Santa Clara County Superior Court in Dire Straits Due to Covid

One has to look no further than the Santa Clara County Superior Court to see the devastating effects of the pandemic.

In June, the state of California cut $176.9 million from trial court funding, leading to a $16 million deficit for the South Bay courts.

Due to the budget shortfall, the court had to dramatically cut its workforce through negotiated furloughs, voluntary separation agreements and layoffs.

Several other employees have taken protected leave permitted by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

If a severely reduced work force wasn’t demoralizing enough, the local court had to completely overhaul how it does business as it adheres to public health guidelines requiring social distancing and sanitation measures.

The confluence of factors has led to backlogs and increased processing times across all court divisions, including non-criminal filings, motions, petitions and orders.

Despite the dire situation, the court remains open and available to the public.

With the exception of Palo Alto and Morgan Hill, every courthouse in Santa Clara County remains open Monday through Friday.

For a list of phone numbers and other court services, click here.


  1. > In June, the state of California cut $176.9 million from trial court funding, leading to a $16 million deficit for the South Bay courts.

    Well, where did the money go?

    Homeless services.
    Housing subsidies.
    Poop pile cleanup
    Putting up homeless drug addicts in the Mark Hopkins Hotel on Knob Hill and ordering their drugs for delivery so that don’t risk getting COVID-19.

    That’s where the money went.

  2. The worst court in california. Most of judges corrupted, judges presiding without mask and asking counsel to remove mask while speaking, nobody care covid requirements, access to courtroom is closed to everybody, only plaintiff and defendant can enter, etc

  3. Where do you get that most of the judges are corrupt? Do you have proof of this? My guess is you are upset because you couldn’t go into the courthouse. Unless you are a party to a case, NO ONE is being allowed in..this is because of that Co-Vid thing. So, instead of talking smack about the judges, perhaps you put on your big boy pants and state what you are really upset
    about. Smh

  4. The criminal courts are making a ton of money from issuing bid and performance bonds on all cases. The DA guarantees that he will secure a guilty, no contest or plea bargain. The DA and Judge proceed to construct a public trust using the legal fiction defendants credit exemption to underwrite a bid and performance bond when the defendant answers to his name from the calendar call the DA and Judge presume the defendant has consented to being the trustee for their constructed trust. The clerk issues 25k to 1mill for a felony charge
    Don’t believe me go ask a court clerk if you can see the CUSSIP and ARTORIS numbers for any given current case
    See how many cases make it to trial Very few because if someone wins the DA has to pay the underwriting tab. Checkout the conviction rate in SCC. In the 90%
    Now they can do their dirty work without anyone watching
    They are all traitors and once all you jackasses wake the fuck up we can start hanging these parasitic Bar guild pieces of shit

  5. This court is full of historic evidence. Removal of soulful people and folks, would be unwise. They keep their head on their shoulders, responding to unusual demands from Presidents of the Twenty-First century, while balancing their faiths and beliefs with the premises of justice they took their jobs to serve —

  6. Kristi, supervising Judge Julia A Emede is a highly corrupted judge. She protected a Sheriff’s deputy that worked directly for her. This sheriff deputy engaged in watching child porn, felony Domestic Violence. He even attempted to chock his own daughter. He engaged in a 7 year criminal behavior that included spousal financial abuse during and after legal separation. He kept his job with the Sheriff because of the protection of Julia Emede. These judges have engaged in too much corruption for too long. Almost every person in this county has a corruption story to share.

  7. Ya look at Stiller and lindstrom those two are so enmeshed in the criminal side of drugs and prostitution. Going to court and watching either of them defend a fellow partier is like a circus side show. Kerry came in with his nostrils so scabbed up I swear they should have drug tested him on the spot. I hear hes married to a judge. You cant tell me she does not know what hes up to his behavior screams drugs addict and it is all ignored like the proverbial elephant that is in the room with a pipe in its foot

  8. How did you get to the conclusion that the majority of the judges are corrupt? Do you have evidence to support this claim? I have a feeling that you are frustrated since you weren’t allowed to enter the courthouse.

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