San Jose Mayor Blasts Trump’s Campaign Promises in Statement Vowing to Protect Residents

Donald Trump, the fleshy pride and joy of the KKK, scored a victory in last week’s presidential election, and people are rightfully scared.

President-elect Trump spent the bulk of his campaign pledging to make America great again by winning back jobs while also encouraging violence at his campaign rallies, spewing racist, xenophobic and misogynistic rhetoric in search of applause, and floating plans to crack down on a free press. (The list is so much longer than this, but let’s assume everyone has been paying attention.)

The election result has sparked protests across the country as well as led to numerous reports of hate crimes, including one here in San Jose. Anxiety is naturally running high, as many people are worried Trump intends to follow through on pledges he made during his campaign. These promises include:

— Arresting all undocumented immigrants with a door-to-door deportation force.

— Carrying out “extreme vetting” of any suspected terrorists, which could be anyone. (But probably not you, old blue eyes.)

— Creating a registry of Muslim citizens.

Grabbing every woman under the age of 40 by the pussy.

One elected official who has been especially critical of Trump is San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, who criticized the president-elect after a summertime campaign rally in San Jose turned violent. On Monday, Liccardo issued a highly unusual statement to reassure residents that local officials and law enforcement will protect constitutional rights and not comply with Trump’s administration on federal immigration enforcement.

“We’ve got your back,” Liccardo said.

Liccardo also encouraged residents to report any incidents of hate crimes and directed residents to a number of resources the city has created for immigrant affairs.

The mayor finished his statement by quoting deceased French resistance leader Andre Malraux: “Instead of lamenting the absurdity of the world, let us try to transform the corner of it into which we were born.”

Our long national embarrassment has only just begun.

Below is San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo’s full statement:

Dear Friends,

Recent events have left many thousands of our San José residents—about forty percent of whom were born in a foreign country—in fear. Some of our neighbors, friends, and family fear changes in immigration rules or enforcement that could separate their families. Others voice concerns about proposed federal “registries” of community members of the Muslim faith. Still others point to the nationwide spike in “hate crimes” in recent days.

I have sought—through Spanish-language television, social media, and in public demonstrations—to convey a simple message to our wonderfully diverse community:

“We've got your back.”

What do I mean by that, “We've got your back?” We cannot control the events in Washington, D.C., but we can do much to care for each other here at home:

We will Not Tolerate “Hate Crimes” in San José

Police Chief Eddie Garcia and the rest of our Police Department are committed to enforce the law against anyone engaged in committing hate crimes against our residents, such as last week’s attack on a hijab-wearing student at San Jose State University. The immigration status of the victim or of the reporting party do not matter, and will not be reported. Please report all such incidents to the Police Department, at 408.277.8991 or online; for additional assistance, please reach out to our local partners.

We Will Not Allow Our Police To Be Used for Federal Immigration Enforcement

Changes to immigration laws and enforcement remain within the province of federal policy makers. However, the police chiefs of most major U.S. cities—including our own—agree that local police should not involve themselves in federal immigration enforcement; doing so undermines public safety, by discouraging critically-needed cooperation in diverse communities. Consider, for example, how fear of apprehension or deportation could undermine our efforts to ensure reliable reporting of fires or medical emergencies, provision of witness statements, reporting of victimization, tipping about pending gang violence, or testimony in court. Moreover, our sparsely-staffed police must focus their scarce time on violent, predatory, and other high-priority crimes. We will continue to follow the best practices of local law enforcement professionals nationally by staying out of immigration enforcement.

We Will Protect the Constitutional Rights of San José Residents

Campaign rhetoric does not always receive the benefit of prior thoughtful analysis, so we cannot know if assertions made on the stump—such as those relating to Muslim “registries”—will materialize into action. Nonetheless, we will closely monitor any proposed legislation or executive actions from the new administration, and work closely with our congressional representatives, other major cities, and if necessary, the courts, to protect the Constitutional rights of our residents. We’ve had success joining together in the past and will be prepared to do so again.

We Will Support Our Community Through Our Office of Immigrant Affairs

In my first weeks in office, we created an Office of Immigrant Affairs to take advantage of then-existing federal programs to legalize status of our residents and improve access to City services, such as for the immigrant entrepreneurs who launch half of our City’s small businesses each year. Director Zulma Maciel and the City have made considerable progress launching “citizenship corners” in a dozen libraries, hastening the translation of key applications and documents, and boosting multilingual small business permitting assistance, for example. Check our website, or local non-profits able to assist for assistance. Student “dreamers” born in a foreign country may also find helpful information at United We Dream.

As French resistance leader Andre Malraux urged, “Instead of lamenting the absurdity of the world, let us try to transform the corner of it into which we were born.” We've got much work to do to take care of each other, and to transform San José’s corner of the world. We’ve got your back.


Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. Just a reminder Josh:

    Santa Clara County
    Hillary Clinton 73%
    Donald Trump 21%

    I’m a minority, so if you ban me it would be bullying, not to mention “racism”.

      • Maybe they should turn the whole state of California into a sanctuary state and also require the millions muslims coming here to stay in California.

      • Are you serious? You read Liccardo’s message affirming support for the people of San Jose and you feel aggrieved? What’s wrong? You only feel comfortable if your leader is encouraging pogroms?

        Nobody has said anything against Trump supporters. Grab a hold of yourself. Your grievances are imaginary unless you think that you have a right to commit hate crimes.

    • Re-read his message. Nobody is talking about banning anybody. The message is clear: don’t commit a hate crime.

  2. Definition of bigotry:

    intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.
    “the difficulties of combating prejudice and bigotry”

    This article reeks of bigotry and you Josh are a bigot. Those on the left and the right are guilty of this. It just smells worse when under the umbrella of journalism.

    • If I’m a bigot for calling attention to the president-elect’s “jokes” about sexually assaulting women, as well as his racist and xenophobic comments—in a country that was built upon the backs of immigrants (and, of course, slaves)—then sign me up.


      • This country was built by LEGAL immigrants who got jobs, learned English, and contributed. Now we are being financially undermined by ILLEGAL immigrants, few of whom earn enough to pay taxes but most of whom suck up taxpayer paid services like education and medical care for which they pay nothing. Trump’s sexual assaults seem to be words, groping, and unwanted kissing, all of which are indefensible, if true. But are they really worse than Bill Clinton, who raped at least one woman, took sexual advantage of how many more, got a lot of BJs from star struck political groupie Monica Lewinsky, and then lied about it under oath? Or how about Ted Kennedy, who drove off a bridge into the water then ran away to sober up, leaving Mary Jo Kopechne to drown, and lied about it? How can anyone rationally believe that Trump’s words and actions are greater evils than Bill’s rapes, sexual exploitation of women, and Ted Kennedy’s responsibility for Ms. Kopechne’s death?

          • There were no Native American laws setting forth who could and who could not settle here. So the Pilgrims’ presence on our shores was not a legal issue.

          • > The pilgrims were legal? I bet the Native Americans would have disagreed.

            The “Native Americans” were primitive tribalists.

            The “law of the land” was nomadic foraging and tribal warfare.

            The pilgrim tribe simply displaced the local “Native American” tribe. Actually, reports are that the pilgrims were nicer to the local “Native Americans” than other “Native Americans” were.

            It’s ironic that many “Native Americans” today are restricted to “reservations” intended to freeze them into their primitive tribalist life styles. Anthropologists often describe it as “subsistence existence”, i.e. “poverty”.

      • Josh:

        Hillary asserted that half of Trumps supporters were deplorable racists, sexists, or homophobes.

        The Mercury News editorial endorsing Hillary said that “white supremacists love him [Trump]”.

        Do you agree with Hillary’s numbers? How many Trump supporters do you think are racists, sexists, homophobes, or white supremacists?

        Should anyone who is or is claimed to be a racist, sexist, homophobe, or white supremacist be barred from holding ANY job in government?

        • You guys have impressive knowledge of “Native American laws” and “reports” of who was nicer than whom centuries ago. You must be Ph.D.s or something.

          And no, people with racist beliefs should not be barred from anything for their personal belief. That’s the 1st Amendment. As long as they don’t violate the 14th Amendment or Title VII because of their personal beliefs.

      • Josh.
        When you say “in a country that was built upon the backs of immigrants” I infer from the context that you believe it was wrong of us to have built our country on the backs of immigrants. It seems as though you’re implying that we should feel guilty about that period of our history and that we should be ashamed.
        Well. You might be right. And if so, wouldn’t it now be our duty to change our ways? If it was wrong of us to build our country “on the backs of immigrants” 150 years ago then why should we be eager to “build our country on the backs of immigrants” today? Maybe we should build our own damned country our own damned selves? I’m in. What about you?

        • Carl Guardino and the self-proclaimed Silicon Valley Leadership Group certainly want to build the new high tech economy on the backs of immigrants, but since they are self-proclaimed progressives, that’s OK with Josh. Carl & the SVLG continue to lobby for more H-1B visas, rather than concentrate their efforts on encouraging and funding more home grown math, science, & technology graduates. But the truth unspoken by Carl and the SVLG is that the H-1B imports from Mumbai and Bangalore are so much cheaper than American workers, which is why they want more of them allowed into the USA. Reminds me of the imported Chinese workers who helped build the Transcontinental Railroad, who were paid half what the white workers were paid, and the Chinese had to buy their own food while the white workers got their food free from the company. Carl and Mayor Sam, both favorites of Josh, two hypocrites joined at the hip.

    • Michael R,

      Wrong. A racist is anyone who can tell the difference and bigotry exists in direct proportion to how much an individual thinks it matters.

  3. “However, the police chiefs of most major U.S. cities—including our own—agree that local police should not involve themselves in federal immigration enforcement;”

    Thanks, in large part, to the efforts of Sam Liccardo, San Jose doesn’t have enough cops to effectively enforce state law or even our own muni code, so I doubt the feds are going to be negatively affected by help that — as our citizens can attest to every day — arrives way late, if at all.

    By the way, has anyone ever heard Chief Garcia voice an opinion contrary to that of the mayor? Who would’ve guessed mimicry paid so well?

    • “…fear of apprehension or deportation could undermine our efforts to ensure reliable reporting…” .

      Oh please, this whimpering that if immigration laws are enforced then some illegal aliens might be reluctant to interact with the police is beyond tiresome. It is certainly possible that a criminal alien (often without a driver’s license or insurance) may not call police to report his car stolen if he feared that the officers who arrived might discover he is breaking the immigration laws but why stop there? Criminals who are defrauding welfare also might be reluctant to call, out of concern that their illegal activities might be discovered too. The same goes for a child abuser; a drug dealer; a parole violator; a check forger; a prostitute; a child pornographer; or a person with outstanding warrants. All these people might fear that the police will respond and discover their illegal activities too. Would Liccardo have the police adopt policies that ignore those crimes as well? .

      The concern that illegal alien victims won’t report crimes is misleading. It often isn’t really the victim’s prerogative. While a criminal alien may not call the police after receiving a bloody nose during the customary Saturday night mariachi bar fight, if this same individual is found shot or stabbed, the police will initiate an investigation themselves, whether the victim wants the police involved or not. Serious crime will be reported or discovered by cops, emergency room doctors and/or concerned community members who will report it when THEY see it, not when the criminal alien decides to come forward.

      As well, there seems little doubt that illegal aliens who witness crimes, and who are often still present in the area when police arrive, .will be MORE inclined to cooperate if an officer mentions that their lack of cooperation, refusal to give a truthful statement, or failure to do their “civic duty” will result in “the San Diego bus ride”, Trust me; They’ll cooperate.;They’ll talk.
      Creating a class of persons who are above the law and immune to enforcement, as illegal immigrants in “sanctuary cities” become, is a policy that is unjust to all persons who have or will be victimized by crimes perpetrated by criminal aliens, as well as an insult to all legal immigrants and those decent people who do obey the law..

  4. Nice piece of propaganda Josh, Goebbels is it?

    So we will protect the rights of San Jose resident, will that include the hundreds of San Jose residents that were beaten down by a mob of Mexican flag waving illegals as San Jose Cops were ordered to stand down by our
    fascist mayor and police chief?

    I think not!

  5. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet Josh!
    Picture the anger and frustration you feel now and imagine it growing a hundred fold over the next four years as a man you despise and with whom you share no values leads your country down what you consider to be the wrong path, insulting you all the while . Then imagine your agony in 2020 when he gets re-elected and for the next four years you have to just shut down your emotions because you’ll go crazy if you don’t.
    I know ’cause I’ve been there.
    I feel for you pal!

  6. Interesting how in the Mayor’s own sworn “Oath of Office” in which he swore to uphold the US Constitution and it’s laws, by the way, includes Immigration laws, now he refuses to enforce those laws?

    The City Charter clearly states it must provide services and protect it’s “Citizens” who are also “residents with in the City boundaries. The operative word here is “Citizen” which means a legalized resident of the United States either by birth or naturalization. It does not include people who have enter this country illegally. President Elect Trump by his own clear statements want to target illegal Aliens who have criminal backgrounds and who committed crimes in the America. If you protect those people then you are also guilty of the Felony of harboring a criminal.

    This Mayor has also blamed Trump supporters of violence when the actual “facts” indicate it has been Soros, the Clinton’s, and high level DNC officers which are behind it. It’s all about MONEY. The Media is especially guilty of spreading the “false” rumors, urban legends, and racist comments which ae now being confirmed by their own confession within the last few days.

    Too many SJ residents including the Mayor have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the lies perpetuated by the biased Media. It would be nice to have a Woman President but sorry to say Hillary is just that person. Get over it. Trump deserves the chance t prove himself and the Mayor of City of San Jose owes it to him for that opportunity the same as the people gives him. Frankly,I have never seen such a biased Mayor in as a long time resident.

  7. “We’ve got your Back”

    Mayor Riccardo did you and Chief Garcia have Corrin Rankin’s, Steve Tong’s, and Juan Hernandez’s back on June 3rd when you allowed a mob to lie in wait and brutally ambush American Citizens just for going to a political rally of a candidate you disagree with?

    Mayor Riccardo, do you have my back when I expect the city and state to keep us safe and uphold federal law to ensure convicted undocumented aliens are sent back to their own country?

    Mayor Riccardo, do you and the governor have my back when you force price controls down our throat that even socialist economists consider destructive to jobs and housing?

    Mayor Ricardo, do you have the working class, under-employed, and the jobless’ back when you allow unrestricted illegal immigration into the city and lower their wages, undermine their job prospects, swell their housing costs, and reduce their bargaining power?

    Stop draping yourself in your own self-righteousness.

    You don’t have anyone’s back but your own.

    • Well put! I have many friends who have seen their hourly wage cut in half because “undocumented” workers lower their salary. SJCIE has it very correct!!!

  8. I understand the Mayor needs to follow the electorate, even though I believe this article and the mayors initial email just add to the fear people have. Is the city willing to trade Federal funds to help the homeless and traffic problems by keeping its immigration status? I hope not, don’t forget Obama deported MORE people than all presidents before him, where was that coverage? Trump isn’t going to do anything but deport criminals, which is fine with me.

  9. Majority of cities don’t enforce immigration law anyway because they have been governed for decades by Democratics, so no surprises there. These same Democratic mayors appoint Chief’s of Police that they control, so these COP echo the songs from of their Democratic control, so no surprise there. However, ICE doesn’t need permission to come into a city and do the work they were established to do. ICE personnel ranks will be increased and there will be a plan and strategy to enforce immigration law, so no surprise there. So, please step aside all of you Democratic Mayors and let the adults go to work. We will supply you with safe areas to cry.

  10. I understand why local police chiefs don’t ENFORCE immigration laws, it’s not their responsibility, even though the Obama administration has failed woefully to give ICE the personnel and equipment it needs to do its job completely. But the failure of sanctuary city governments to COOPERATE with ICE by refusing to even inform ICE that they have illegals in custody is wrong. When elected officials and police departments actively flout the law because they disagree with it, respect for the law by the entire population is eroded, if not destroyed. If everyone refused to obey a law with which they disagreed we would have total anarchy. If you don’t like a law, work for its repeal, don’t openly flout it. This is especially true for elected officials and public safety organizations.

  11. “Police Chief Eddie Garcia and the rest of our Police Department are committed to enforce the law against anyone engaged in committing hate crimes against our residents, such as last week’s attack on a hijab-wearing student at San Jose State University.” That is as it should be. However, when Hillary supporters committed hate crimes against Trump supporters in SJ a few months ago by assaulting and battering them, SJPD stood down, presumably on orders. That is NOT as it should be. In SJ the rule is: tug on a hijab, bad; pummel a woman Trump supporter with food and epithets , good. When our elected officials and police decide who should be protected and who should not be protected, they have violated the Equal Protection of the Laws Clause of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution. That is reprehensible, but has become a hallmark of so-called progressives, who now wear the mantle of the most intolerant people in the US.

  12. 8 U.S.C. § 1373

    — Notwithstanding any other provision of Federal, State, or local law, a Federal, State, or local government entity or official may not prohibit, or in any way restrict, any government entity or official from sending to, or receiving from, the Immigration and Naturalization Service information regarding the citizenship or immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual. —

    This law was passed just 20 years ago… perhaps President Trump will see to its enforcement (he is, per the Constitution, obligated to enforce all laws for which enforcement is funded). A Liccardo perp walk would be a dream come true.

  13. > Donald Trump, the fleshy pride and joy of the KKK, scored a victory in last week’s presidential election, and people are rightfully scared.

    Just curious, Josh. Have you ever seen an actual, living, breathing KKK member?

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen or even heard of a KKK member in California.

    The last actual KKK member of any notoriety that I am aware of was Senator Robert Byrd:

    • Never heard of a Klan member from California? Earl Warren? And by the way, Trump didn’t win California anyway. You saying there are no living breathing Klan members in Mississippi today? Just a fantasy of the lamestream media?

      • > Never heard of a Klan member from California? Earl Warren?

        Didn’t know this. Wikipedia makes no mention of any Klan association for Earl Warren.

        Maybe you were thinking of Hugo Black. Not from California.

        • Dude, what kind of logic is this? If Warren was or was not in this group, so what? It has nothing to do with 2016. This is troll breadcrumbs.

          Stay strong my friend!

          • The logic works like this:

            1. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of a California KKK member.”


            A. You have heard of Warren, a California guy.

            B. If Warren was KKK, you have heard of a California KKK member.

            You ask what kind of logic this is? I dunno, maybe elementary logic? 4th grade level? Call me crazy.

            You are adding stuff about relevance to 2016 that was not in the original statement — which, again, was “I’ve never seen or heard of a California KKK member.”

            Sure — “stay strong” with your friends. It really doesn’t matter to me. But don’t pretend to be on the side of logic.

      • Josh, Mr. Herdown, The narrative that President-elect Trump was elected by a huge wave of KKK support is as unintellectual as arguing the earth is flat. The people who elected President-elect Trump are the same people who elected President Obama. The percentage of the population that is in the KKK is tiny.

        From the Southern Poverty Law Center:

        “Today, the Center estimates that there are between 5,000 and 8,000 Klan members, split among dozens of different – and often warring – organizations that use the Klan name.”

        8000 / 3200000 = 1/4%, not 25% for some that are math challenged, but a quarter of one percent.

        No politician panders to a quarter of a percent of the population and wins the Presidency.

        A better strategy is to win white women, surely some of the calculus of nominated Secretary Clinton, which President-elect Trump won 53%-43%. There goes your identity politics out the window right there.

        The problem with Trump is not that he is fleshy, the KKK and that he is the next who can not be named on this site, but that he is in fact a Keynesian Democrat and will explode the debt.

        Please tell me the left has a better strategy than brain-dead memes, riots, voter disenfranchisement, secession, and Russia bashing.

        • SJCIE,
          Good points all and my compliments.
          But don’t expect any substantive response from the author of this article. Shockingly, he’s gone dark.
          As is typical, liberals such as Mr. Koehn when confronted with arguments with which they have no response… have no response.
          And does it strike you, as it does me, that Josh’s mocking description of Trump as “fleshy” would be a violation of SJI’s celebrated “Comments Policy” of not publishing derogatory descriptions of a person’s physical characteristics IF Josh was a mere commenter?
          But never mind. Josh is a journalist, not a mere commenter, and as such has immunity from his own policies.
          Typical “progressive” elitism.

          • Mr Galt, My assumption is that Josh is attempting to troll some of the more curmudgeonly types on this site to gather quotes for some later investigative piece on the problem with white people in SJ. Maybe something like this, but done right:


            If it was anything more he would have invested more time that some snark pasted on top of an empty-suited mayoral press release. Which may be a hidden joke in of itself as calling Mayor Liccardo the mayor is kind of a stretch. It is quite clear to SJI and anyone paying attention that Council-member Peralez is the Alpha Male in SJ.

            (interesting to see SJI comments section editor consider “Peralez” a misspelling – uhhh the cultural bias permeates everything! Josh – better hurry up and add that to the dictionary before one of your friends finds out. And Liccardo auto-corrects to Riccardo – problematic.)

    • Try spending some time up in the Santa Cruz mountains. They have heavy recruitment and numbers up there. I spent my childhood up there and the neo-nazis, white priders, and KKK have no shame in being out and about and scarring people.

      Friends of my family that were of color were constantly harassed and even attacked up in the mountains. It was horrible.

  14. This country was built and developed by immigrants who work on hard and dirty jobs. If the immigrants are not here this country will stink. I applaud Mayor Sam Licardo who stands for his citizens, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or color. I applaud his strong statement. We love Sam.

    • Kirpal, somehow I think that countries can succeed w/o illegal immigration. We’re the only ones that somehow think it’s necessary.
      Also, I dislike the concept that the purpose of immigration is to get people to come in and do the dirty jobs so the citizens don’t have to do them. I think that enshrines this idea of an upper class and lower class. For most Americans this is anathema.

      • That used to be called slavery, but now you don’t have to feed them anymore, you just give them a few bucks and throw them away. Or rent a slave, or rent a wife. How progressive of Democrats to continue the concept of slave.

    • .Mr. Kirpal,

      This is not a county of immigrants. This is not a country of immigrants who enter the country illegally and are illiterate, unskilled, manual laborers who refuse to learn the language, and refuse to assimilate into American culture.

      This is not a country of immigrants who come here to get a government check of $1500 a month for each anchor baby “dreamer” or who get a monthly government handout of over $2200 if they can convince some (government funded) immigration attorney to sue to get them refugee status.

      No, Mr. Kirpal, this is a country of people who have or do come here legally, learn the language, assimilate into American culture (keeping their own as secondary, if they want to), work, pay their taxes, stay off of public assistance, stay out of jail and who don’t kill people who are in this country legally!

  15. Kirpal,

    You applaud Liccardo for standing up for his citizens, yet it is his insistence on standing up for non-citizens — foreigners here illegally, that energizes his opposition. When the mayor obstructs immigration enforcement he thumbs his nose at the very legal system upon which his public position is based.

  16. Here’s the best explanation for Leftie’s intentional mis-reading of Trump: The Left took Trump literally but not seriously; his supporters took him seriously but not literally.
    They hide their simpleton thinking behind ‘words matter’, which they think is a cute play on BLM.

  17. What a divided country we have become. Why are Democrats so angry? We’ve had 8 years with Obama and we have the same crap we had before he came to office. Are they angry because he did nothing and now we are deeper in the hole because of his actions? Obama succeeded only in dividing our country with his ignorance. Today we have a country that delights itself with the cowardly act of killing innocent people of foreign lands with drone attacks, locks up “dissidents” for disagreeing with our country’s beliefs and philosophy, and rewards those country’s who applaud our stupidity on international affairs so they might benefit financially. What a great country! What a shame!
    It is unfortunate that Obama was successful in lowering our political and national expectations so much so that politicians such as Clinton and Trump were even given the chance to run for office. What a pity!
    Divide and conquer and then sit back like a coward! What a great legacy!

  18. Looks to me like Sam is all in for illegal and undocumented aliens disregarding crimes committed against the people of San Jose. Human trafficking, slavery/ prostitution, drug running, assault/ battery, burglary, rape, drunk driving and 25+% of the murders, are all acceptable and the new normal right here in San Jose. Oh I almost forgot who would cultivate all that pot we need to stay high?
    But not for the citizens, they go to jail for having a bumper 1 inch over the sidewalk.

    Well be proud of that Sam! Screw the American people, we need people rummaging through our trash in the middle of the night, we need 34 people at every home depot following us around the parking lot, we need patriotic people waving Mexican flags and beating up Trump supporters.
    Why? because it will get Sick Sam re-elected.

    Please Mr. Trump shut down these havens for crime called sanctuary cities and put their bigoted leaders in jail for aiding and abetting this crime wave.

    • > Why? because it will get Sick Sam re-elected.

      Presumably, you’re talking about “One-term Sam”.

      Sam split the vote almost evenly with another Democrat in the last election. Trump voters likely just flipped a coin.

      Not so at the next election. Trumpists will find a homeless bum who is a registered Democrat and put him up against One-Term Sam. That will get half of the Democrat vote. And, needless to say, Trumpists will line up at the polls days in advance to put Sam in the retired mayors home (and if President Trump is not too busy jailing Clintons and Weiners, he might find time to put Sam and Ed Garcia in the same federal cell block as Rahm Emmanuel for violating the Voting RIghts Act.)

      • Could not have said it better…you forgot several others, but one in particular…
        Gavin Newsom.

  19. Mayor you are very defiant, I hope it does not backlash on you. You are the Mayor elected by the law abiding citizens of the city of San Jose Ca. U.S.A., therefore by Law you are obligated under the Constitution of the United States to enforce the laws that Govern this country. Anyone who comes to this country has to abide by the LAWS THAT GOVERN THIS NATION, THERE IS NO EXCEPTIONS. WE ARE NOT A LAWLESS NATION. THAT GOES FOR EVERYONE.

  20. Another idiotic “Liberal” (socialist in disguise) running this state into the dumpster. And dumb Californians DESERVE IT!!

    • According to F.B.I. documents released in 2000…3 time Governer of Calif. Earl Warren was a KKK member and leader of a local Klans group.

      • ROBERTO:

        > Earl Warren was a KKK member and leader of a local Klans group.

        Thanks for tracking this down.

        WOW! Who knew! This was certainly a well kept secret. I guess Josh SHOULD worry about KKK activists in California.

        > Donald Trump, the fleshy pride and joy of the KKK, scored a victory in last week’s presidential election, and people are rightfully scared.

        So far, they all seem to be Democrats.


          Stop sniffing coke and try alcohol or marijuana instead. They’re legal, and will calm you down.

          Better yet, get a job.

        • Your welcome…another note is that the Klan has Black and Hispanic members…a well kept secret.

          • > another note is that the Klan has Black and Hispanic members

            Not surprising because the Klan was vehemently ant-Catholic and anti-East-European-immigrant, and lots of Blacks were anti-papist protestants.

  21. > B. If Warren was KKK, you have heard of a California KKK member.

    Do you know the meaning of the word “if”?

    “If” means that it’s NOT a fact.

    Now’s your chance to show how REALLY, REALLY smart you are: provide some FACTUAL evidence that shows that Earl Warren was a KKK member.

    And, by the way, if you’re trying to link people to the KKK, how about the Democratic Party:

    • Unlike you, I am not aching to show how really, really smart I am. If you want to know the facts, ask your precious FBI. They are the ones who unearthed that he led a KKK faction in Bakersfield.

      All of this is pointless anyway, since as I said in my first post on this issue, Trump did not win California. But your suggestion that the KKK is a left wing fabrication would be incorrect if you looked outside California. Also, Warren’s early KKK affiliation is a testament to the power of redemption, since he ended up as one of the best and fairest justices in history.

      No need to respond to show me you’re right and I’m wrong. No need to show me how smart you are. I will still think you are drop dead stupid.

      Otherwise, you alt right goons enjoy your day in the sun. Over and out.

      • > No need to show me how smart you are.

        Oh, yes there is! If I don’t do it, no one else will.

        It’s a sad, tragic reality, but very few progressives realize that I’m smarter than they are.

        • 》If I don’t do it, noone else will.

          Ok then. It’s a tough job (showing you’re smart), but someone’s gotta do it.

          Good luck with that.

  22. Liccardo is making San Jose more liable to lawsuits. I for one, will sue him, the City, and whomever else I can if one of my family members is hurt or murdered by an illegal immigrant that should have been deported.

  23. “Trump has claimed that the latter group, undocumented immigrants, were getting $4.2 billion in tax credits, a statement that was later found to be misleading. In fact, America’s undocumented immigrants likely pay more in taxes than Donald Trump. According to a report from The Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy (ITEP), they pay a hefty amount of state and local tax, just like other people living in the United States. Collectively, America’s undocumented immigrants pay an estimated $11.64 billion in state and local taxes every year with at least 50 percent of undocumented immigrant households filing tax returns using Individual Tax Identification Numbers.

    Many who do not file tax returns still have taxes deducted from their pay checks. Out of that $11.64 billion total, undocumented immigrants pay $6.9 billion in sales and excise taxes, $3.6 billion in property taxes and about $1.1 billion in personal income taxes. ITEP estimated that if America’s 11 million undocumented immigrants were granted citizenship allowing them to work legally, current state and tax contributions would be boosted by over $2.1 billion a year.” (

    Illegal immigration (undocumented, pick your term) is the one issue where those of us who won the birth lottery are getting the better end of the deal economically while some of us complain that the exploited are exploiting us.

    I’ll give one example: I worked on a wage and hour case where car wash workers were on the “la propina” system: the workers wiping down the cars were only paid the couple of dollar tips customers gave them as they retrieved their keys. Basically, these workers has calculated that it was better deal to make a few bucks wiping cars then hoping for a job that may not come in a Home Depot parking lot. Think about that: the drivers were getting a cheaper deal on their wash and owners were pocketing the increased revenues…all of those here legally were getting the better deal how are we the victims?

    Finally the self righteousness about being “legal” seems silly to me: I didn’t do anything to earn this status, why should I be given extra love just because I won the birth lottery?

  24. Associates Only,

    Please explain what it is you mean by the “birth lottery,” as it is difficult, when considering Mexico’s abundant natural resources, to understand how latitude differences could produce a border that defines winners and losers. Is it something in the water? If not that, what?

    Are you, by chance, suggesting the desirability of the United States is a product of luck or divine intervention? If so, I’d be fascinated to hear the details.

    Certainly you could not presume the success of the U.S. is attributable to the people who’ve built and maintain it, as that would imply that you consider them superior to the peoples of less successful states, and give lie to your notion of border-related birth lotteries.

    • FinFan:

      My point about “birth lottery” is that I’m only a legal US citizen because I was lucky enough to be born to parents who worked hard (w/ some luck mixed in for sure) to get to this country and give their children a shot at the American dream.

      You may find this interesting with regards to your second paragraph:

      “The reason that Nogales, Arizona, is much richer than Nogales, Sonora, is simple: it is because of the very different institutions on the two sides of the border, which create very different incentives for the inhabitants of Nogales, Arizona, versus Nogales, Sonora.” ( The article goes on to state that other factors like geography or disease could explain the differnece in outcomes between rich and poor places.

      Certainly agree that there is nothing inherently superior about Joe or Jane 6 pack.

  25. Geography or disease “could” explain the differences in outcomes? There’s enough wiggle room in that theory to please the most ardent blank slate warrior. But why, other than the liberal rejection of natural inequality, rely on weak theories when there is so much real world proof that a population’s talents are a product of its culture and its culture a product of its population?

    You say your parents worked hard to get to this country. Why did they do that? Were they attracted by the opportunity to bet on themselves and apply their talents fully or were they drawn here by America’s taxpayer-supported services? I’m going to guess the former, primarily because up until the middle of the last century the latter was non-existent.

    But what was it that made America synonymous with opportunity? It was the culture, one that grew out of the handful of ideals brought here by generations of hardy souls brave enough to choose freedom over tyranny and self-rule over subservience. Those ideals formed a template of what it meant to be an American, a template that shaped our Constitution and national consciousness and acted as a powerful selective force, culling from the national genome the idle and unfit, and enticing from far and wide the robust and resolute.

    Despite the regular assaults on our genome by foolish, warmongering leaders and asinine, hokum-preaching academics, the battered and bruised American genome continues to produce enough freedom-loving, self-sufficient natives — and attract enough law-abiding, patriotic immigrants, to hold-off the destructive efforts of the lawless parasites (and their idiot defenders). Hopefully, the next president will put a new shine on the template.

    Oh, and by the way, you may look down on Joe six-pack, but it is his values that keep his lightly-policed Red State neighborhood safer than any heavily-patrolled Blue State thug sanctuary.

  26. Please tell me you’re kidding. Our entire Bay Area is a giant thug sanctuary, teeming with predators who’ve been spared the full fury of the law for crimes committed through plea bargains, early parole, illusory probation. We’ve allowed, by kowtowing to race merchants, entire neighborhoods to become gang strongholds where shootings are common — even in midday. It is not safe to walk the streets of SF using your iPhone, it is not safe to leave valuables in your car, it is not safe for news crews to shoot video on location.

    As evidence of the Bay Area’s commitment to the thug sanctuary (and desire to extend it to the state), arrogant local D.A.’s (Rosen, Gascon, O’Malley) supported Prop. 36 (funded by $1M from George Soros) in order to impose their sentencing philosophies on all D.A.’s.

    • Dude I walked around the TL in with my iPhone in a suit over the summer (the evening Bible study i was going to was in the tenderloin).

      No problem. I mean I’m known as an attorney in the area so is some chance that deters them but I’ve been going there since high school as a short Indian dude and no problem.

      • Associates,

        I used to drive on bald tires when it was raining too but you don’t need to be, as you put it “a short Indian dude” to appreciate the foolishness of such behavior or how it might get away with such silliness in the short term but anyone who knows better can predict the inevitable result of prolonged asininity.

        However, with your indestructible luck, lets coat you with fish oil, dress you up to look like a seal and have you dog paddle around the Farallon Islands at dusk. You might even be able to do a few laps around them on your way to evening Bible study.

      • Anyone doing something that stupid in that area looks like an undercover cop. Just don’t leave your gun in the car or it will end up killing a tourist.

  27. Okay, I was wrong to rely on statistics when your anecdotal experiences tell the story with much more clarity. Let’s ignore that there are 1118 crimes per square mile in SF versus California’s average of 83 and the nation’s 32.8, or that the city, despite its considerable prosperity, is only more dangerous than 97% of other American cities. SF has almost 4x the nation’s robbery rate and over 2x the rate for theft and violent crime.

    SF Now Has Highest Per Capita Property Crime Rate In The US

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