Santa Clara County Updates Covid-19 Reporting Methods

Santa Clara County public health officials have changed the way they report new cases of Covid-19 on its online data dashboard.

Previously, the county documented new cases by the date that positive results were reported to the California Reportable Disease Information Exchange (CalREDIE) system. Now, each case will be reported to coincide with the date on which its test was conducted.

“This adjustment provides dates that more closely represent the timing of the spread of the virus in Santa Clara County,” according to a county press release announcing the change. “The update in methodology today does not change the general progression of our case counts over time, but moves up the dates by a few days to be closer to when individuals may be developing symptoms.”

As of Monday afternoon, there have been 1,922 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 83 deaths. The county noted that it did not report the number of new cases or deaths over the weekend “due to a data updated in the Reportable Disease Information Exchange, managed by the California Department of Public Health.”

So far, 19,463 people have been tested in Santa Clara County through both public and private labs, which comprises a 9.88 percent positive test rate. The average turnaround time to get results is approximately 1.9 days.


  1. Start today lifting restrictions on nurseries, construction,gardening and stores. There is no longer danger of overwhelming our medical capabilities. There more than enough empty hospital beds.

      • Read ANYTHING other than Main Stream, Media and you may have your eyes opened CALEB. You’ve been had.

        • Failing to provide a credible source and yet attacking the cdc and scc’s data. I choose experts. I don’t care about news outlets. I care about the data. Where’s your data?

  2. Listen to Fauci, Cody, and Birx. React in a panic. Use the press to keep telling us the sky is falling. When their predictions don’t come true, make up another model, and another, and another. Debate over whose model is the best, when in point of fact, they are all flawed. The sheep we have become follow every new model. That’s why I call COVID a panicdemic.
    How many people contract COVID is a useless and irrelevant number, just as how many people contract the seasonal flu is useless and irrelevant. Only the deaths of people without underlying medical issues are relevant and material. Millions die every year. It’s culling the herd. Given the fact that we already have more people than the planet can properly sustain, the herd needs culling.

    • These are people. Not a herd of numbers, like you’re suggesting. People dying needlessly is a shame and a stain, and to suggest otherwise is spiteful and sad. I pray for you.

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