Remembering Greg Gray

Last Saturday, a memorial mass was held at the Leontyne Chapel on the campus of Bellarmine College Prep to honor Greg Gray, who passed away on Feb. 27. Bellarmine’s chapel was not built large enough to fit all of Greg’s family and friends. The place was packed; people were standing in the entry halls.

Greg Gray was a fifth-generation San Josean, a graduate of Bellarmine, and a graduate of Santa Clara University. Greg was a very successful real estate broker and developer. Above all, Greg was a great father to his beloved Michelle, and a great friend to many.

In addition to being a world-class storyteller and practical-joke artist, Greg was a fine athlete. He was a good tennis player, and an outstanding golfer, playing to a single digit handicap for years.

At the memorial mass, the presiding priest used the words “sincerity” and “integrity” to describe Greg’s business and personal reputations: “Greg used his gift of time very well.”

Greg was a gift to his family and to his countless friends, who packed the Bellarmine chapel to honor his memory. San Jose will long miss one of its favorite sons.


  1. Greg certainly was a jokester! In his early years he worked for my father. I’ll never forget visiting the office… Greg would lift me in a way that looked like he was pulling me up from my ears! Everyone laughed and it never got old. RIP GG

  2. I was lucky enough to be a close friend of Greg’s for the last 16 years.  I have never know more generous or humble person.  When ever we would be out and about, he would always run into an old school buddy or a friend.  He would always take time to chat and tell an old story and it would always end in a good laugh.  He will be greatly missed.
      The Friends of Greg Gray are planning to do a “Walk for Pancreatic Cancer” in memory of our friend Greg.  If you would like more info, please email me at…[email protected]

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