Santa Clara County Issues New Covid-Related Restrictions

South Bay residents and businesses are under new, more restrictive rules as Santa Clara County hits record single-day Covid-19 positive tests and hospitalizations.

Starting Monday, most businesses that have indoor operations will only be allowed to fill their buildings to 10 percent of the normal capacity, down from the 25 percent limit previously set under earlier health orders.

The only exception will be grocery stores, drug stores and pharmacies, which can continue to operate at a quarter of full capacity.

While people can still gather outdoors, groups are limited to 100 people—including for those protected by the First Amendment, like religious services and protests.

“The number of patients hospitalized with Covid-19 in our county has doubled in just the past couple of weeks, and we are at risk of exceeding our hospital capacity very soon if current trends continue,” Dr. Sara Cody, Santa Clara County’s top health official said. “During this critical time of surging COVID-19 transmission in our community, I urge every resident to exercise caution and to the greatest extent possible, minimize contact with anyone outside of your immediate household.”

By Saturday, 760 new cases of Covid-19 and 239 hospitalizations—71 in the ICU—had been identified, marking new records for single-day counts since the Bay Area—and specifically the South Bay—emerged as a hotspot for the pandemic in March.

All sports that involve close physical contact with people outside a single home are prohibited while the new restrictions are in place. Outdoor activities where physical distance of at least six feet can be maintained at all times are still allowed. The restrictions apply to professional, high school and collegiate sports.

Card rooms are closed while the new, more restrictive health order is in place. Hotels and other types of lodging are closed for anything except for essential travel or to be used to help people isolate and quarantine.

The new public health order “strongly discourages” non-essential travel, but for those who do travel from more than 150 miles outside the county, a 14-day quarantine will now be required upon their return.

The new requirements will be in effect from Monday until 5am Dec. 21, unless county officials extend the order in advance.

Read more about the new restrictions on the county’s website.

Janice Bitters is managing editor for Metro Silicon Valley. Email tips to [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter at @janicebitters.


  1. Per the county’s COVID dashboard:

    For the 30 days from 10/19 to 11/19 the death count for residents (not confined to long-term care facilities) was 30, of which (from county data) it can be assumed that all but four had comorbidities and/or were over 60 years of age.

    Fewer than one of ten hospital patients was COVID positive and one in five beds remains empty. Of the beds not empty, less than 9% are occupied by COVID patients.

    At this point in an average year, death statistics predict the county death toll from all causes at about 16,000 (US average of 870/100k). The current COVID death toll here is 476, or 3% of all estimated deaths in the county. The vast majority of deaths attributed to COVID involved residents who were going to die anyway (259 of the 476 deaths were patients in long-term care facilities, where the average life span upon admittance is 6 to 18 months). Subtract the LTCF deaths from the total and you realize that only 217 of the county’s two-million, mask-wearing, locked-down and miserable residents succumbed to COVID (and few of that number lacked comorbidities or were under 60 years of age).

    These statistics do not justify tighter restrictions; the county’s COVID panic is a fraud, part of the state’s fraud, which is part of the fraud being perpetrated by bankrupt blue states counting on using this crisis to justify a federal bailout that will free them of the consequences of decades of costly social-engineering and irresponsible spending.

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