  You earned it, you should do with it as you see fit. Until then however, advocating someone else foot the bill for government excess, or worse, your own pockets is disingenuous and pathetic.

  21. #1 >> “If Obama was white would he have gotten this far? No way.”

    Obama is white. He is also black.

    Kind of a stupid question, now, don’t you think? Unless you are implying something that I hope you’re not implying.

  22. #20-WW,
    I’m with you on wanting immigration laws enforced. Neither candidate has a stand on it tough enough for me. I don’t blame Bush fully for the illegal immigrant influx because I know it has been going on for decades. But I do think he could have taken action to stop it, or at the very least, he could have revised immigration policy whilst in office.
    If I understand your comment about McSame correctly, I’m with you on feeling that once again I have to vote the lesser of two evils. I hope who ever gets into the White House gives us the change we so badly need.

  23. Glad you caught the latest #23, I believe it was Biden that broke the news.  Just wait, it will get to the $42,000 when the Bush tax relief ceases. 

    #11, meant to acknowledge your time in the military, thank you, I do appreciate the part of your life you gave to keep this country safe.  By the way, just because I’m a conservative, that doesn’t mean I’m wealthy.

    Also, I hope all remember that Lincoln was a Republican.

  24. #25 My friend,
      Goldwater the Governor of Arizona was a republican too but,on todays standards he would not be a republican, he`d be a Democrat.I`m a Goldwater Republican, I guess I would not be considered a very good Republican. Same goes for Lincoln and Ike,Lincoln in his day was a Republican but, Republican`s in those days are todays Democrats.
        Tony D,Ike was a good president but, he warned us about the Military Complex. By the way Tony I served six years in the Military during the Berlin Conflict. There is nothing nice about wars.
        Wonder Woman keep the faith.See you soon?

  25. #24 – For a while I was voting against, but then I realized that the Republican ticket really does represent some things I believe in—right to life; “drill, baby, drill” for now as we explore alternative energy sources; some balance of power among the executive, legislative and judicial branches of gov’t; less of a welfare state, somewhat more conservative regarding immigration, more traditional values.  I just can’t bring myself to vote for someone with so many questionable friends, Wright, Ayes, Dohrn, Rezko, al-Mansour ( Don Warden,)Davis; then we have the comparison of the wives, one seems to be angry with America, and me since I came out Caucasian, the other seems to be a woman who has voluntarily done a lot to help internationally, she’s criticized because she’s wealthy, but it appears her father began small, isn’t she just a representative of the American Dream who is truly given back and helped to make the world a better place? And, I do like Sarah, think she’s a quick study, doesn’t seem to be afraid to stand up to anyone, has executive experience, does not appear to have an attitude, there’s no doubt she’s a strong female who’s already challenged members of her own party in her own party.

  26. Thanks Wonder Woman and Novice, et al for repeating the memos—just in case we didn’t all get them.
    You ask why we aren’t supposed to use O’s middle name Hussain (sic)—of course you know why but let me try just a brief explanation even though I know I am wasting my time: In every case that I have heard someone using Obama’s middle name it has been used as slur and a vehicle to continue the lies about his being a Muslim. Those who use the name are doing so not in the spirit of accuracy but only to continue the lie.
    And give me a break about Lincoln being a Republican—he was nothing like what today’s Republican party is. Too bad.

  27. #26 I do realize the party has evolved, however Lincoln did believe in a republic and I doubt he would have leaned toward a socialistic nation.  Yes,soon!

    #24 Had a long response to you, but lost it, if I can reconstruct my thoughts I will,just not now.

  28. As Yogi Berra said, “You can observe alot by watching”.
    Just Wondering- I base my views on what I personally experience. I work hard to save and at the end of the year I always discover that my pocket has been picked, not by Big Oil, not by Wall Street, not by my HMO or greedy CEOs.
    No, it’s the checks I write to The City of San Jose, Santa Clara County Tax Collector, Franchise Tax Board, and U.S. Treasury that collectively make it nearly impossible to get ahead. Almost all that money goes toward paychecks and benefit checks for public “servants” who are all, whether they be Republicans or Democrats, putting their efforts toward doing favors for one special interest or another.

    Hey, I can understand not wanting to vote for McCain. I won’t either. And I’m disgusted with Bush’s presidency. But what disturbs me is the enthusiasm with which so many are embracing the candidacy of a big Government, nanny state socialist like Obama.

    Sorry I can’t quote statistics and studies for you. I just call ‘em like I see ‘em.

  29. Let’s start at the beginning.

    Obama’s grandparents were hard leftists.
    Obama’s mother was a hard leftist who’s parents moved from Kansas to Mercer Island just so she could attend a high school reknown for having teachers that were communists.

    In Hawaii, Frank Davis, a black poet, who also was communist had a profound influence on Obama during his formative years.

    We have no idea what Obama did during his years at Columbia. 

    But when he got to Chicago, Obama trained ACORN staff.
    Obama represented ACORN in voting related lawsuites.
    Obama steered much funding to ACORN as chairman of the Woods foundation.

    You might know of ACORN.  They’re the group that’s currently accused of vote fraud in 11 states.

    Know how Obama got elected to his state senate seat?  By going through his opponents voting petition signatures one by one, and using Chicago rules, had all 3 of his opponents disqualified.  He ran unopposed and won the state senate seat.  How’s that for Hope and Change?
    In Chicago:
    – Obama’s spiritual mentor was none other than Jeremiah “God d*mn America!” Wright
    – Obama was tight with Tony Rezko.  A slumlord whose money Obama continued to take even after Rezko was rung up by the city for failing to maintain his properties.
    – Obama was tight with domestic terrorist William Ayers
    – Obama was tight with Rashid Khalidi who was a spokesman for another terrorist, Yassir Arafat.

    In Chicago Obama met Michelle who recently says that America is a country that is “just downright mean”.

    Obama’s also campaigned for Raila Odinga, a Kenyan marxist from way back who, with fundamental Islamist backing and a pledge to instate sharia law, is now Prime Minister of Kenya.

    Back in this country you might know that Obama’s campaign deliberately disabled the credit card verification system on their campaign contribution website in order to allow millions of dollars of illegal campaign donations to flow into the Obama’s campaign coffers.

    You might also know that Obama’s presidential campaign has paid ACORN 800,000 dollars for services this election cycle.

    And on it goes.  But Mick, I’m sure you knew all that.

    So why is it again that you’re voting for Obama?

  30. Just Wondering,

    “What are you talking about?”, you were “just” wondering.

    An average State worker in California, after a 22 year “career” will have a pension of $37,546/year if he/she retires at age 63.

    The rest of us private sector peons would have to have almost $1,000,000 in the bank earning 4% interest in order to get that much of a monthly check.

    Getting a job with the State of California is equivalent to winning the lottery.

    I’m just wondering. Does this seem fair to you?

    John Galt

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