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  1. I find it a real interesting double standard that when a nightclub has a hip hop show with hip hop clients that end in violence and murder; the city, police and community are in an uproar.

    But when the Arena, Convention Center or the downtown association has hip hop related events that end in violence or murder; It’s okay with the city, police and community.  Latest example, is the murder at the convention center.  I guess the difference is the city is raking in a bunch on money on the arena and convention center.  So oh well!

    • Murder anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances is a tragedy.  But so far there is no evidence this particular murder was connected with the show.  The show is a national tour with a very reputable promoter with no previous incidents of violence.  Hold your thoughts until the facts of the case are in.

  2. Van Jones said two true things.

    “Young white males are suffering in this society. Profoundly. And nobody is saying a word about it.” 

    “It is just as evil – in my view….to neglect and to ignore these young white men who as best I can tell have very little in the way of loving, affirmative male leadership.” 

    Young white Santa Clara County boys suffer from vast over-representation (compared with other demographics) in three separate negative social areas:  binge alcohol drinking, amphetamine use, and tobacco smoking.

    Yet where is the “Committee of 100 White Men” ready to reach out and work to reverse these ugly problems?

    Somehow, the diverse white American peoples are afraid to insist on special programs to rescue and revive lost lives when they are young white kids.

    You won’t see a single white County Supervisor or the San Jose Mayor or a single white San Jose council member working to solve these problems.  Why not prove Van Jones was wrong about this as well as so much else he said.

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