Mel Gibson Livid Over Norcal Recommendation

Launches Verbal Tirade at City Staff

During a quick trip to San Jose to promote his next movie “The Passion of the Buzz,” actor Mel Gibson stopped off at City Hall to make his feelings known about what he called a “bogus” San Jose city staff recommendation to renew the Norcal contract.

“Are you guys high?!” he yelled at the unsuspecting bureaucrats while charging the dais with a cooler full of ice-cold Silver Bullets.  “This council is the cause of all the wars in the world!”

After a few anxious moments, the situation was diffused as an inebriated Mr. Gibson turned his attention to more amorous pursuits by chatting-up the female members of the council.

Several of the mayor’s bodyguards had to escort the drunken actor from the building and point him to several of downtown’s nightclubs.

Immediately following the unusual interruption, the mayor initiated a special vote to ban Gibson from ever returning.  “I will admit that most here supported his tirade when directed towards staff, and even agreed that we have caused a few wars,” said the mayor, “but he crossed a line when he made the booty call.”

In related news, Mayor Gonzales signed an unusual City-Nation pact with British Prime Minister Tony Blair that will focus the city’s efforts and finances on peace in the Middle East.  Most experts believe the mayor’s unique agreement is his last chance at a personal legacy, aimed at distancing himself from previous mayors whom Gonzales said, “never spent a moment even contemplating that unfortunate situation.”


  1. Gibson is now in training to become a rabbi.  Ordered by the judge for his drunken driving conviction he must study, go to Israil and attend meeting of the UN to protest their call for Israel to stop fighting the tormentors.