San Jose Hospital Under Fire For Nurse’s Anti-Immigrant Rant

The San Jose Regional Medical Center is in damage control mode after an anti-immigrant Facebook rant by an emergency room manager went viral.

Beth Laurine, a Pennsylvania native temporarily working at the South Bay hospital, decided to vent online about something she apparently watched on TV.

“When you see immigrants from other countries kneeling when our National Anthem being played in front of our flag on the local news [angry emoji],” the nurse began. “I am sure the US is giving you housing, food stamps, free healthcare and education for your children and this is how you feel!! Go back to your nasty country!!! Dirty illegals!”

Laurine later edited the status update to exclude the “nasty country“ and “Dirty illegals!” part. It was too little, too late. A screenshot of both versions of the nativist diatribe began circulating on social media this week, and on Tuesday got the attention of whoever was managing the Regional Medical Center’s Twitter account.

The hospital—a subsidiary of the Hospital Corporation of American-owned Good Samaritan Health System—responded by trying to distance itself from Laurine.

The hospital has yet to respond to San Jose Inside’s request for comment, so it’s unclear what happened to Laurine, whose Facebook was made private this afternoon. But many people are calling for her termination.

San Jose Vice Mayor Magdalena Carrasco, in a Facebook status of her own, condemned Laurine’s remarks as overtly racist.

“The blatant and racist remarks [from someone] who is tasked with healing our most vulnerable residents in their time of need should never be tolerated,” she wrote.

Carrasco said she plans to set up a meeting with hospital management to talk more about the incident and how they can ensure that other staffers show more respect than Laurine.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. This is just a small window into the institutionally abusive and aggressive management at Regional and the corporate ‘regime’ behind them that is similarly abusive and/or is tolerant of such abuse & aggression. I sincerely hope this embarrasses them to change thier behavior-

  2. I pray they get to the bottom of this. I’ve worked in Regional Medical Center and have encountered many things and racism is a BIG problem here which ER staff, Nurses, Case Managers and even the directors play a HUGE part in it. It is beyond the worst thing to go through while working there, patients have made plenty of complaints and they continue to carry the same behavior. This is a facility where minority’s go to seek emergency treatment and for some of those patients English is not their primary language and when you go to seek treatment you do not expect to be ridiculed or hear them make rude comments or hear them stereotyping you. I have also taken my child and encountered first hand how the nurse and physician assistant talked down on me. I had emailed Beth Laurine and another ER director and they never replied or apologized for their ER staff behavior, and let alone take corrective measures. I am still seeking someone to procede in this complaint and I just pray they remove Beth Laurine And all staff that follows in her footsteps.

  3. Many ER RNs, techs, etc are burned out and lack professionalism at SJRMC. … they lack awareness and forget that they are the offspring of immigrants themselves—who set a bad example of what unethical immigration is capable of doing….ask the Native Americans!

  4. This nurse should be commended not condemned.

    Consider: Recently, in the waiting area of the Emergency Department at Regional Medical Center, I had occasion to meet a 25-year old “immigrationally challenged” woman who was receiving free medical care (Medicaid/Medi-Cal). She had 5 kids – that’s right 5; all undoubtedly illegal anchor babies and she had the nicest nails, cell phone, hand bag, clothing, etc. She makes about $1,500 monthly pay from Social services, for each kid.

    Additionally, the Federal government provides a single “refugee” with a monthly allowance of $1,890. Each can also obtain an additional $580 in social assistance, for a total of $2,470 a month. You do the math, but it’s no doubt more than that nurse makes.

    Question: How did I know she was “illegal”? Well, it’s simple, just by looking. Just the same way a person can tell the difference between a draft horse and a brood sow. One works pulling a plow and the other just produces more young. That’s just an analogy. Don’t kill the messenger, or condemn the nurse.

    • What an ugly, hateful person your are. How do I know this…by reading your response. You are making assumptions about a person without even making an effort to even talk to them. You have no idea what this woman’s life is like just like I don’t know about you so stop making generalized assumptions about people you think don’t look like Americans.

      • > What an ugly, hateful person your are.


        It looks to me like you called Robillard. “ugly” and “hateful” before he had a chance to call you “ugly” and “hateful”.

        I award this round to you on points. You had better anticipation and technique.

        I expect Robillard to make tactical adjustments and get his namecalling in earlier in his next posting.

        Slime early. Slime often. It’s the key to survival in the blogosphere.

          • Het Bubble looks like James went full BOT on you! Funny thing you were posting and chiming in long before Trump was campaigning. The liberal playbook is very tired and wornout. BOT, troll, Russians LMAO

          • > STFU, troll. Crawl back to Moscow with comrade trump.


            Thank you for your thoughtful suggestions.

            Before I take your advice, I need to make an assessment as to whether I should really give any weight to your judgements. Could you please provide the following information:

            1.) Do you still have all your front teeth?
            2.) Have you ever used three or more psychoactive drugs at the same time?
            3.) Have you ever ignited your clothing when lighting your bong?

            Thank you for your cooperation.

        • Mr. Vinny,
          Refugees and asylees are eligible for all welfare benefits for the first seven years they reside in the U.S.,all it by whatever term or acronym you want, in either case, you are wrong. Go play with yourself.

      • Exactly only someone so miserable would post this. For your information, illegals aren’t allowed to get welfare or such things. So first get an education and then stop judging people by their looks. Another FYI! A lot of those people asking for money on the streets are mainly Americans and what are they doing?? Asking for money instead of working their asses like this immigrants who come to steal jobs.

        • Ms.None,

          Please read the 1996 Welfare Reform Act and all the laws and social welfare programs available in California and Federally. These are far to lengthy to detail here but read even just half of them and you will discover how wrong you are.

      • Ms. Paula,

        I did talk to her; In Spanish. That’s not a racists statement. She may have also spoken English but just made no effort to do so to me, perhaps she racially profiled me and is a racist. Either way, I don’t care. I learned that she has been in this country (we didn’t discuss her immigration status specifically) over 5 years and she made it a point to mention that all 5 of her children were born here. In any event, when my family first arrived here ( from an abominable Middle Eastern country, the name of which I won’t mention), within 5 months we spoke English well enough to get jobs and lived off our meager savings until we got on our feet. Since then, and since I live in California, I am now conversant in Spanish, as well as English (as well as an ungodly Middle Eastern language that I don’t want to be investigated for speaking).

        “Ugly, hateful person” you say? Well, I’m not hateful, although I can’t claim to be handsome. In any event, I don’t understand why people insist that the U.S. import poverty in the form of unskilled, uneducated, illiterates who refuse to assimilate (one can assimilate without losing one’s “cultural identity”) and who aspire to become nothing more than multi-generational welfare recipients.

        Leave the nurse alone. She’s working, paying taxes, and therefore deserves a right to her opinion. And in anticipation of the inevitable immigrant “economic value” response, I do my own yard work and landscaping, pick my own vegetables and fruit from my backyard plants and trees, and clean up my own house and do my own laundry. I do buy meat from the grocery store but have been known to skin a deer or two in season.

    • There is something wrong with you. Or, you are not a real person. Either way, do the world a favor and crawl back into the hole you came out of for a moment.

      • This tired old saw needs to be viewed in a real world perspective. Anyone who says you can’t judge a book by it’s cover is simply someone who hasn’t done enough reading. If I handed you a Bible and a Playboy magazine, just by looking at the cover and even without opening or reading either, I would guess you would be able to tell which one you should bring to Church.

        Back to our discussion, if it looks like an unskilled, illiterate, uneducated, illegal alien, without verifiable documentation and from a 3rd World Country, and it walks like an unskilled, illiterate, uneducated, illegal alien, without verifiable documentation and from a 3rd World Country, then it probably is an unskilled, illiterate, uneducated, illegal alien, without verifiable documentation and from a 3rd World Country, who is here to collect public assistance money as a career; So fingerprint it, deport it, jail it if it comes back, and bill the country of origin for the costs. If the country of origin won’t pay the bill, deduct the amount from the foreign aid money the U.S. undoubtedly provides that country every year.

        If this is not acceptable, then create some sort of private sector immigration assistance charity, completely unfunded by tax dollars, and let the “compassion community” deal with it so they can feel good about themselves.

    • Looks like someone let Grand pa surf the comment section again…Sorry guys, he’s so old and out of touch that he remembers when they formed the Mason-Dixon line….

      • Here we go again you are so ignorant I don’t care where you’re from you did not make sense. I am a Christian, I go to church and I have friends and family that go as well. What does that have to do with the Bible or play boy magazine, don’t you know what this world’s about? don’t you know how the enemy interferes? You must not go to church so you wouldn’t know. God loves and accepts anyone and if any nationality as well. I believe me everyone in church is not perfect because we are human and that’s why we do have to go to church because of all the Sins that us human beings have. So as you know there’s a lot of people of course who are crooked at churches whether it’s a pastor or the congregation itself and that’s a known fact. So far all we know people are looking at those magazines and still going to church and you will never know because only God knows. So you stop judging people. Read the Bible it states, no one shall judge only God is the judge. Amen.. so that was a very bad example you used you are very uneducated. And all the statements you throughout their about Mexicans not working being illegal because we look like it you are crazy you are a nutcase.

    • You must be relative to this nurse or her friend. If you could tell the status of a person by just the way she’s or he is dressed, maybe you should take a look at yourself so you know how scumbags look like. Shame on your parents for procreating kids like you.

      SCUMBAG, you aren’t even born in this country.

    • Unacceptable for a Nurse period!!! Look at the NursePractice Act for your state that Ms. Beth is practicing under and you know that she is in violation. A complaint can be made agains her at the state Nursing Board and DHH and JC be called and a complaint can be filed. This is not what Nursing is about!

      • The Nurse Practice Act has nothing to do with her opinion outside of the workplace. Nice try. Maybe you’re too high up on your horse to distinguish fact from fiction. It is disheartening to administer care to people who turn around and verbally attack you and call you every name in the book. Being physically assaulted is more common than people realize and yet, trying to defend oneself can bring assault charges against the caregiver being attacked. Should she have used better judgment ? Yes, but since we’re only hearing one side and have no idea what caused her to react this way, it might be nice to wait before demand-ing her head. The costs attributed to care given to illegals without the ability to pay are staggering and the end result is that citizens will beat the brunt of it through higher healthcare costs, reflected in higher insurance premiums. Not denying healthcare to anyone but if one is reaping a benefit disrespecting our nation is not an option.

      • Since sbe is a R.N Manager~ she clearly is responsible to complete ” Compliance Training ” Yearly!!! I hope none of my family members/ friends ever come in contact with tbus trash talking traveler!!! Sure as hell, her judgemental ass Does NOT belong in healthcare!

    • First and foremost European Woman you are the immigrant. My people are indigenous our bodies have laid here before you crossed over on your boats. There are many European nations here and they remember where they came from. So you can take your crappy ass back to where your ancestors bodies lay.

      • > My people are indigenous our bodies have laid here before you crossed over on your boats. T

        Your “indigenous” ancestors were pretty ruthless and violent S.O.B.s.

        European missionaries probably saved your great grandpappy from getting his head split open with a stone axe or roasted alive over a spit by Comanches.

        If you really wanted to embrace your authentic indigenous culture, you could reject civilization, reject money in all it’s forms including your welfare check, reject science based medicine, reject agriculture and food production, and go back to hunting and gathering.

        You would be happier. At least until the next famine or plague got you.

    • Seriously, you are one very sad example of a human. You’ve made that clear with this response. State your sources for the numbers listed. Otherwise, what you have to say is just trash.

    • You really need to get your facts straight before trying to present your ridiculous, false information as fact. You are an ignorant , bigot, turd!!

    • Everyone is entitled to an opinion, however, to assume something with no facts in regards to the legal status of an individual only proves the ignorance of ones knowledge and lack of respect.

    • Your an total idiot that has no sense in your mind. First of all I am Mexican-American and I understand what’s going on in regards to immigration. And yes sometimes it seems fair that we all have to do things according to the law of course and yes I would never do nothing illegally. I’m born in United States my whole family and I and the only thing that I do agree with is that everyone should become a citizen and it’s not just for Mexicans it’s for anybody that does not live in United States. You don’t know nothing about social services. They don’t allow you to have 10 kids and they will pay for each one it stops at a limit after 2 years, you do not get any more money does it matter how many more kids you have. The only thing they will allow but you do have to work whether it’s part-time or full-time or either go to school and they will help you with that as well. College is not for everybody not even for people who can afford it. Every individual is different. Even if you’re offered if it’s times you have to go to school or have a job. Whether she spends her money all on her own you do not know her life for her children’s life you do not know what she does on the side to make money. You are so ignorant it’s pitiful. Like I said I disagree that so much people are in America illegally only because Americans that are legal citizens would not be able to do that in any other country as well. And also everybody deserves opportunity doesn’t matter whether you’re illegal or not this is America and it’s so sad that Mexico or other countries will not be there for their own people. But God created everyone equally and who knows over the thousands of years why everything changed. So do some research on social services and medical. You are heartless person?. If I have the opportunity to tell them to become legal and do things the right way just like everybody has to doesn’t matter what nationality we are. And for the children who were brought here at a young age they didn’t know any better, but now they’re adults and they have the right and they should get on it right away to become legal citizens of the United States. Because every opportunity is also for them as well. And it doesn’t mean to torture their children either. So get a life and stop being so precious remember it’s any undocumented person. Not just for Mexico,believe me. Don’t know what you do or what your family did. But don’t be stereotyping people. If you don’t know their background, I mean they’re true background. Should someone stereotype you and say that everything was handed to you or did you inherit it from somebody. So get a life☹. And have God more in your heart!!!!!

      • Rosie:

        Half of what you say makes sense. The other half doesn’t.

        Could you do something to get rid of the dumb half?

    • JS Robillard… San Jose was Mexico not long ago so one could say that the invader is you, not the woman with 5 kids and nice nails. Otherwise all I have to say it that you’re the one sitting at home collecting welfare as it’s evident you have the time and energy to sit at home and post vile rants online. San Jose is a welcoming place for all people otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Trust and believe that nurse has not so kind things to say about middle easterns like yourself as well.

  5. It appears that she is talking about illegal immigrants in general.Key word ILLEGAL. We are not immigrants. People who were born in this country are Americans. We settled this country. The native Indians were treated badly.
    We have free speech in this country!! Rememer that!!
    She was not on her job when she posted that. Get over it!
    Stand for our national anthem…or leave and go to another country!

  6. I pray they get to the bottom of this. I’ve worked in Regional Medical Center and have encountered many things and racism is a BIG problem here which ER staff, Nurses, Case Managers and even the directors play a HUGE part in it. It is beyond the worst thing to go through while working there, patients have made plenty of complaints and they continue to carry the same behavior. This is a facility where minority’s go to seek emergency treatment and for some of those patients English is not their primary language and when you go to seek treatment you do not expect to be ridiculed or hear them make rude comments or hear them stereotyping you. I have also taken my child and encountered first hand how the nurse and physician assistant talked down on me. I had emailed Beth Laurine and another ER director and they never replied or apologized for their ER staff behavior, and let alone take corrective measures. I am still seeking someone to procede in this complaint and I just pray they remove Beth Laurine And all staff that follow in her footsteps.

  7. “…the views expressed do not represent the hospital or the care we provide”.

    The management that provided this statement clearly implicates themselves as part of the problem. They think that their employees who have Beth Laurine’s inclinations don’t affect the “care that we provide”. They’re delusional.

  8. As an employee of the ER I can say that staff has been subjective to a hostile and a retaliation management for the last 3 or so years.
    We have massive write ups. We had nurses suspended without the due process. Nurses had to resign in order to protect their license or HCA was going to report them. A blackmail technique.
    This is just some of the things that HCA has fostered and created.
    Multiple lawsuits have been filed do your research and you will see what sort of organization this is.
    The staff is a hardworking and dedicated staff trying to do its best for the patients. I know I personally treat all with kidness and respect that is not always shown in return. The ER is a rough and high pace place we give it our best. Our managers are not a reflection of the staff. Our staff is a large multicultural one and we respect all. It’s HCA who doesn’t respect us or the community it serves
    The RNs are on your side please don’t turn against us too.

    • Hi I’m glad I got to read this post because it’s not only what you said, but it is so true in regards to Regional Hospital. And this has nothing to do with any racism at all. But just last year 2017 until the beginning of 2018 my dad was there. He had a heart attack and needed surgery done right away. Long story short he was in ICU, for about 2 months. Surgery took place about a week or two later. Thanks to God everything was successful. But honestly the nurses are so cruel, unprofessional and very heartless. No compassionate whatsoever. There was very few nurses and even some CNA’s were wonderful with my dad. We reported one nurse that was at the ICU. We spoke with managers and with higher management as well. It is so sad because I remember in the past when the hospital was call Alexian Brothers. At least you were more comfortable there as a patient or as a visitor. We don’t know what has happened over the years. Only God knows, but I pray to God, that one day that this hospital will be taking over by other management or just hire different people and get rid of the people who are heartless. They don’t belong there. They are just there for a paycheck and that is it. And, I don’t want everyone to lose their jobs. But if you’re going to be frustrated angry or Prejudice while you’re doing your job. That is very unhealthy, especially for the patient, the top priority of anything else. I just thought I express this. I feel strongly that goes for all professions, if you’re not suited for the job, don’t do it just because it makes a lot of money. Really think about what you want to do in your life, because you need to love your job so you can love the surroundings around you.
      Thank you for your time. I trust God always with everything, and I know Justice will be done. Amen

  9. > so it’s unclear what happened to Laurine, whose Facebook was made private this afternoon. But many people are calling for her termination.

    Of course, those who expressed support for Laurine had THEIR Facebook and Twitter accounts terminated.

    Get used to the fact that we now live in a world of complete UNreality.

  10. There are many ” professionals” working there that are racist. We’ve had many instances of discrimination and my family has been here since 1777. It’s horrible how Trump has taken this great country down a dark road and many think that this is okay … 1940 Germany?

  11. Too many racist European illegals in San Jose, well in Murrica. Make America Great and get them out of here.

  12. Your forefathers ran from tyranny and oppression in their own countries. They were immigrants. They came to America, saw the native Americans who they brutalized and practically destroyed. They have not recovered from the onslaught. Now, those who are running, are “nasty ” and “illegals “.

  13. People in the emergency room are looking for medical help. I have always thought that it was necessary to be somewhat humanitarian as a medical professional … evidently this is not the case here. She should not be supervising an emergency room with her moral standards. I hate to imagine what bad decisions she’s made which resulted in bad endings.

  14. Free expression, you say? It’s too bad… we live 5 minutes away but unless management’s actions are taken to stop this racist from working at Regional Medical, all our family and friends will freely choose to use Valley Medical Center.

  15. > Please fire her immediately! This is inexcusable.

    Why should she be fired? What is the fire-able offense?

    It may be bad marketing, or bad customer relations, or whatever, but what is the offense?

    The management of this privately operated business can determine the consequences or lack of consequences for their business and take whatever actions they believe are necessary.

    Those unhappy with a lack of firing, can take a page out of Dan Nguyen’s book:

    > “all our family and friends will freely choose to use Valley Medical Center.”

  16. At the height of public indignation, management under-whelmingly responded with… oh well, it’s her views not ours and yeah we see everyone! How about something along the line of “on the other hand we, the management, realize that our hospital is located in a predominantly and ethnically diversified community and that we constantly strive to maintain a staff that understand, appreciate and respect patients of all origins…” In this divisive time of “both sides are to blame”, Regional Medical can ill afford to to be blaze to the point of being tone-deaf.
    Outside The Buble, I’ve got a feeling that we are not in Kansas anymore!

    • > Outside The Buble, I’ve got a feeling that we are not in Kansas anymore!


      Why should she be fired?

      The people in “the community” should be GRATEFUL that she is willing to attend to the health needs of their “predominantly and ethnically diversified community” and put up with the rudeness, arrogance, and entitlement mentality of many of her “clients”.

      Maybe the people “in the community” should engage in some self-examination and think about how they could be more welcoming and supportive of health professionals from outside the community and make them feel more valued and appreciated.

      Let’s start with you, Danny.

      “Thank you, Beth, for cleaning up the vomit and changing the bedpans of the people in our community, even those who call you a racist and blame you for your white skin privilege”.

      If this is too much for you Danny, you should probably go back to a more culturally isolated and more comfortable monocultural facility.

    • What would the down side be to what you are saying, That illegal aliens will boycott your hospital unless you fire a nurse with whose “diverse” opinion you disagree. Please, save your own bigotry for the next pro-welfare recipient rally, or take out your wallet and donate to the hospital in order to cover the costs of illegals who get free medical care that I have to pay for.

  17. To Laurine she should be fired you cannot hold her position and speak and act in that manner I’m hoping that she does the right thing and step down before they fire her whatever she voiced thats her view of people that are illegals she has no business holding the position she holds. No one should judge anyone anyone who does isn’t any better, now about saying to those who are here illegal go back to your country why don’t you get back on that European boat that your family came on and go back to your country this land belongs to the natives yes it was stolen many many moons ago so with that being said I have said what must be said its a shame that this country is in shambles because of who is in office I don’t say president because he is not my president he has taken this country down a dark road this country isn’t any better since that white supremacist took office.

  18. To me, from reading her comments, it is apparent that she hates immigrants. She must not work in a hospital, or any other place that the life of people may depend on her. In my opinion, she must be fired.

    • > it is apparent that she hates immigrants.

      Did she commit a “hate crime”?

      Should she be put on trial?

      Should people guilty of hate crimes be allowed to work in hospitals?

      Should people guilty of hate crimes be allowed to work in any job?

      Should people guilty of hate crimes be allowed to vote?

      Should people guilty of hate crimes by allowed to use the internet?

      Should people guilty of hate crimes be put into detention camps with other haters so they don’t infect the rest of society?

      Should people guilty of hate crimes be put into re-education camps until they are cured?

      Should the federal government be in charge of the re-education camps?

      Should the federal government be in charge of the re-education camps if Donald Trump is president?

      Should Donald Trump be banned from running for president because he might be in charge of the re-education camps.

      Which politicians would you trust to be in charge of the re-education camps?

  19. All you morons sticking up for her fail to answer one question what illegal immigrants are on NFL team.

  20. Um…can we deport unhinged Philadelphians back to PA? They seem to really hate CA and people that aren’t white. Maybe hide a few Xanax in the cheesesteaks, and build a wall around the place.

    • Mr. Fly Eagles. F.A,

      Build a wall around sanctuary cities to keep the illegal aliens in and the tax dollars out and I would be satisfied. Keep the Xanax. You’ll need it.

  21. Is it unbelievable that this is the country that we live in today. I have always thought that nurses were the most compassionate people on this earth. When I had surgery for my prolapsed rectum, my home health nurse came by 8 hours a day to feed me, bathe me, and change my dressings. She was a nurse, but to me she was an angel. When I was see at Regional Medical ER for an infection, the nurses there seemed to enjoy their jobs and did not seem racist at all. Many of them were white Southerners and spoke with a twang. I actually liked hearing their voice and they would call me things like “honey” and “sugar.” At first I felt uncomfortable, but then they offered me cornbread and crawfish for dinner. They took care of me with compassion. One doctor even called me after discharge to see how I was doing. I don’t think the views of one bad person affects the whole department. When I called the hospital to thank the staff for their service, I spoke to “Beth” on the phone. She stated that at the time she was not a permanent manager. When I complimented her employees, she stated “That is just how we do at RMC!” I thought she shared the same views as her staff. Then this news article came out. I am not sure if I will come back here until some changes are made. This is unfortunate because I live across the street, I am not sure what to do.

  22. Well it’s time to wake up and smell the roses. When is an illegal an illegal? When they are here illegally………. OH NO, wait, WHAT? You mean it’s illegal to cross the border from Mexico plant your tukus at the welfare depart and sign up and get the goodies……for free. Well this really happens because of the Democrats in California, the land of fruit and nuts. Even better are felony crimes that get a slap on the hand and then get deported most, many times. If that weren’t enough we have sanctuary cities and now the whole state. ALL THIS AND THEY THINK WE OWE IT TO EM.

    • ??
      Funny how it’s ok for these illegals to come here, take what they can for free, take advantage of all that the USA has to offer, and can disrespect the USA, bad mouth the USA, and it’s considered their right to express their opinion. A US ‘working’ citizen expresses her opinion on her time on her social media page, sharing with her friends and peers…and OMG she’s racist and needs to be fired…
      Wake up! The intent was accurate to the ‘t’…albeit poorly worded. So let me rephrase it for you…if you come to our country for all the benefits and freedoms offered then you damn well stand up and salute the flag of this country…if you can’t do that..get out!
      Simply stated…and so not racist??

      • What comes through, to me….is how this lady made ‘snap-judgements’ about the people she apparently saw, on TV. At first…she referred to them as ‘immigrants’. OK…so, we are ‘a nation of immigrants’…going back to the 1600s.

        But, then she called them ‘illegal immigrants’. How did she know this? Did she inspect their social security records? Not likely! If I had seen this TV blurb, I would not have immediately assumed they were ‘illegal’….because we have always been a very diverse nation….and probably always will be! What comes through, is her racist aversion, to these people, who looked different than her.

        And….if the American Flag means anything….it surely represents our 1st amendment rights to protest. (Having taught classes in American government, myself…..) I think kneeling, is a very appropriate, nonviolent, and even ‘respectful’ way to protest. Certainly, better than throwing rocks, or screaming insults…….or posting insults, like this lady did!

        Our ‘Founding Fathers’ were ‘protestors’. Remember ‘The Boston Tea Party’? Everyone in this discussion, is engaging in their 1st amendment rights, to protest.

        So…short of any evidence, that the people on TV were actually ‘illegals’…..what comes through is this lady’s racism….and her ‘anti-American’ opposition to peaceful protest… of the bedrock foundations of our country.

  23. P.S. HCA is one of the worst bloodsucking money healthcare corp in the US…they don’t care about patients or staff…it’s all about the $$$…pts are processed and pushed out the door…understaffing is their game for more profit in their pockets…if you see HCA associated with any hospital you’re seeking care from…drive to the next hospital for your own health and safety

    • > …drive to the next hospital for your own health and safety

      Luckily for you, Hanna, you live in America and can go to a government hospital, wait in line with the teeming masses, and get treated FOR FREE by an affirmative action healthcare provider who, hopefully, sort of knows what they are doing. And, as an extra bonus, your government hospital is an ENTITLEMENT which means you don’t have to be grateful or thankful for anything, and you can order the staff around like your daddy was a communist party boss..

      Personally, I would be worried that my government hospital affirmative action healthcare provider might be tempted to slack off from time to time, or cut a few corners, because they can’t be fired, but that’s just me and I’m a worrywart.

      Also, I have noticed that the progressive elites — Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, etc. etc. — seem to shy away from local government hospitals like VMC and seem to prefer elite medical facilities. Hmmmmmm.

      Maybe they know something.

  24. Fire her !!!!! Regional hires outsiders who “think they know it all”. The nurses run their butt off many times not getting a break or lunch for their entire shift. Regional needs to hire more staff instead of looking how to cut expenses.

    • Yes I agree they need to hire way more staff when my dad was there last year in the beginning of this year, especially on the weekends it was horrible. And holidays for Worse the staff was horrible to people or only one person helping on the whole floor. Overall the hospital has changed drastically and even though people make fun of the VMC because they feel that only people with medical or Medicaid go there they are very wrong. Its getting more higher in technology and everything else. More beautiful and more professional nicer and respectful staff

  25. Maybe it’s time we had separate but equal hospitales one for blackish people, one for brownish, people, one for whitish people, and one for NFL players who injured their knees during the National Anthem.

    Which one will you all be line up at wanting to be cared for in ? They’re all equal, “right”. One serves beef, one serves chicken, one serves 5300 calories meals that will kill most of us in a week but taste great. The other one serve only the uninsured general public, you have to wait 6 days to see a doctor and the meals suck but it’s free. Which one will you call racist and which one can you afford?

    Really people this started way back in 1860 America run by Democrats. The same clan that runs California Socialist Parties, that fan the flames of all this hate you are all expressing.
    Blame Trump first, but it is all of you that have been feeding in that pile hate long before Trump, Obama, Bush, Bubba, Bush, Reagan, and Bubba, and its coming from all of you intolerant soles.

    White people aren’t going back to Europe, African American aren’t going back to Africa, People who have been born here, immigrated here and assimilated here, are Americans who are welcome here.
    If you hate Americans and America go find some place else that you think will treat you better.
    If you want to wave some foreign flag, take a knee, spit on our soldiers and police, then by all means go find some other better place and tell us about how wonderful it is when you get there, but please file the appropriate paperwork before you come back so we know you really are here to become an American. What’s next 1860 Fort Sumter? Are you all ready to turn the place into Beirute or Semolina?
    Will you tolerate MS13 running you schools, Bushivics running the government. All this is possible if you don’t learn to get along or are to tolerant of bad behavior.
    Have nice day!

    • Yes in God’s eyes we are all equal …hes the one that created us all… He created all this, he can take it away. We dont own anything, he does. When people die, nothing goes with them. They should just be happy that they live in this country and stop complaining. Would they rather wake up, like if they’re in Iraq and have everybody shooting each other.

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