Donald Trump Rally Sparks Protests, Violence in San Jose

Thousands of people flocked to downtown San Jose on Thursday to hear Donald Trump rail against his presumptive Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, and vow to win California’s primary election next Tuesday.

A crowd of about 5,000 packed the San Jose Convention Center’s blue-and-white South Hall for the Republican presidential nominee’s “Make America Great Again” rally.

San Jose police blocked off streets in downtown and summoned support from neighboring law enforcement agencies to brace for expected clashes between Trump fans and protestors. According to reports, one officer was assaulted. A Trump supporter got egged in the face. Another got sucker-punched.

Dozens of other clashes broke out amid tensions stoked by Trump’s nativist message being broadcast in one of the most left-leaning, immigrant-populated enclaves in the nation. As people streamed out of the Convention Center, Trump supporters were seen taunting protestors along the way. Others struck up civil conversation with people holding up signs endorsing Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Street vendors sold Mexican flags across from booths hawking Trump pins, shirts and the campaign’s ubiquitous “Make America Great Again” snapbacks. Trump supporters shouted at protesters to “Go back to Mexico” or “Go back where you came from.”

Inside the tent, Trump—clad in a navy-blue suit and red tie—all but ignored tech and economic issues. Instead, he zeroed in on Clinton, likening the former Secretary of State to Sominex, a sleeping pill, and calling her foreign policy message earlier that day a snooze-fest.

A few protestors mingled with the audience, but got bullied out of the crowd by finger-pointing and shouts. Unlike at past events, however, Trump urged the crowd to let them stay.

Police said they made “a few” arrests after the rally, but are expected to provide more details this morning. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo commended police and condemned Trump.

“San Jose police officers performed admirably and professionally to contain acts of violence and protect individuals’ rights to assemble, protest and express their political views,” he wrote in a statement. “While it’s a sad statement about our political discourse that Mr. Trump has focused on stirring antagonism instead of offering real solutions to our nation’s challenges, there is absolutely no place for violence against people who are simply exercising their rights to participate in the political process.”

San Jose's police union denounced the violence and asked the public to help them identify lawbreakers who instigated it.

“I'm disgusted by the violent attacks yesterday that have no place in our society or our political process,” Paul Kelly, president San Jose Police Officers' Association, said in a statement Friday.

He urged anyone with video of criminal activity to share it with the San Jose Police Department so people who broke the law could be identified and prosecuted.

“Our community must band together against those who would soil our first amendment freedoms and bring to justice those that chose to act like cowards,” POA Vice President James Gonzales added.

Below is a photo gallery from photographer Greg Ramar. Also see videos of Donald Trump’s rally and clashes outside the Convention Center. Check back later for more coverage of the event.

A woman included in our photographs was pelted with eggs:

Donald Trump talks about support from Latinos and Hispanics before confusing the Golden State Warriors for “San Francisco.”

A Trump supporter is hit from behind.

A protest near the end of the night by a VTA Light Rail station.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. Yeah, those Trump Supporters with their burning of the American Flag and egg throwing and all.

    Why can’t they just go back to Europe.

    Well at least the eggs weren’t rotten, so you got to give them that.

    • I loved the irony of the photo of the woman holding up the sign that read “Brown N’ Proud” who was so proud that she wore a Mexican flag bandana to hide her “proud” face. If you and your friends like Mexico so much, why are you here? Why don’t you just go back to Mexico? It couldn’t be because there’s no free mierda in Mexico for you like there is here, could it?

    • Anybody with 1/2 a brain can watch the video’s and know it’s the opposite of your lies. Real Americans know these are Clinton/Soros paid Oboma voting liberal trash…Crybaby whiners/ Mindless idiots. The Mexican’s I work with are disgusted by this gutter trash and that’s a fact Hillary is going to find out the hard way.

  2. Frank Mockery knew at 10:20 AM that there was going to be trouble:

    > Please don’t block traffic,don’t throw eggs & tomatoes,don’t physically impede access to the Convention Center & don’t get into an altercation with law enforcement,because they’re only doing their jobs ! For God’s sake don’t do anything that you’ve been told to do,the very future of our nation is now in our hands !!!

    Frank should be arrested as a material witness and interrogated.

    What did he know?

    How did he know it?

    Did he have advanced knowledge that criminal activity was planned?

    Who planned the criminal activity?

    Why didn’t Frank inform law enforcement?

    What was he specifically referring to when he urged people not to do “anything that you’ve been told to do”? What were people being told to do?

    • I can imagine that top secret terrorist script Frank had access to beforehand:

      1. Do the unexpected. Try tomatoes and eggs. They’ll never see that coming.

      2. Block traffic (actually not sure the protesters really followed this part of Frank’s script)

      3. Even if you don’t follow #2 above, drive cars to the event. If there are enough of you, you’ll end up blocking traffic even without trying.

      I mean come on, with Trump’s rhetoric and California’s political makeup, it doesn’t take a genius to foresee there will be protests, or that someone will be planning protests.

      Were the police ready for protesters? If so, were they privy to Frank’s conspiracy as well? Were Trump’s bodyguards ready for protesters? Do you want to ask them what they knew beforehand?

      Not condoning violence or thuggish behavior – either from Trump or from anti-Trump protesters. Just laughing at your conspiracy theories. I think you just have a hard-on for Frank. Try getting him in trouble more believably.

        • Sorry, I forgot you can read minds. You must know everything I’m thinking before I think it.

          And by your logic, if you continued supporting Trump after he encouraged his supporters to punch protesters a few months ago, you too must condone violence. No, that’s not me reading minds. That’s elementary logic.

      • And forgot to mention:

        You don’t “arrest” material witnesses, you talk to them. You arrest suspects.

        Not to mention, it would be kinda stupid for co-conspirator Frank to spill the beans on the whole thing online, as well as discourage his co-conspirators – which he apparently did.

        But heck, whatever gets you your jollies. Go arrest Frank!!!

  3. Jennifer Wadsworth is a wonderful reporter, but this write-up in its lack of objectivity is disappointing. As just one example: We are told that Sam Liccardo “condemned” Trump. But reading further down, we see that he actually wagged his finger at Trump’s rhetoric while strongly condemning the source of *violence*, the protesters.

    But let’s get the the heart of the issue with Trump, which is the New Normal. Those who are abnormal relative to the New Normal are said to be racists. The New Normal is that we all must wait in line an hour at airport security lines due to the 0.01% of people who are willing to use airliners to take out skyscrapers. It’s the norm now that 11 million US immigrants have illegal status, and it’s normal the figure should rise by about 0.5 million every year. It is the new normal that both Democrats and establishment Republicans are willing to exploit this source of cheap labor. The new normal is that a man can be attacked publicly for his looks (i.e., his ridiculous hair), but to counter-attack when the attacker is a woman is misogyny. Yes, stipulated, Trump does not accept the New Normal.

    Trump is no angel, but there are no angels here. And furthermore, people don’t deserve to be intimidated and even punched for practicing freedom of assembly. Mayor Liccardo, amen on that point.

    • Mark Cao, San Jose, Facebook profile:


      . . . Madison Nguyen, Dave Cortese, Elected Official, … Andrea Tantaros, Josh Barousse for San José City Council, Norman Kline”


      So, Mark, did Sam Liccardo say the following or not:

      ” “While it’s a sad statement about our political discourse that Mr. Trump has focused on stirring antagonism instead of offering real solutions to our nation’s challenges, . . .”

      Why does the content of Trump’s discourse IN ANY WAY justify the ugly violence and bullying of the organized Trump haters who assaulted Trump supporters?

      You are excusing Sam Liccardo’s accommodation of lawless thugs, and his blaming of Trump for engaging in political speech. A clear, unambiguous failure of leadership on the part of Sam Liccardo.

      • Honestly, you have to provide for some slack. This article is perhaps above Jennifer Wadsworth’s paygrade, which is why I don’t blame her for the article’s quality. I blame her editors for how “off” this article is.

        In the same way, regarding Sam Liccardo: he knew as a Dem that he had to sideswipe Trump in his comments, but he did it in the most responsible way he could. Contrast Liccardo to Rahm Emanuel of Chicago and the riot of March 11th. Emanuel actually cut police power to cause problems for Trump. Within the constraints of Liccardo’s political constraints, he has been admirably level-headed.

  4. It’s too bad the dozens of situations that I saw diffused, where press was on the scene, isn’t also news.

  5. We SHOULD protest when these clowns come to town and stir up the community. That small-handed coward presumptive nominee is the embodiment of anti-intellectualism and ignorance in the US. Our ‘media’ has been horrific and transparent for their desire for ratings and cash rather than journalism. It’s sad that people rally in support of Drumpf rather than rally to marginalize his bullying. Rise up people, but join your brothers and sisters not the corporate crooks and their greedy goons.

    • Brilliant comment. Calling him Drumpf, Oh that’s clever. No wonder you’re out throwing eggs at people. You can’t even express an opinion without resorting to name calling and insults.

    • Yeah, your right… These Drumpf people just don’t get it.

      And this becky with the blonde hair, she had that coming.

      Everyone knows you don’t wear a thong to a frat party and you don’t go blonde to a Trump rally… you never know what you might get in your hair.

      I don’t even think these people are from here, I think they bused them up from Irvine.

      Well at least know they got educated in constitution, San Jose style.

      • Your use of sexual assault as a parallel is a pretty pathetic attempt at wit. But illuminates much of your flaccid perspective.

        • Sal, brother, you got me all wrong. Me,you… same team. Fellow travelers to the end. Don’t go beta on us now, the revolution won’t fit itself, right? Sometime crack shells, make omelets, something like that. But your right, wit didn’t hold stalingrad now did it.

          I can tell, Sal, you got some good words, smart words, leadership words.

          So capitan, what SHOULD we do next. Maybe hang out in some “Trump Supporter” restaurant parking lot, like Denys. We can get the eggs from the kitchen. Pelt em good, cause you know those greedy bullies know better. Maybe not all of em, but you know them when you see them, right?

          I totally get your vision. Rise up! Rise up! Rise specter rise! I feel the burden of responsibility drop off my shoulders as I type, oh the lightness of freedom.

      • San Jose style wow your so cool .so blondes are not welcome in your town, in your city people are not welcome to meet unless they are brown? You got a real big surepriise coming your way real soon. Your words gave Trump at least 10,000 more votes.

        • SJ Citizen and the brown pride crew love blondes to rape (you need lots of tequila to get it on with one of their cucarachas) , they’re just not welcome in San Jose for anything else. Basically these Mexicans think they own America, and that they’re owed something, but they’re really on the brink of pushing the gringos who they have long written off as submissive pussies too far.

          Then all that fake racism they complain about? They’re going to make it come true.

    • Gee sal,
      It’s almost like you read Rules for Radicals. Who doing the bullying and stirring up trouble here.

      Trump and company is a reaction to just the kind of bullying, and condescending racism that your complaining about.
      It’s been rampant the last 7 and a half years by Obumer syndicate and the elite hit squad of Marxist wantabes.

      Our media is bias alright, it’s 90% in the tank for covering up the “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” by lord Obumer queen Hilary and and the Clintoon goon squad that will likely continue ignoring the constitution and setting up her own illegal monarchy. What’s the Constitution, it was written by dead white men you say well so was rules for radicals.

      All hail we bow to the ugle woman in the Mao suit.

      Screw that!

      • Oh you are just toooo adorable.
        What are you so afraid of? What horrors are being denied you? What is your fear? You’re just another coward like the Drumpflings, attack those who seek to be your ally against those who embrace anti-intellectuism barbarianism. Yawn.

        • OOOh Sally,

          One on one nothing! One on a hundred thugs in black with masks beating up women, old men, and tackling boys, sucker punching men. Who’s the cowards that won’t show there faces?

          Who are the scumball cowards waving Mexican Flags and burning American flags?
          Who were the cowards and thugs with the SEIU signs?
          All the usual suspects given the go ahead while Liccardo held the cops back.

          Where is officer white when you need him?

          Gee Sal were you afraid someone might see your ugly face on TV.
          Keep it up buddy that another million votes for Trump.

  6. Virtually all the violence was perpetrated by the so-called progressives, but Liccardo and the mainstream media blame Trump. Words NEVER justify physical violence. Remember Sticks and Stones…? Apparently “progressive” parents never taught that to their unruly and violent children.

    • Again, it was an editorial mistake of this news report to misrepresent the Mayor as blaming Trump. The mayor hedges, but ultimately he blames the perps, squarely, for their own violent actions.

      I agree with the rest of what you say. As mother said when I was four, “Use your words!” That’s a rather nice way of saying, “Use free speech, and don’t be so low class.”

  7. the Silent Majority in America knows that these THUG BROWNSHIRT AMERICAN-FLAG-BURNING RIOTERS have always been on the left, not the right. these thugs r just too stupid to realize that they’re drawing support 4 trump. keep the cameras rolling…ha!

  8. As an African American I want us to defeat Trump. How can we do that when the young Latinos in San Jose look like Klansman, as they singled out white people. Not good people. one Step Forward, and Two steps back _ Iv’e seen this all before my brothers, so please stop it, I want us to beat the real bigot, named Trump!

  9. Remember all those violent protests by Trump supporters at Hillary or Bernie Rallies? You know, the ones where eggs were thrown at women, car windows broken, sucker punches thrown, fires started in dumpsters, American flags torn from the hands of Hillary & Bernie supporters, other physical violence against Bernie & Hillary supporters, arrests of the anti-Hillary and anti-Bernie people? Neither do I.

    • Look man, Those pictures in San Jose just gave Trump at least 20,000 votes. These young Latinos do not represent the millions who do the slave labor. Trump must be defeated. No more racism of any kind San Jose – You look stupid, ignorant, and you will cost all of us.

    • Who in the hell likes any of these candidates, but Hillary? Really God help us all if this is the best the country can offer. Hate to say it but Clintons have to much bad history of lying so I guess the guy who states what is hated but is true, he just has a bad why of saying what we want to hear. VOTE TRUMP

  10. Violent protests don’t achieve anything. While I am in no way a Trump supporter, I think he has a right to speak to his supporters without all this insanity.

    I’m very proud and grateful to our members of law enforcement for the phenomenal job they did yesterday. I hope the Officer who got injured yesterday is okay.

    • Kathleen, violent protests do achieve some things. This episode revealed that Liccardo is not in command of San Jose and that the police chief cannot protect visitors to the city. And it apparently created a new fan base for Trump.

      That is actually quite a large outcome for two hours of uncontrolled violence. I don’t criticize the protestors or their victims, but we need to take a very large look at Liccardo’s mixture of presidential politics with law enforcement. Just a little too close to the line we thought had been created in this country to guarantee peace to people on the sidewalks and in the streets pursuing political events.

      The SF PD did not do an adequate job after the rally in downtown San Jose.

  11. — “Dozens of other clashes broke out amid tensions stoked by Trump’s nativist message being broadcast in one of the most left-leaning, immigrant-populated enclaves in the nation.” — Jennifer Wadsworth

    Another white liberal doing her job of trying to convince the public not to believe what it sees. Take a good look at that collection of hell-raising human garbage. Tattooed, vulgar, uncontrolled, and violently intolerant young people who, despite their masked faces, Mexican flags, and demonstrated hatred, delude themselves into believing they stand for something other than self-interest, anarchy, and societal doom.

    Think it really takes a Donald Trump to provoke a clash? Nonsense. All these idiots require is the provocation of something to which they can’t help but react to with emotion, unanimity, and intellectual weakness — what Gustave Le Bon described over a century ago as the makings of a primitive, hedonist mob. And what better proof is there of the inevitability of their incivility than every Cinco de Mayo, a day that marks an insignificant event in Mexican history, has nothing to do with the United States, yet somehow creates “tension” between these local jackasses and downtown store windows, parked cars, fellow jackasses, and the police.

    What Donald Trump accomplished with his visit here was to provide photos to a press which, despite its agenda-based reluctance, has no choice but to respect their value — to circulation and ad revenue, print them, and show the American people the horrific future that awaits them should Trump be defeated. His campaign is sure to benefit, as will gun stores throughout the nation.

    As for the idiots? They behaved as expected… they know no other way.

  12. Loud mouth Archie Bunker with money holds rally advocating assembling a force to go into homes, schools and businesses to round up family members, neighbors and co-workers and transport them back to Mexico and other countries. The targets of that proposal get upset at the idiots who support the ridiculous, hateful idea to the point of throwing things at them. Surprise! Just wait to see what happens if he wins and starts sending in the jackbooted storm troopers. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    • I’ve seen thrown eggs that conveyed a more cogent message. First, there is no cause to assume the riotous thugs were all illegals; second, Trump’s appearance was part of a presidential campaign, not a single issue rally; last, to rationalize or try to justify violent attacks against peaceful, law-abiding people is to endorse might makes right, something that contradicts your compassionate posturing.

      Clearing out the illegals will require neither jackboots nor extraordinary effort. Step One, insert the demand for documentation between every recipient and every form of assistance (then step aside of the southbound stampede). Step Two, cut off federal funds to every city, county, and state that ignores Step One. Step Three, deport those already in custody (and every new offender). Step Four, using existing laws, give employers a year or two to dismiss or apply to sponsor their illegal workers (valued workers who are otherwise law-abiding should be rewarded). Step Five, create a compassionate path to citizenship for the self-employed who’ve proven themselves productive (to neighbors, clients, etc.). Step Six, make our borders secure.

      We don’t need a wall… we just need a will.

    • Man Fraud: you do realize that Archie Bunker was not a real person? He was a cartoon figure to attack all the diverse blue-collar working men in American, members of a class abhorred by the Conservative Movement and the urban-coastal clan.

  13. Finny, I in no way mean to rationalize or justify violence. I utterly condemn it. I was merely pointing out that Trump’s advocacy of deporting 11 million people is so threatening to not just people who are undocumented but to their American citizen family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers that it will arouse strong emotion. You might recall the turmoil when the government acted to repatriate Elian Gonzales back to his father in Cuba. Multiply that by 11 million.
    Clearing out 11 million people WILL require extraordinary effort and will be opposed by many, many law abiding people: first and foremost by the hypocritical business owners that employ them. Our economy would come to a grinding halt if these workers were removed from our country. Some of your steps sound rational, but they are not at all what Trump is advocating and what his supporters are openly cheering. I agree: “we don’t need a wall .. we just need a will.” The problem is that Trump and his supporters are fomenting racial animus instead of looking for rational, humane solutions. Any discussion of such solutions was shutdown by Trump in the Republican primaries as it has been for years by the Republican right in Congress. As for making our borders secure: it will never happen until we start dealing with the drug problems of Americans. The big drug companies who control Congress push prescription pain killers which are now the gateway drugs for heroin. We have been trying to seal the border for my entire lifetime against the tide of illegal drugs, but until reduce the demand, they will still flow.

    • > The problem is that Trump and his supporters are fomenting racial animus instead of looking for rational, humane solutions. Any discussion of such solutions was shutdown by Trump in the Republican primaries as it has been for years by the Republican right in Congress.

      Distortion and fear mongering. You are repeating and spreading the myths, lies and hysteria that the left uses to scare people.
      Oh yeah, there’s also global warming. WE’RE ALL GOING TO DROWN IN RISING SEA LEVELS!

      What Trump has basically said is:

      “There are eleven million people who have overstayed their. Visas. You’re visa is expired. LEAVE”.

      Others that are here illegally will have to get right with the law: leave and re-enter legally.
      SIXTY PERCENT of Hispanics are NATIVE BORN AMERICANS! They don’t like illegal immigration and more than the rest of us.

      “immigrants comprise 40 percent of all Hispanics. While the majority of Hispanic immigrants are legal residents, at least four often are not.”

      • Maybe you would like some actual mathematics to calm your Democrat incited fears:

        Sixty percent of HIspanics are NATIVE BORN AMERICANS
        Forty percent are IMMIGRANTS (And some of this are ALSO naturalized American citizens)
        Of the forty percent who are immigrants, SIXTY PERCENT are legal residents.
        So, forty percent of the immigrants are not legal residents.

        Bottom line:

        SIXTY percent of Hispanics are NATIVE BORN AMERICANS
        TWENTY-FOR PERCENT of Hispanics are LEGAL RESIDENT IMMIGRANTS (including naturalized citizens)
        TOTAL: EIGHTY FOUR PERCENT of HIspanics are American citizens or legal residents.

        EIGHTY FOUR PERCENT OF HISPANICS are NOT going to be deported.

        And MANY of them agree with Trump that America should be a land governed by “rule of law” and not by ethnic tribalism.

        STOP THE FEAR!

    • Who will replace 11 million illegal removed from the work force in the US? How about 11million of the 90+ million unemployed Americans out of work that could be paid a “Living Wage”.

      It was the Clintons the through Elian Gonzales out of the country not the Republicans!

  14. since <a href= Regular Crew of Meritocratic [“White”] Man Jose regulars here, have insistently harassed me about my politics, while I never brought up my politics whatsoever, was just arguing from a base human realm – NO POLITICS INVOLVED – … I think I’ll just drop this link off here (I will be writing in names when I vote, how bout ya’ll?):

    05/31/16 Freedom Rider: Who’s the Fascist?

    runs and ducks for cover, as maggots momentarily pop their maws up from the life they are sucking the blood out of…..scurrying about in outrage at being shown a light on …

  15. sorry, in my bleak outrage, I messed up the fricken html coding, which should have never come into being as to humans desiring to speak, one on one, in private, regarding their horrors and fears, which are only monetized, not addressed whatsoever [Billionaire Owned] OnLine™.

    the hopefully corrected/repeated links:

    <a href= Regular Crew of Meritocratic [“White”] Man Jose regulars here, have insistently harassed me about my politics, while I never brought up my politics whatsoever

    and (this one was entered correctly in my last comment (url ='s_the_fascist%3F ):

    05/31/16 Freedom Rider: Who’s the Fascist?

  16. (certainly, not at all to say that there aren’t an elite crew of Asians, Hispanics, Blacks, Middle Easteners (who have no problem whatsover with the horrors imposed on Iraq, and historically (of course, the US news media never makes any mention of countless Jews horrified by what has gone on in Palestine)), Native American Indians, and Females, who take part in selling out other Human Beings, 24/7.)

  17. Man Fraud,

    — “The problem is that Trump and his supporters are fomenting racial animus instead of looking for rational, humane solutions.” —

    Your assumption, that this animus is not an already existing problem, is contradicted by the whole of my life experience. From schoolyards and parks to neighborhoods and job sites, it is far too seldom that I have witnessed a situation in which Hispanics, when numerically superior and/or politically empowered, have failed to demonstrate (in descending order of incivility) violent aggression, menacing intolerance, vocal hostility, unconcealed contempt, or quiet clannishness toward people of other races. Outside the top ten or twenty percent who, through the same combination of intelligence and self-confidence employed by other hyphen-disdaining Americans, reject a racial identity and see themselves as unequivocally American, Hispanics are every bit as racist and hateful as were the worst white trash in this country’s history. The Trump rioters were, to the educated eye, just Hispanic trash being themselves.

    Your belief that illegals will benefit from the support of others tells me you’ve got a different take on humanity than do I. In my reality, the moment the freebies end — freebies that support stay-at-home baby machines and provide to workers the benefits their employers have long dodged, the only support illegals will receive will be vocal, as in cost-free and outside Trump’s auditory range. Think someone’s going to step forward and offer to pay their hospital bills, groceries, and rent? I don’t. In my reality, those compassionate voices will die out in lockstep with the decline of government goodies.

    • As usual, Diane’s comments display her hatred, intolerance, racism, and white-man-hating sexism, all well mixed with with her non-stop whining and assigning of blame, and it gets very tedious. Her constant complaints about “elite white males” and “[‘White’] Man Jose regulars” shows that her mind has been colonized by the far-Left Alinsky narrative, which she laps up because it excuses her laziness, and her coverting of what others have worked for. She just wants it for free.

      When Diane doesn’t agree with a particular commenter, does she counter with logic and reason? Readers can decide if she’s making a rational argument when she concludes with: “…you maggot.”

      Diane is so filled with hatred and animosity that she can’t think straight. That’s obvious to even the most casual observer. She will never be happy in her bubble of hatred.

      She would be able to pop that bubble if she accepted the fact that her misery is not the fault of the “white men” she hates. Because if that were the case, a few old white men could make others dance like string puppets by controlling their feelings.

      The truth is that millions of women have started where Diane is, or even worse off, and made themselves successful. So Diane is making excuses. She blames others for her laziness, which is the real reason for her lot in life.

      Diane’s feelings come from within. They are her feelings, not anyone else’s. Diane is the only one capable of altering her feelings. But being lazy, it’s easier for Diane to let her feelings control her, rather than taking control of them. She excuses her predicament by blaming ‘The Man’ for keeping her down. And not just ‘The Man’, but “The White Man”. She doesn’t see how preposterous that sounds.

      So long as Diane is ruled by her own internal hatred, her lot in life will not improve. She will always be lacking sympathy, because the folks she constantly insults, denigrates and blames simply don’t care if she needs their help. Those “maggots” aren’t inclined to make life easier for people who hate them — and who could blame them?

  18. Why are you unable to just respond as to how it was okay for frustrated finfan to suggest sterilizing really young women attempting to live in a Valley, which clearly has a National Record for gender inequality (not to even mention: race, class, and age inequality), versus sterilizing the Meritocratic[!]™, Well To Do Silicon Valley Males, who are their customers, Smokey?????

    And why is the DNA of those Meritocratic[!]™, Well To Do Silicon Valley Males, who are their customers, considered so SACRED!, CREEP?

    frustrated finfan’s full quote (at: ):

    frustrated finfan Jun 2, 2016 @ 5:34 pm

    These underage women can best be helped by offering them cash — say $10,000, in exchange for undergoing sterilization. That would provide them the funds to escape the life and their drug addiction (if they really want to) and, recognizing the likelihood of their doing neither, protect the next generation of taxpayers from having to deal with their defective behavior and DNA.

    • Diane says:

      “Why are you unable to just respond as to how it was okay for frustrated finfan to suggest sterilizing really young women…”

      First, I am perfectly capable of responding to whatever I want to respond to.

      Next, just because I don’t reply to every point someone makes, that does not mean I concur with that comment either way.

      Finally, I note that you have ignored and avoided every point that I made. So by your rules, you must accept them because you didn’t respond to them.

      I’m good with that.

  19. Diane,

    Please grab a dictionary and look up the word “offer,” and then explain to me why you’re so upset by the idea of offering these trapped, damaged women — each of whom the law has deemed mature enough to choose abortion, a choice of a different kind, one with the potential to solve their problems but does not involve killing an unborn child?

    Your proclivity to jump to conclusions has once again led you to astray, as you accuse me of considering the DNA of apprehended Johns to be “sacred.” Now, why would you think that? Nothing I wrote would lead a stable person to such a conclusion; but, in the hope of talking you down from whatever ledge you’re perched upon today, I will admit that it never occurred to me to make the same sterilization offer to Johns, nor would it, as they are undeserving of a chance at the cash. I would, however, be fine with sterilization being offered as part of their plea bargaining.

    Lastly, your obsession with gender equality, though certainly not uncommon, will bring you no happiness. Females are not equal to men, no more so than are eagles to sparrows or chimps to humans. Equality does not exist in nature; you and your kind are chasing a phantom.

  20. I’m preparing a complaint to the Secret Service about the Mercury News openly and clearly inciting some unbalanced person to shoot Donald Trump. [I supported Bernie Sanders just to be clear.] In the Merc’s June 6 issue, it featured a wild editorial blaming violence (outside the site and after the June 2 rally) on Trump with the headline, “Violence at Trump rally shames S.J.”

    But to the immediate right of that smarmy editorial, we see the pictorial/editorial which features Trump presented as a gorilla dragging the Republican Party featured as a very young elephant out of a moat. That’s bad enough following the riots the week before, but the commenter inside the drawing has a single line, “An elephant fell into the gorilla habitat. Now what?”

    I don’t see how that can be interpreted in any other way than that the Mercury News is inciting an unbalanced person to shoot Trump. The editorial page on June 6 clearly creates a climate of violence and murder. I’m rarely shocked by any mischief the Mercury News puts on its pages, but this is advocating murder.

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