Santa Clara County Accepting Applications for Transgender Services Program Manager

Santa Clara County as accepting applications for a program manager for transgender services. The county is only the second jurisdiction in the nation to create a position exclusively dedicated to serving the transgender community.

The community manager will tackle complex issues that require expert attention, according to Supervisor Ken Yeager, who spearheaded the effort to create the position.

Ken Yeager.

Ken Yeager.

Transgender residents face struggle with safety and inclusion issues in local schools, hospitals, and housing and correctional institutions. The program manager will help train, mediate and facilitate for the transgender community in those areas as well as measure the progress of various county initiatives designed to support gender non-conforming residents.

“We recognize that it is our diversity, and our individuality, that makes Silicon Valley the dynamic, special place that we all love,” said Yeager, who in 1992 became first openly gay person to run for political officer in Santa Clara County and has since advocated for issues of concern to the LGBTQ community.

Funding for the county’s new program manager position was OK’d unanimously by the Board of Supervisors as part of the 2018-19 fiscal year budget. The position is one part of a broader effort to provide services to the LGBTQ community.

In 2016, Santa Clara County became the first county in the U.S. to establish an Office of LGBTQ Affairs. In the time since, the county began offering care to homeless transgender youth through a pair of weekly clinics focused specifically on trans health issues. A third clinic geared toward homeless trans adults is slated to roll out in the coming months.

Earlier this year, Yeager also announced plans to establish a South Bay LGBTQ archive with a central repository at Martin Luther King Jr. Library in downtown San Jose.

“While the current administration in Washington appears to be committed to turning back the clock for transgender people and the larger LGBTQ community, here in Santa Clara County we are moving forward,’’ said, who terms out of his supervisor seat in 2018.


  1. In the interest of being a ” Tolerant Sanctuary City” , I’d Like to nominate Ayman Al-Zwahiri for the job!
    Any objection?

  2. > The county is only the second jurisdiction in the nation to create a position exclusively dedicated to serving the transgender community.

    So, what’s the “business case” for this position?

    Just a few generations ago, there were NO — zero, zilch, nil, nada — NO transgenders in the entire history of humanity.

    How did humanity get along for 3 million years without “transgender services program” managers?

    I suspect that the REAL number of transgenders who have undergone actual re-piping is miniscule. Why are taxpayer dollars being spent for the benefit of a tiny, tiny, tiny special interest group?

    By the way, is there required minimum size for a special interest group to qualify for largess from the public treasury?

    A special interest group of one that pocket’s public money might arguably be looked at by a sullen and stingy public as engaging in graft. How many pleaders are needed to give “legitimacy” to a special interest’s claim for some taxpayer scratch?

    Two? Five? Twenty-five?

    Maybe the transgender’s should take the advice former that President Obama gave to a woman appealing the denial of taxpayer money for a heart pacemaker for her 90 year old mother:

    “Tell her to take a pain pill”.

  3. What special “issues” need to be addressed that are specific and exclusive to the “transgenderized” that are not addressed in general somewhere else? Do we need a taxpayer funded “Transgender Shoe Store” downtown that stocks a large supply of women’s size 12-13 high heels, maybe with part of the heel clipped off? Or a clothing store that offers hot pants tailored to both the post-op and the pre-op transgenderized? Go shop where the transvestites and the drag queens shop! Exploit their fashion sense!

    Why are the transgenderized so insistent on establishing themselves as another “victim group” on which tax dollars and social sympathy must be exclusively focused? The “transgenderized” group is always screeching about supposedly not being accepted by the main stream gay community yet the trangenderized don’t want to support the main stream gay community and don’t really want to accept trans-genderized” support from the gay community unless that support is to the exclusion of all but their own specific and exclusive transgenderized issues; demanding instead to be splintered off into their own faction, siphoning off resources that might otherwise be combined into a larger pool that would support issues common to both communities. I don’t understand it. A classic example of “Don’t be selfish; Give it all to me”.

  4. “We recognize that it is our diversity, and our individuality, that makes Silicon Valley the special place that we all love”

    Who, exactly is this “we” that Ken Yeager is referring to?
    Oh I know. It’s him and anyone that agrees with him.
    The rest of us are non persons as far as our “representative” is concerned.

  5. I do hope the “expert attention to complex issues” are psychiatrists helping these folks understand why they hate the body they were given and to learn to accept themselves the way they were born. Otherwise, it’s a waste of my taxpayer money.

  6. Silence you fools! I’m sick and tired of being discriminated against by you bipedal bigots! As a member of the transgendo-erectus community, I demand public funding to provide me with a second set of shoes so that I can wear them on my hands and then live my life as the quadruped I have always felt I was deep inside!

    • Right on JS, I’ll wear sneakers the same way and tip toe through the tulips. They want to teach our children in our schools? I don’t think so. So now they’re going to have another bathroom with a sign that says “Gee, I don’t know.”

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