Mayor Liccardo, Local Elected Officials Slam Trump for Pulling U.S. Out of Paris Climate Accord

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and other local elected officials joined the world in condemning President Donald Trump’s decision Thursday to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord.

“Today's decision to withdraw from the Paris Accords represents a disappointing, but not surprising setback in the fight against climate change," Liccardo said. “While politicians in Washington continue to languish in a petroleum-fueled past, cities like San Jose will chart the path to a more sustainable future, such as our efforts to make San Jose the largest U.S. single city with Community Choice Energy.

“I reaffirm my commitment, along with mayors across the nation, to find innovative ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate our transition to a 21st century clean energy economy.”

Gov. Jerry Brown, hailed as “America’s unofficial climate change ambassador” by the Los Angeles Times, “Trump is going against science. He's going against reality,” Brown stold the newspaper. “We can't stand by and give aid and comfort to that. We have to do what's right.”

Brown said earlier Thursday that Trump’s decision to pull out of the accord—leaving the U.S. with only Syria and Nicaragua as nations that have refused to join the global pact to combat climate change—as “insane” and “deviant behavior.”

Here are other reactions from elected officials representing the South Bay:


  1. It’s nice to know, when the wind don’t blow, and the sun don’t shine, San Jose will power on with stinky Sam’s hot air spinning the local wind turbans.
    Thank God Trump sees through this insidious plot to destroy and bury the United States in Marxist Socialist stupidity.

  2. So why all this fervor for U.S. participation in the Paris agreement? After all, according to the UN’s own figures, if the U.S. doesn’t participate in the Paris deal, the atmospheric temperature will rise by a mere 0.3 Celsius in the next century (that is, if one trusts these sorts of projections).

    Sam needs to stop with the global politics and do his job.

  3. Hooray for President Trump and the beleaguered taxpayers who have suffered under the jackboot of leftist giveaways! The Paris accords like the Iran nuclear deal are worthless.
    “Cap and Trade” was championed to pay for “green technology” but, the leftist Democratic Party shanghaied this money for use on affordable housing to house people who cannot afford to live in the Bay Area without a government subsidy. Humor me for a minute, the leftist are crying now-just wait until their addiction to Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) dries up and blows away as if were dust. And don’t overlook the looming possibility that President Trump will suspend habeas corpus to really get the nation’s agenda moving at light speed- like shoving leftist judges decisions concerning “travel bans” up their respective black robes.
    Who in Washington D.C. gives a “rats-rear” on what any California elected leftist persons have to say about anything?
    I suspect no one.
    David S. Wall

  4. The Seretary of Commerce should know a little something about the economics of the failed climate deal, no? Here’s what Secretary Ross said today:

    “This was a ‘deal’ that would have cost the economy $3 trillion over the next several decades. By 2040, our economy would have lost six-and-a-half million industrial sector jobs – almost half of which, 3.1 million, were in the manufacturing sector. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

    “It also doesn’t make sense that we were scheduled to put out a lot of money up front, but meanwhile China would be able to increase its emissions every year for the next 13 years. That’s not a balanced arrangement. India made their participation contingent on receiving billions of dollars in foreign aid… That’s not a balanced thing, either. It makes no sense as an economic deal.”

    If the Mayor’s job depended on the President rejecting this ‘deal’, Mr. Liccardo would be singing a different tune today. But since it will only affect other folks’ jobs…

    One more point: if this ‘climate deal’ had been approved, it would not have changed global temperatures by 0.000001ºC over the next century.

    But it would have transferred $TRILLIONS of U.S. taxpayer dollars right into the pockets of Chinese and Indian politicians and bureaucrats, and other self-serving foreign functionaries in “developing countries.”

    I read a lot of history, but I don’t recall any other countries showering free money on us when America was a developing country. The President did the job he was elected to do, by representing Americans over numerous greedy and grasping foreign interests. If ‘the climate’ is so important to them, then China, India, and all the others should demonstrate their sincerity by paying their own way, instead of trying to stick their fingers into the wallets of already overburdened Americans.

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