San Jose Inside Purchases

San Jose Inside today purchased the abandoned domain of the shuttered political blog San Jose Revealed. The price for the expired Internet registration was less than $10.

Internet users browsing to will now be directed to the San Jose Inside article revealing that the anonymous hit site was operated by former South Bay Labor Council political director Philip Bump. The Mission City Lantern blog also covered the saga. The site, which was shut down as soon as SJI published its findings on the Bump connection, was used to attack journalists and public officials unfriendly to SBLC — and sometimes published maps to their residences.

On July 31, 2009, San Jose Inside described how money flowed from charitable foundations to the non-profit 501c3 Working Partnerships USA to the South Bay Labor Council and then to Bump. Former SBLC Executive Director Cindy Chavez, who now heads the closely linked Working Partnerships USA, has denied any knowledge of who operated San Jose Revealed.

The domain was originally registered on April 27, 2007, six months after Chavez lost an election to become mayor of San Jose by more than 18 percentage points, and less than four months after Chuck Reed was sworn in as mayor of San Jose.

In January 2008, 19-year-old former Chavez aide Eric Hernandez was arrested for hacking into email accounts of several City Hall staffers, including Mayor Chuck Reed’s chief of staff and the girlfriend of Councilman Sam Liccardo. Information from the hacked accounts quickly showed up on San Jose Revealed.


  1. Wow, its a good thing that Cindy Chavez is on the short list of discussion for a possible replacement for Gluttonous George Shirakawa isn’t it?  That way the shadiness and duplicity won’t have to skip a beat in that office. 

    Is there anything Chavez won’t stoop so low to do or think her friendly smile can simply deny and the public won’t buy it?

    Everyone in that entire political camp from Coto, Chavez, Shirakawa, Campos, Campos, Garcia and all their school board appointed flunkees should be permantently blackmarked in San Jose politics.  Shame on them all

    • It is unlikely that you understand that demographic politics have changed radically over the past decade.  The Mercury News has never reported on the shift in population by explaining to residents that Hispanic Americans (33%) are now the largest group, then Asian Americans (32%), and then white Americans (29%).  The city web site does show those shares.

      On the East Side, campaigners for the new bond issue passed in November 2012 were so confident about this that they took an odd pride in refusing to show a white American child in their otherwise multiracial brochure photos supporting the new bond issue, and bragged that only 3% of the student body at the East Side School District was white Americans.  That’s a major demographic change that just hasn’t been reported.

      But this is the way that social change looks.  Persons who articulate the goals and values of residents will be elected to office.  You seem to reside in District 5, but that district elects Coto, Shirakawa, Campos, and Campos.  The “blacklisting” you advocate cannot be done on a citywide basis as it may have in the past. Contrary to the Mercury News, everyone isn’t a white liberal under the skin, and different groups in our multiracial city share different goals and values.

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