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  1. Raj isn’t positional is he? Nooooooo! He isn’t stereotyping the police either is he? Nooo!

    I wonder what it will take to make him happy? He and the Murkey News are losing ground each time the police do the right thing to prove they’re innocent of whatever they accuse them of this week.

    Hey! Raj just might end up unemployed if he doesn’t have the police to bash any more. wink

    “The AXON project is unfortunately a positive thing right now because the level of distrust is so high,” said Raj Jayadev, director of the community organization Silicon Valley De-Bug. “But it doesn’t address the more fundamental problem: What stereotypes police may carry when they see people of color on the street and make assumptions about character.”


    • I’m saddened by the “there’s nothing wrong with SJPD Raj and the Merc are making all of this up” line of thinking. We have a real opportunity to improve the way police interact with communities of color we shouldn’t waste it demonizing a community activist and the local paper.

      • I would agree if it was that simple. To say that everyone stopped is innoncent, and to say that the cops are the only ones to blame is a “tired line of thinking” in and of its self. Everyone needs to work together to fix this and stop finger pointing. Raj included.

  2. What would the day be without a letter to the editor from Santa Clara Plays Fair Treasurer, William F. Bailey.  Bill is the kid in school who would not get to be on the baseball team withouth his parents buying all the equipment for the team.  Isn’t a treasurer supposed to be focused on raising money?  Well, SCPF coffers speak more of Bailey’s writing letters, and Donald Buchanan writing emails.  (someone is usually dispatched to Donald’s to unlock him from the bathroom).

    Bailey reprises his ancient frustration with the thorough stadium EIR, and the fact the 49ers are supporting the initiative group.

    Well, Bailey, working with several people,has been active in San Franciso EIRs and stadium development (surprise, surprise), has figured out football games create noise and generate traffic.  THE CIPHER HAS BEEN BROKEN!!  Actually, the noise on Sundays, and the transit corridors that were planned years ago, will mitigste the impact.

    Oh, there is an amusemant park nearby.  Such noise!

    As for funding, Santa Clara Plays Fair is supporting largely through the efforts of Brain Darby, a San Jose falconer.  Falcons near neighborhoods?  Have you seen, Skippy, lately?

    Well, that’t the story behind the continued effort of Willy Van Der Bailey keeping his little fingers in the dike of Santa Clara Should he be twiddling those fingers so much?  It is a emotional thing.

  3. Amazing….. Guy gets shot dead in front of 100’s of people on 2nd and santa clara early this morning and the only thing I could find on it was tucked in some obscure crime section of the murky news……. boggles the mind….??

    Man fatally shot in San Jose

    Bay City News Service
    Posted: 12/19/2009 07:19:28 AM PST
    Updated: 12/19/2009 03:20:04 PM PST

    Police in San Jose are investigating a fatal shooting this morning, a dispatcher with the San Jose Police Department said.
    Officers went to Second and Santa Clara streets at around 1:30 a.m. and found a 27-year-old man suffering gunshot wounds, the dispatcher said.
    The victim was taken to a hospital where he later died from his injuries.
    A suspect was taken into custody about 15 minutes after the shooting, the dispatcher said.
    The homicide is still under investigation.

  4. The Mercury News report Tab Taber, known as the guy who destroyed Wilcox, has his own chippy.

    The fact that Taber wanted to organize the following film festival should be a coincidence:


    Totally a coincidence.

  5. Eric:  It happened again.  When I first opened SJI, the first three articles were NUMMI gone for good, 9/3/09; Remembering the Kennedys, 9/2/09; and Grand Jury: Poor Play on Golf Course, 9/2/09.

    Once I hit “Home” again, it returned to the current stuff.

    Que pasa?

  6. Intereseting how there is a murder outside a DOWNTOWN CLUB, yet this blog site or the Merk gives none to little coverage of it. C’mon man! What is the City Council doing to address this? What is the City Council going to do to improve safety downtown. What are the players of this site going to do, besides complain about or Monday morning quarterback the San Jose Police Department.

    Seems like a Murder in front of hundereds of people is an issue that needs to be discussed.

    Merry Christmas all.

  7. sjdowntowner70-agreed, but there’s no news in talking about it because a small vocal group and the Merc have already made the Police to blame for EVERYTHING!

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