Election of Dissatisfaction

With public dissatisfaction of local, state and national leadership running at levels of 60 percent (Schwarzenegger), 75 percent (Bush), 90 percent (Congress), and nearly 100 percent (Gonzales), this election brings voters a chance to effect real change in all aspects of government. We could hardly do worse, unless we enable more of the same. We must ensure that we eliminate those agents of our dissatisfaction from contention. This may be the overriding factor in making choices on Election Day.

I know that this is only the primary election, but to give ourselves the opportunity to have viable alternatives to the status quo in November, we must vote for candidates of change, no matter what party’s ballot we mark. The November election is going to be one of the most important for decades past and to come, and will set the agenda for the future. If we get it wrong, we are in for real trouble even beyond the terrible mess we are in now.

Each of us has difficult decisions to make in the next few days. Some of the decisions are more difficult than others. As a Democrat, I am disgusted by the two leading candidates for the gubernatorial spot. Both have proven themselves completely undesirable. I am determined not to vote for either one of them, requiring much time spent researching the alternatives, which has produced some pleasant surprises—I recommend others to do the same.

The current politics of our fair city, having reached the depth of absolute zero, requires, in my opinion, that we eliminate any mayoral candidate that is currently in a leadership position. To elect one of the current members of the council will only perpetuate a variation on more-of-the-same and prolong our agony for four more years. We cannot reward anyone who has participated in the goings-on at City Hall at any level in the past few years with a spot on the ticket. That’s why I hope that, come November, we will have a clear choice between Mulcahy and Pandori on the ballot. At least we know that we will get some new blood at City Hall and have a chance of some kind of reform. Chavez, Reed and Cortese may have their admirable qualities, but, given the circumstances, none of them deserve to be mayor of our city.

And, finally, an appeal to our Republican neighbors in Congressional District 11: do yourselves and your fellow countrymen a good turn and eliminate Richard Pombo from contention to retain his seat in Congress. This man is a major part of the national problem. He has proven himself completely unworthy of his office in the same way as Delay and Cunningham—he represents his own self interests and the special interests of his bankrolling friends, not the people. You have an excellent viable alternative in Pete McCloskey, a man who has the interests of all Americans at heart. In this election, based on eliminating dissatisfaction, the choice is clear.


  1. Ditto to #1.

    Jack, I find it so ridiculous that Westly and Angelides are spending millions smearing each other and battling it out over who gets to be trounced by Arnold in November!  I have never seen two more foolish people throwing money away like this pair.  I can’t bring myself to vote for either one of them either.  I’m not going to vote for Arnold in November, but am confident he’s going to run away with the election anyway.

    I would be so pleased if the run-off in November came down to Pandori and Mulcahy.  Those jokers who are currently holding seats on the Council (Cindy more than either of the other two candidates) need to understand that we are sick and tired of bought-and-paid-for corruption and general ineptitude.  That includes you, Chuck and you, Dave.  You’re both part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  2. Pretty much agree with your take on the SJ mayoral snooze-fest.  It’s time for some fresh ideas.

    But regarding Pombo, what’s wrong with trying to give some rights back to landholders?  For decades, our government has been busy reducing the rights of property holders (see Kelo v. City of New London).  Pombo wants to restore some of what has been taken.  Whatever his motivation, that is not a bad thing.  If anything, we need more people willing to take controversial and potentially unpopular stands in an effort to reduce governmental intrusion into our lives.

  3. I have voted absentee.  I agree with most all your points Jack.  I just wish that Jackie Spier had run as the Democratic Govennor candidate.  This is a person who has really sacrificed.  I’m glad she is unopposed on the Lt. Govenor ticket.  I wonder if anyone recognizes the names John Candeias, Jose Hernandez, Larry Flores, Timothy Fitzgerald, or Michael Macarelli?  Why haven’t these individuals been given a forum?

  4. You were on the money until the wheels fell off right about here..

    “You have an excellent viable alternative in Pete McCloskey, a man who has the interests of all Americans”

    There are those in the Jewish community who might take issue with this statement – given that McCloskey thinks Arafat was a great guy and associates with groups:
    – that claim the holocaust was a fraud.
    – like Lyndon LaRouche

    Interesting that SF Chronicle and LA Times would endorse such a person.

  5. #3.  In restoring some what has been taken, Pombo has proposed a superhighway over Mt. Hamilton to the Central Valley.
    The fact that Pombo is being supported by Cheney is enough reason not to re-elect him.

  6. While I am happy he will be working for us in Sacramento, too bad Jim Beall is not running for mayor. He gets local government, has the right values, and does not answer to anyone but his consituents.

  7. #4:
    You wrote: “I’m glad she[Jackie Speier?] is unopposed on the Lt. Govenor ticket.”

    Jackie Speier is unopposed for Lt Gov? Huh? You didn’t see John Garamendi and Liz Figueroa on your ballot?

    Personally I’m not disgusted by the Democratic gubernatorial candidates. Well, just by the ads of one of them: The developer… You know who.

    I think that either of them will face a tough march against Arnold in the fall. But it will be far tougher for the union-backed guy than it would be for the Silicon Valley kid.

  8. RE: #4

    I agree with your comments regarding the likes of John Candeias, Jose Hernandez, Larry Flores, Timothy Fitzgerald, and Michael Macarelli.  On our site, we have recorded all the public forums, and only one (I think) had John Candeias in attendance.  I think that the traditional media outlets owe it to the voters to cover everyone in the race, not just those that have the money and name recognition.  Certainly some of the candidates may not be viable, but let the voters decide.  Tragically, even most of the ‘small five’ don’t even have websites with basic information about them and who they are.  Speaking from my experience, Citizen San Jose tried to outreach to them to ensure that any materials they had, or information they wished to convey had equal time on our podcast, but the response was less than enthusiastic (actually, there was no response, nada, nothing, zip) 

    My fear?  That the changes in campaign finance rules will solicit a lot of contenders in races to come, but rather than just having 5 candidates that are virtually unknown, we could have substanitally more that are overlooked.

  9. #6.  Are you concerned that such a highway might disrupt Owen Nolan’s quiet enjoyment of his 1200 acre wild boar hunting grounds on Mt. Hamilton?  Because I don’t know who else would be negatively affected by another SJ/Central Valley access path.  It would certainly provide a benefit to many San Joseheads looking to escape the valley for the weekend, open up access to more affordable housing, perhaps provide a better route for high speed rail from the southland.  Or are you happy with 80/580/152 as escape routes?

  10. If I only could find a mayorial candidate that had the best of all the candidates.
    1.. The loyal base and great smile of Cindy Chavez.
    2..The deep roots and the understanding of public education of Dave Cortese.
    3.. The honor and integrity of Cuck Reed.
    4.. The vision and masterplan of David Pandori.
    5..The good looks and connections of Michael Mulcahy.

    Well if we all do our homework, we will vote for the most qualified candidate, and hope we don’t get fooled again.  Here is to our future.

  11. Jim Beall is one of the best public officials in our entire region.  He is a man of his word, and considering the effort he has had to make getting things done, he should get more credit.  Jim, at least, looked at qualifications of people like myself as we asked to be appointed to commissions and followed through.  His commission appointments include some of the best and the brightest in the area.  To him, it was not a function of “happy talk,” but serving the people.  We never found Jim wokring on lists for his own election purposes.  As a matter of fact, Jim appointed a dozen or more people who opposed him.  A good public servant, and not a “mini mayor,” just a person who believes in people.  He seldom interrupts people presenting items for consideration, and did, always follow the parliamentary rules about requesting the floor instead of butting in.

    We have excellent mayors in our cities in our county, with only few exceptions in the large case, but in November, those of us in some cities have to wonder what the new crowd will be like, especially when we have seen how many antics they have pulled before they got there.

  12. #7 That better be some chain-pulling you’re doing.  Beall follows the career politician gravy train to whatever position he can find where he’ll be unopposed.  I dare speculate that he holds the record for nearly consistently running unopposed for local and now state-level positions.  This guy has never had to even run a campaign.  Talk about lazy—he us 100% useless.

  13. Jack, Jack, Jack,

    You help perpetuate myths with imaginary numbers and cynical generallizations.  You feed the masses dribble disguised as political wisdom.

    First,  Surveys show a 35% approval for the President, 33% for Congress and the last numbers I saw for Gonzalez had him around 30%.  Arnie had over a 40% approval rating.

    Bad, but not nearly as bad as your fantasy statistics.

    In every election the same refrain.  The politics are dirty, the politicians unethical and the citizens are denied a true champion.


    All the candidates for Governor are well qualified.  Each of them is using the process, designed by us, for us and about us.  If a candidate is pandering, it is because he is trying to get our attention.

    Fifty percent of our eligible society is not registered to vote.  Of the those who are, less than fifty percent will participate in this election. 

    Given those numbers a 33% approval rating from the total universe of potential voters can get you reelected.

    Ladies and Gentleman stop feeling sorry for yourselves.  The public servants who pander to your every whim are not trying to hurt you.

    Very few people go into public office to line their own pockets.  Most actually want to do your bidding, want you to like them and want to be seen as the your champion.

    So why do we kick them in the gut as they try to be all the things we fickle voters want them to be?
    In the past I was appalled that so many of our fellow citizens did not vote. 

    However, given their level of interest, knowledge and complexity of the issues we face—maybe a few voters could do us all a favor by staying home on election day.

    It’s not politically correct, but as Al Gore points out in his new movie—the truth is not always comfortable.

  14. 11 – Do you have any idea of the environmental damage a road like that would cause. Do you care? I do and would oppose it strongly and believe Pombo is an embarrassment and should be defeated. He wants to turn back the clock on the protecting endangered species, and appears to have no regard for protecting our environment.

  15. #15—That is one perspective. Another is that Beall has run unopposed because people know he can’t be beat. As far as I know, he has never moved in order to run for a safer or open seat (aka carpetbager types—-diaz, cohn types). And don’t forget about Eddie Souza, who ran a tough race against Beall. What you call laziness, I see as lucky and effective.

  16. Jack-
    All that Westly and Angelides are doing is giving Arnold ammo for November. It’s the Democrat tradition of circular firing squads.

    #15. Mark T.
    Of course Beall runs unopposed. Consider it a public service. Who would be able to sit through the torture of a Jim Beall campaign speech?

  17. Apologies for being so slow, I didn’t realize there was discussion continuing here about the inappropriate behavior of the Diaz camp.

    Below is a message I posted on yesterdays blog.
    Did you see that the Mercury published an article indicating that the Diaz campaign office made up a quote and attributed it to a woman who did not give them permission to do so? http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/news/politics/elections/14714204.htm

    If you check the website of one of Diaz opponents you’ll see that the woman in question is endorsing Sam Liccardo. I can’t imagine how angry she must have been to receive Diaz literature and find herself issuing a fake quote for a man she didn’t support.

    How embarrassing for his campaign. I wonder who else might be listed who never intended to give support.

    Posted by SJ Downtown
    Thursday, June 01 at 09:23 AM

  18. #11

    You must be kidding, or incredibly dense. 

    Pombo’s highway would cut a huge swath through East San Jose along Alum Rock Avenue and through the foothills.  Who knows how many homes will be lost, and the disruption to East San Jose will be tremendous.  Residents of East San Jose are struggling to better this area, and this proposed road would bring utter devastation to this area.

  19. There is also a rumor floating around that Manny Diaz used Mike Handa’s name on piece of mail.

    Last I checked, Mike Handa wasn’t on Manny’s website. 

    Don’t you think Manny would sing that endorsement from the mountain-top if it was true?

    Manny (Darren Seaton) Diaz is dis-honest.

  20. Rich, Rich, Rich,
    First you admonish Jack for living in unhappy voter fantasyland – and then you follow that up with a reference to the truth as posited by Al Gore?


  21. # 6, 11 and 18,
    The bottom line is that the 10th largest city in the US needs better freeway access to the Central Valley/Southern California.  Hopefully, our next mayor will work with Sacramento/South Valley Politicos to get 152 up to par with I-80 and 580.  The horror that is Pacheco Pass isn’t just a South County problem…it’s San Jose’s as well!

  22. Manny also sent out a mailer featuring a photo of Mike Honda and stating that Mike endorsed him. That was totally false. Call Mike’s office yourself and you will see that they whole heartedly deny ever endorsing him.

    SJ Merc, if you’re reading, make the call, confirm this fact, and let the voters know!

    Bottom of the 9th, two strikes, multiple errors…..
    Let’s strike this guy OUT!

  23. Novice,

    Al Gore is not my pick for President, but that does not make him untrustworthy.

    It is amazing to not one person has dismissed Al Gore or Michael Moore for that matter with facts.  On the contrary, their presentation of the truth holds up very well under some pretty hefty scrutiny.

    But in a country where we have faith-based voting, a President who is intelectually challenged, and a society that accepts, with applause, limitations on their own freedom and privacy—what can we expect?

  24. Al Gore rocks! He has integrity and his ideals are impeccable. And with the weight he has gained personality.

    Now that he is not the cardboard cutout that he was before, he will be a force to recon with. Mark my words, Gore/H. Clinton ticket wins over Giuliani/ Mcain(or Condie) in ‘08!

  25. doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo

    Hear that familiar theme music?
    You’ve just entered the Robinson zone.

    You mean you’ve been waiting all these years for the mainstream media to focus their scrutiny lasers on types like Michael Moore and Al Gore?

    Sorry – it doesn’t quite work that way.

    But I digress – here’s quite a nice refutation of the F-911 ‘facts’ by Christopher Hitchens – http://tinyurl.com/lezm3

    As for Al Gore?  The ice caps are melting!  It’s global warming.  The ice caps are growing!  It’s global warming.  The coldest winter day in NYC history – what better time to give a global warming rant.  Puh-leeze.

  26. Dan #6:  You’re right—a superhighway over Mt. Hamilton to the Central Valley makes no sense at all.  They should dig a tunnel through the mountain (well, they’re hills, actually), like St. Bernard Pass in Switzerland.  Then they could put up a sign that says “No salamanders died in digging this tunnel.  Have a nice day!”

  27. Rich, re: #28, here’s what we can expect:

    1) Cavemen who think Pombo is the right choice and that a freeway over Mt. Hamilton is genius.

    2) Cavemen who think global warming is as much a myth as the holocaust.

    Here’s your puh-leeze right back atcha Novice.

  28. Novice – You’re ignorance is showing. The coldest day in NYC has nothing to do with global warming. Where do you get your science info—the White House??

  29. RR #17:  This dribble of yours confirms you live on a different planet than I do:

    “Ladies and Gentleman stop feeling sorry for yourselves.  The public servants who pander to your every whim are not trying to hurt you.

    Very few people go into public office to line their own pockets.  Most actually want to do your bidding, want you to like them and want to be seen as the your champion.

    So why do we kick them in the gut as they try to be all the things we fickle voters want them to be? ”

  30. Novice,

    Read your rebuttal article.

    It does not address the facts Moore presented, it simply attempts to discredit him based on philosophy.

    Saddam was a bad guy.  Doesn’t make this President right and doesn’t make Moore’s claims wrong.  We have no video of Moore shaking hands with Saddam—that was Rumsfield.

    It is typical right wing propaganda—don’t deal with the facts, attack the messenger.

    As for the twilight zone metaphor, under this President, I think it may be appropriate.

  31. JMO,

    This is not a good time to admit you are an alien.

    It’s really not that you come from a different planet, it’s that you believe the myths you are fed.

    Here’s a couple of things you may have missed:

    Despite the popular view at the time, the earth has been determined to be round.

    Alarming as it might seem, the Sun does not revolve around the earth—as you once may have thought—given the teachings of the church.

    Remember, original sin is not an apple, but knowledge.  Continue in your ignorance and the glory of God will be yours.

    P.S.  If you want entertainment—go to a movie.  If you want good government policies-Jim Beall is your guy.

  32. JMO re: #38 you had me ROFLMAO on that one!

    Way to go RR on #40.  I can’t believe there is still anyone out there drinking the Bush Kool-Aid, but Novice is apparently flat out drunk on it.

  33. RR #43:  Sorry, not a churchgoer…not even a believer.  I’m afraid that Jim B couldn’t lead a horde of desert wanderers to an oasis.

    Now, as an invisible bureaucrat working out the sticky details of a budget…hhhmm, more likely.

  34. Right. 

    And Rumsfeld was shaking Saddam’s hand because Saddam was at war with an even greater threat …

    What?  Oh yeah that’s right – Michael Moore didn’t spoonfeed you hungry fact seekers that bit of info in F911. 

    The answer is Iran by the way.  (Big props go to Jimmah Carter for giving us Iran)

    And to all the Pious drivers on the board – we’ve had how many ice ages and warming periods on the earth so far?  And some of these warming periods even occurred *before* SUVs.

    I’ve even read where reputable scientists say that the warming is due to … increased radiation from the sun! 

    But I have to jet – need to fire up the lighter fluid and briquets – steaks are on tonight!!

    BTW – you know what this means? 

    All you carbon neutral types will have to have salads to balance me out.  smile

  35. #17 Richard.  The Merc News this morning reported you as a campaign advisor.  Do you really get paid for this dribble you spout here.  Cupertino needs people like you to straighten out their city government.

    JohnMichael we haven’t discussed salamanders in such a long time I thought maybe you had become a greenie.  If Pombo gets his way with a super highway past Lick Observatory then maybe I’ll become a pave it over guy and step on all the banana slugs Pasa Tiempo.  Keep it up I enjoy reading your posts.  By they way, I’ve hunted snipe in Alum Rock Park.

  36. I am interested in the D3 race but it just seems to be overshadowed by the mayors race, which I can’t really disagree with right now. Sam Liccardo should run away with this one but stranger things have happened. I am just waiting for Manny Diaz to send out the hit pieces that he is famous for but he is running out of time.

  37. Dan,

    Rest assured I get paid nothing for this, consider it an inkind contribution to the masses. 

    I might add,  you all are receiving my wisdom for far more than the $250 I’m allowed to contribute in a San Jose City Council Election.

    I am sure an investigation will follow as my contributions on this board are not reported on any financial forms.  I’m simply relying on the Constitution of the United States for my defense.

    That damn Constitution is just another loophole, as we professionals seek to get around the plethera of local ethics laws that cause everyone on this blog to be a criminal.


    Great response, I really like the fact you are willing to banter and not take things personally—touche.

  38. Dan #47—you’d be very surprised at how green I really am.  (hhmm, I can already see your respose”  “damn right I’d be surprised, JMO!).  I just draw the line when someone holds up a huge development due to potential tiger salamander habitat, and after five years of intense study they never see a single salamander (Communications Hill).  Then I am even more devastated when I see how ugly the development turned out after all that waiting.  Same thing with the William Lyon development by The Ranch Golf Course, but I think it was butterflies there that were never found to exist, although the habitat was apparently ideal for them.  We need more balance between the greens, the preservationists, and the land developers.  Remember, “undeveloped nation” is a pejorative term.

    #48—Finfan may rant, but never did he shout like NJD2.

    RR #49—omygod, now we SJI bloggers are merely “the masses”?

    Jim # 50—well said.

  39. I have worked for and against Richard Robinson for a number of years now.  While he is not the only consultant in Santa Clara County, he should be given some respect beyond the rest of us in the business for the level of experience he has had in all cities in the area.  It is not important to agree with Richard, but I think an honest discourse with him should at least include some respect fo the fellow’s desire to write down his observations, which are simply that.

    Again, he, or I, or others, should not be given a blank check of respect or agreement.  What Dan Sturges, or Pete Campbell, or others say carries just as much weight, and often Pete has a lot of good and insightful things to say.

    There are those at City Hall, just as in life, that do people like Rich a disservice when they try to bully people to agree with what he has to say.  I am sure all he wants is some acknowledgement that he has some wisdom and some intelligence.  We need to grant him and people like Dan G and John Michael O’Connor the same respect as they are intelligent people as well. I think Rich provides us a service, a unique set of opinions, which is what a poltiical discussion us, yes?

  40. I just got around to reading all the flyers that the candidates have been leaving on my doorstep.  One thing was common in all , they quoted the Merc.  The chamber in their hit piece of Cindy,  Cindy in her hit piece on the chamber, Pandori about his endorsement by the Merc., then Cindy again in an other flyer with a quote from the Merc. saying how smart they think she is. (dated 5-24-06)
    What came to mind was a blogger from Cindy’s camp saying ” the Merc. would never endorse a candidate from labor no matter how qualified they were”and a blogger from Michael’s camp saying” the Merc. is too liberal to endorse Michael”.  They all may be right but it seems we all refer to the Merc.as a rag or quote it as the Gospel when it suits our argument.  Anyway I guess we will have some new owners to kick around whoever they are.

  41. JMO I suppose the Diaz contingent is simply happy their names are being discussed. Seaton and his party should be concerned that their antics have raised the ire of so many but I suppose you’re right and they just don’t really care.

    As Diaz doesn’t really care about where he lives as long as he can run for office there.

    I would love to see the loud folks here take an interest in the council race in district 3 but I suppose that’s also asking too much.

  42. #55 John
    I agree with you 100%. We do need a balance between the greens, the preservationists and developers at the table.  In the past the projects have been driven by short sighted developers not the general plan.  Preservationists both historic and nature have not even been at the table in the early planning stages of most projects.  This has forced the preservationists to result to costly law suits, which they usually win. We tax payers have to pay the cost of the suits, developers waste money in needless delays and preservationists waste their time being reactive rather than proactive. 
      The city needs to do some updating to insure the language in our ordinances and general plan is quite clear.  We then need to follow that plan and not let individual projects drive that plan. Our city leaders only send the wrong message to developers when they are weak on holding to a greater plan. In the end projects that are forced to have to think outside the box by having to work around sensitive areas are usually better and always more creative.
    San Jose was founded in 1777 as California’s first city.  They could have put it anywhere.  They picked the place with the most fertile soil and best weather so its citizens could grow crops and live good lives.  Look where that has got us today.  We have covered the most fertile soil in the world with asphalt that we sit on in our cars, as it takes us an hour to go ten miles to work.  Now there is some great planning!  I am not saying we can go back I am saying we need to learn from the past and not keep making the same mistakes over and over.

  43. Scott Herhold suffers from cognitive incompetence.  He can’t endorse RDA’s subsidy for TJs but he endorses Mulcahy, the Wolff in Sheep’s clothing, who will benefit from the largest RDA subsidy ever.  How much has RDA already spent on the stadium, $40 million?  And who voted to spend $40 million without a team?  Herhold do your homework!

  44. Hmmm… just tuning in…interesting blog, just a couple of random thoughts on the current mess…

    It is great to have strict limits on contributions, thus it requires broad support or a personal fortune to effectively run for Office.

    Or roller-skates…

    It doesn’t seem to have prevented the Chamber Of Commerce from shooting themselves in the foot…but then you have to actually follow the Law for it work.

    I am saddened by the hard right anti-labor position of the renegade COMPAC Board, influenced by the Rovian Bob (“Shocked!”) Hines and his only more publicly moderate patron, Jim Cunneen. I am surprised at the misjudgment of Ms. Dando, her tenure on the Council was marked by thoughtful conservative thinking and good judgment.

    This current campaign atrocity was the logical result of the hard right takeover of the Chamber of Commerce, which began in 2001. This allowed the expansion and “packing” of the semi-independent COMPAC Board to dilute the influence of the more non-partisan consensus oriented smaller Board, which to the shock and horror of the new President, Mr. Cunneen, included labor union officials! The newly expanded COMPAC Board, with the use of an “Executive Committee” to approve ads and tactics, has permitted a small group of radicals to run the larger Chamber organization off the rails.

    These men and women are politicians, not businesspeople. A public relations person is still a flack, even if he or she is an independent and also the owner of a business. Former Republican elected officials are not businesspeople either. Lawyers (and consultants…) who work for themselves are not in “business”… All of these “business” people have very narrow interests, especially when compared to real businesses like retail, utilities, even developers. All of them feed at the trough of the larger business community and indeed very heavily in the public trough as well. In a political situation dominated by consensus building, rather than controversy, we have very little use for so many of them…

    It is a rare businessman who courts unneeded controversy. The taking of hard right public positions on issues and candidates would not seem to be sound business policy in Santa Clara County. These hit pieces, so obviously hypocritical and biased against a specific individual, were illegal and ill-advised.

    The larger business community, as represented by the Chamber of Commerce and its political arm COMPAC, has been damaged and will be politically marginalized.

    It is time for the “Old Guard” to clean house, not to resign. The “Young Turks” have run amuck, they began to believe their own PR. The business community has entrusted its politics to men and women who thrive by doing battle, so they find themselves embattled. If it is a battle they want, then by all means allow it to continue, but don’t expect the rest of us to go along. It is axiomatic that “this is still a small town” and it is a battle you can’t win, indeed the only way to win is not to fight.

    It really is a small town when you rate it based solely on civic involvement, sadly. One of the positives of that is after a few years you know most of these people…on the flip side; bad news rides a fast horse…


  45. The fire truck is an out of service fire truck not owned by the city. It is either owned by an indivdiual or the firefighters union. If you look under the door of the passenger side you will see “out of service”. This is done purposefully to make it look like the city condones this type of thing. I’m all for free speech and letting people know who you support, but I really think this id underhanded.

  46. Er…

    “Novice”, post 61…

    I don’t get your point…seems typically deceptive. Off point, straw man BS… Mars? Pluto? How ‘bout Mickey and Donald, you think they are getting warmer too? Or maybe it’s Planet X, I have an extra roll of tin foil, you could borrow it…

    I wondered where they hid all the Freepers in San Jose, not many places in town with big rocks, big enough to hide under that is… So this where you guys hang out, all six of you…

    Al Gore will elected President in 2008
    Not because he is running.
    But because he is LEADING!

    So get used to the idea… Poetic actually, cold crisp morning in January 2009, Chief Justice Roberts with the Bible, the Clintons and the Bushes in the background, Tom De Lay in prison along with the rest of the Abramoff Gang, Cheney at his “undisclosed location”…

    And Al and Tipper collecting in full, for the People!


  47. Does anyone know what’s with the fire engine being driven around town with Cortese signs? Is this legal? I also saw the same engine in Willow Glen where at least 100 firefighters were at a rally for Angelides.

  48. Cortese is supported by the Firefighters Union. 

    I automatically vote against the candidates that get the police and fire endorsements.  The endorsement is given strictly on the basis of which candidate is more labor friendly. 

    Do they support binding arbitration for labor disputes?  Are they agreeable to improving retirement benefits?

    It’s never about who’s tougher on crime, or who recommends improved building standards for fire prevention….

    I’m surprised the City Manager is allowing City vehicles to display political banners.  It’s shameful.

  49. I’ve seen enough of Al Gore’s screaming tirades to know that the man has become unhinged.  To those that swallow what this guy is selling is a testament to their lack of moorings.

    Unfortunately the ‘science’ of global warming and the debate in the scientific community has become just as politicized and partisan, if not more so, than what goes on in DC.

    Spend 10 dollars to go see Al Gore’s movie?  I wouldn’t pay Al 10 dollars to wash my enormous SUV.

    I would pay 10 dollars to see a movie that documents how the community of global warming science try to stifle the debate and strong arm any that don’t agree with them.

  50. Novice,

    There is nothing political about the fact that certain types of molecules trap heat in the planet. By saturating the atmosphere with such chemicals, the heat is not allowed to escape. The result: increases in global temperature.

    The ocean may have the ability to ‘scrub’ many of these molecules, but there is a limit as to how much that is. Our current warming trend is due to this fact.

    There obviously are natural warming/ cooling cycles on the planet; but this is not one of them. Your contention that such dramatic climate change over such a short period of time is ‘natural’ is absurd.

    What’s more likely is that you just don’t want to be bothered with the truth. If you were to accept it, you would have to *gasp* change your lifestyle! Can’t have that now can you?

    What would you do if you couldn’t race down the highway in your BIG SUV chomping on some charred piece of shoe leather?

    The only political part of global warming is the lobbying of companies that don’t want to have to change their habits either. It is more profitable to stick to the established practices of pollution than to change for the better.

    #66 is right. It is easier (and cheaper) for these companies to buy FOX spin time to spoon feed you with than to make any change.

    When we start having 80 degree winters and 120 degree summers will you finally admit to the role humanity has played in creating this tragedy? Too bad that by then it will be to late.

  51. # 33, before judging a person on the basis of their political party affiliation, you should see them as a person. You sound a lot like the science teacher in Al Gores movie. I challenge you to go see it, then come back here and post an unbiassed review. In my opinion, the movie is as the tittle suggest: An Inconvenient Truth. We have been so occupied with Fonzy, Dirty Dancing, Days of our Lives, All my Children, Hummers, Rapp…, while the rest of the world is passing us by, and the Earth is falling apart.

    Sooner or later, we’re going to have to get our heads out of the sand. Especially for the sake of our children and grandchildren. I await your review.

  52. “There obviously are natural warming/ cooling cycles on the planet; but this is not one of them.”


    I remember in the late 60’s / early 70’s when we had another such fad.  It was the population explosion that was going to be the end of us. 

    Rememer that one?

    We were hammered non-stop with doomsday scenario’s.  “Soylent Green” anyone?

    Now it’s global warming.

  53. What Learjet is about to pull away from which gate at 11:30 PM on a Sunday? Not from our airport! LOL.

    Of course take-offs rattle Santa Clara windows, unless it is raining, then we get ‘em over downtown…

    Have a nice trip, Novice… Come back on Wed, no need to cast a ballot, nothing there that would interest you anyway…


  54. # 64 Novice, I could only imagine by your tone that your daddy gave you a $50.00 for lunch while the rest of the kids were trying to get by on $2.00. So $10.00 dollars to go see the hovac your attitude can create shouldn’t be an issue. The only thing I can think of is that the truth hurts; it sounds like your in a lot of pain; An Inconveniant Truth.

    It’s OK to be wrong sometimes. I think most of us would love to be able to go to the Swiss Alps on a whim. The reality is, it’s not reality for most of us. You seem to have been blessed to be born into wealth. It doesn’t mean you have to abuse it.

    Go see the movie with an unbiassed attitude. Then give us your honest critique, that’s all I ask…I awate your review

  55. Why would the Diaz campaign falsely use Mattson’s quote?  I doubt that the average voter even knows who Mattson is. 

    And don’t you think it is suspicious that Mattson, a recent Liccardo supporter has come forward now with a complaint now that the election is a week away.  (she was listed as a supporter months ago)  The Diaz campaign took her off their literature months ago!

    More likely senario – Liccardo’s campaign wants to make Manny look bad by having Mattson complain to the merc.

    Also, the mercury news has supported liccardo, so of course they would take his side on the story.

  56. Wow – psychic environmental moonbats hang out at SJI?  Who knew?

    Would love to chat but my learjet’s about to pull away from the gate. 

    I’m enroute to South America to check out Camp Carbon Neutral in French Guiana – Al Gore and his backers set it up as a model eco-community / indoctrination site.

    You can be sure I’ll not be having any of the kool-aid!

  57. #69, Novice,

    If I were psychic, I wouldn’t have bothered asking you to take a couple of hours from your busy schedule and see the destruction you leave behind. You sound like someone who would run over our Indian friend while he stares at our littered highways as a tear runs down his cheek in pain trying to understand why we trash the environment in the interest of fun, just because we can.

    You sound a lot like my old boss. He always said: “I’ve never been wrong except for one time when I thought I was wrong and I was right.”

    One day when you have children (I can’t imagine you having children now) you will wish you had done thing differently.

    Oh well… Have fun in South America, let us know about your trip when you return…You are coming back arn’t you?

  58. You ask why Manny would use false quotes, and then you have to ask why Jay James would want city staff to do his bidding, or one ataffer that is.  What’s the connection?  Do all these lines intersect with Seaton and where he also parks his car in the valley?

  59. Wow, just got back – what a trip.

    Had a stop over in Mexico City. 

    Lots of Indians there with tears in their eyes. 

    I couldn’t tell if the tears were because of the air pollution or because they still hadn’t gotten over Mexico getting their asses kicked by the US in the last World Cup.

    AGIR, I think your environmental mission is pretty much done here in the states – we’ve got more moonbats here than we can handle as it is. 

    Time to take your creepy self down south of the border and spread your frontyard mushroom induced message to your unelightened brethren.

  60. i think fitzgerald is the clear choice!! we have enough law enforcement already, he gets no coverage in the media like th e mercury news, so i dont think people know about him, id vote for him! do some research for your self

  61. # 76, The dark side is strong in you. I wish I was a psychic, I would have know not to try and reason with a psycho. Take a chill pill…

    Oh, and by the way, I didn’t know SJI was your personal play ground. Are going to tell your daddy about me so he can buy this blog site and shut it down.

    Go back to watching Paris Hilton on a shopping spree or the season finally of Survivor; sorry to have interrupted your regular program, you’re hopeless.

  62. http://usinfo.state.gov/eap/east_asia_pacific/chinese_human_smuggling/smuggling_in_the_press/environment.html

    You need to head down to the border and get your “give a hoot, don’t pollute” message out to the illegals as they cross the border lest we end up with a whole desert southwest full of crying Indians.


    Be sure to report back to SJI and let us know how your battle against these evil Mexican polluters is going.

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