New MyCitation App Lets You Pay, Reduce Traffic Fines Online

As part of a broader push to increase access to give people a chance to resolve their traffic issues remotely, the Santa Clara County Superior Court has launched an online feature that allows you to pay citations online.

MyCitations, an app spearheaded by the California Judicial Council, allows users to look up citations online and request fee reductions based on financial need. Users can also ask to set up a payment plan, request more time to pay or see if they can reduce fees in exchange for community service.

Court officials say the new app saves time and resources by allowing people to negotiate without having to set foot in a courtroom.

“MyCitations: Ability to Pay is a powerful new tool available to the people of Santa Clara County, who may find themselves struggling to pay traffic fines and fees,” Presiding Judge Deborah A. Ryan said in an announcement Monday. “No one should have to decide between paying for groceries or rent and paying a traffic fine. This tool provides Traffic Court defendants with alternatives and is another way in which the Superior Court is working to bring justice and equity to the people of Santa Clara County.”

For more information or to start using the app, go to or and search for “MyCitations”

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  1. As a way to extract more revenues at lower costs from its citizens, SJI decided to help the state by running this ad.

    The more you know…

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