DA Says Los Gatos Woman Hosted Drinking Parties for Teens, Watched Sex Abuse

A middle-aged Los Gatos woman threw drunken parties for young teenagers where she encouraged sex acts, sometimes non-consensual, and sometimes while she watched, according to charges filed by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

In a press release today, prosecutors said Shannon O’Connor, 47, who now lives in Eagle, Idaho, bought vodka and Fireball whiskey, provided condoms and discouraged the teens from telling their parents about the parties or calling for help when one of them passed out in their own vomit, the statement of facts state. The teens at these parties were mostly 14- and 15-years old.The DA’s office reported details of multiple parties and encounters over an 11-month period, beginning in June 2020.

Shannon O'Connor/Bruga, accused of multiple crimes for hosting teen sex parties. Police photo

O'Connor, also known as Shannon Bruga, is being extradited and will be arraigned at a later date. She is charged with 39 criminal counts, including felony child abuse, sexual assault, and providing alcohol to minors. She faces incarceration if she is convicted.

“It took a lot of brave children to come forward and to untangle this deeply disturbing case,” said District Attorney Jeff Rosen in a statement.

“As a parent, I’m shocked. As the DA, I’m determined to hold those adults who endanger children fully accountable to the law and our community.”

In a separate case, O’Connor faces felony fraud charges for making more than $120,000 in unauthorized charges on a company card she was given as an administrative assistant for Aruba Networks.

The child abuse charges outline a long line of O’Connor’s drunken and destructive house parties for young teens lasting until May 2021.

The prosecutors’ report said the woman would warn the teens not to disclose the parties or she could go to jail. At one party at her home, O’Connor handed an underaged teenager a condom and pushed him into a room with an intoxicated minor.

During a New Year’s Eve party at her home with about five 14-year-olds, the defendant watched and laughed as a drunk teen sexually battered a young girl in bed, according to DA statement.

In another case, the defendant brought one drunk teen into a bedroom at her home where an intoxicated 14-year-old girl was lying in the bed. After she was assaulted, prosecutors said the girl said to the defendant: “Why did you leave me in there with him?  Like, why did you like do that?  Like you knew like what he was going to do me.”

In some cases, O’Connor would Snapchat or text teens to leave their homes in the middle of the night and drink at her home. She would provide the alcohol.

In another case, she let a minor drive her SUV in the Los Gatos High School parking lot while two other teens held on to the back. One fell off and was knocked unconscious.



  1. I congratulate Mr. Rosen for a job well done in protecting children.

    I hope that he keeps it up. He has a case that he has filed which can determine what happens to my own kids.

  2. “As a parent, I’m shocked. As the DA, I’m determined to hold those adults who endanger children fully accountable to the law and our community.”

  3. I told my attorney that my ex was letting an older man molest my son. She mostly ignored me. Furthermore, I was not allowed to talk to my son about it during supervised visitation.

    At the next hearing my ex disclosed that she had hidden $130,000 worth of gold coins. It came as a complete surprise to me it was never even mentioned as a possibility. My ex wanted every penny. I never thought that I would see those coins again.

    We each got $25,000. The remaining $80,000 went to my attorney to be held in trust. I fired the attorney after that hearing. She went on to represent my ex without telling me.

    I was subsequently cut out of my kids lives by being tricked into agreeing to a restraining order. When I asked the judge to tell me why I can’t contact my kids, he couldn’t even give me a reason.

    My adult son recently turned 18, so I was able to talk to him. He confirmed that he had indeed been molested.

    I have strong reason to believe that my other kids have also been molested, but I can’t confirm it because I haven’t seen them in over 7 years.

    I told my oldest son to go to the police. A week and a half later the judge filed an order on his own accord that I could only have supervised visitation with him.

  4. A quote in the Mercury from one of the parents of a victim:

    “Everyone should feel relieved this woman’s not on the street,” the mother of one of the girls said. “She was grooming these kids, setting them up for sexual acts, and she’s a mother and doing this to her own child. … I’ve been racking my brain trying to think what was in it for her.”

  5. Now my youngest daughter is under the legal custody of a man that previously drugged and raped a teen.

    I begged the attorney to leave her alone.

    The attorney said, “My child, my rules.” and “She’ll have fun.”

  6. The Mercury news reported that the Los Gatos arrested woman laughed when confronted by one of the children.

    This could indicate a motive related to sadism.

  7. Ben Z. – I am guessing the judge who made you have supervised visits for no reason is Joanne McCracken. If it is another judge in Santa Clara County, then that makes at least 2 judges who should not be judges in Family Court.

  8. These people are playing with my children’s lives.

    They were just 2, 9, 11, and 13.

    How are they supposed to acclimate to the world while being sexually abused?

    How can the District Attorney throw my youngest daughter under the bus – just to cover up what happened?

    I am sorry to raise such serious allegations against important officials, but I believe that I have been left with no other recourse.

  9. If someone’s job to protect children, then that is what we should expect them to do, especially if the taxpayer pays for the service.

  10. Can you imagine the scars to a 2 year old that result from being sexually abused?

    I can’t even get the family court judge to order an emergency screening.

  11. Then we all wonder how all the teachers, coaches, trainers, and other people get away with sexually abusing our children for so long.

    If the people with the ultimate authority only act some of the time, why would anyone else feel compelled to do so?

    The inclination to favor and protect colleagues will only persist.

  12. If the community can take a firm stand on not allowing people to ignore sexual abuse, we can weed most of it out.

    The Mercury News reported that parents reported what was happening to school administrators, but they were just told that nothing could be done because it was happening off campus. They ignored the fact that the sexual abuse involved more than 20 of its students.

    If all the principals, school administrators, judges, and distract attorneys took a zero tolerance approach, we could save the community a lot of pain and suffering.

    We have instead adopted a culture of retaliation and cover ups.

  13. The football players are also victims.

    They have been trained by Ms. Bruga to be predators, themselves.

    “I really don’t think the high school has taken responsibility for their piece of this,” said one parent.


    Imagine the complete effect that Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District has had on the community by looking the other way.

  14. Just my two cents, but Why do Teens have to have Social Media , in this case, SnapCrap, to begin with? Same old argument: people UNDER 18 do NOT need social media Accounts. Its just wrong. I never had Social Media, and neither did anyone else in my age group (etc..) as well. But will this change? OF COURSE NOT! Gotta Indoctrinate them while they’re young, right?

  15. What a sad day for these kids. What is this person’s mindset. My guess is she didn’t do this alone. There can’t be enough in the way of punishment for this crime.

  16. In so much as San Francisco is the sex pervert capitol of the world, I’m surprised this story even raised an eye brow here. What are we getting scruples now in Hollywood north?

  17. It is scary that Mr. Rosen won’t budge on the matter.

    You can give him mountains of evidence.

    You can call him out.

    Nothing matters to him – not law, human decency, nor the rights of others.

  18. This is not how a leader in a civilized and democratic community should behave.

    He is literally helping terrorize me and my family with his prosecution.

    If it is allowed to happen to me, it can happen to anyone.

  19. Maybe Mr. Rosen believes that if he give a few sounds that it absolves him of covering up the sexual abuse of my children.

    If he meant what he said, he would have protected my kids a long time ago.

    “As a parent, I’m shocked. As the DA, I’m determined to hold those adults who endanger children fully accountable to the law and our community.”

  20. Mr. Rosen treated me like I was nothing.

    I begged him to provide relief from poisoning by either dropping the charges, or enrolling me into Cal-WRAP. I provided him with detailed accounts, names of two doctors, and police reports.

    None of that impressed him.

    He didn’t see me as a human being.

  21. I am being punished for simply exercising my First Amendment right to free speech.

    I had every right to use to make complaints regarding the sex trafficking of my children without being retaliated against.

  22. I fight to protect my kids out of instinct.

    They will destroy me further for having such instinct.

    You can ask the entire county for help. No one will listen.

  23. People who commit crimes should be afraid of the District Attorney.

    I copied the person who has been assaulting me on numerous emails written to Mr. Rosen and hundreds of others. I provided details of sex trafficking, poisonings, and stalking.

    None of the reports deterred the assaults and stalking.

    She will even point me to her public social media posts.

    Why would she be afraid?

  24. I only met with this attorney several times over a period of two months. Now she thinks that she ” can do whatever [she] wants” to me and my kids.

    She even sends me ads and articles that include wedding rings and porn with elderly people.

    I just want to be left alone and for my children to be protected, but she won’t go away.

  25. The District Attorney should be able to recognize that he is involved in an insane plot.

    Instead of focusing on titles and privilege, he should be focused in on behaviors.

  26. I don’t understand why the highest court in California is needed to decide whether it is right, or not, to use the courts to cover up the sexual abuse of children.

  27. Now there is an article in the Mercury suggesting that Ms. Burga started having the same kind of sex parties after she moved to Idaho. mercurynews.com/2021/10/15/court-docs-arrest-shed-more-light-on-los-gatos-party-mom/

    This kind of stuff is hard to stop. The person who sex trafficked my kids did it TWICE to me alone. Who knows how many victims there really are?

    I am glad to see that Mr. Rosen stopped her. Hopefully he does not continue to allow my former attorney to do the same.

  28. Maybe if reports of what Ms. Bruga did to those kids stays in the news long enough, Mr. Rosen will be cleared of what he covered up with my kids.

  29. “I’m proud to present to voters a long record of prosecuting violent criminals, advocating for victims and reforming the criminal justice system to be safer, smarter and more equitable for everyone,” Rosen said in a statement to San José Spotlight.

  30. After more than two years of experience that resulted in the filing of a defective complaint, the last word that comes to my mind is safetey.

    When I think about the justice system, the words that come to mind are “child rape dungeon” and “human torture.”

    I am sorry to say this about our system, but I cannot help the way that I feel.

  31. Mr. Rosen doesn’t take into consideration that his inaction allows a child molestor to volunteer in a number of schools and at a church nursery.

    He only cares about helpiing protect the image of his collegues.

  32. I told Mr. Rosen about the molestation of my children back in 2017.

    Much like Ms. Papazian, once he decided to cover up the sexual abuse of my children, Mr. Rosen put many other children in danger.

  33. The allegations against Ms. Bruga are quite sordid. She encouraged children to sexually abuse other children.

    Doesn’t Mr. Rosen think that it worse for an adult man to have anal intercourse with a 13 year old boy?

    I have reason to believe that my other 3 children from my dissolution of marraige were also sexually abused, but I have not confirmed it yet.

    Shouldn’t he want to see if they are okay, instead of pushing a mental health evaluation for me?

  34. I keep asking the judge to order an emergency screening, but he keeps refusing.

    Maybe he is waiting for the evaluation.

    Maybe he doesn’t care about adults forcing kids to have sex.

  35. It is fairly obvious that the molestation didn’t stop with my son.

    Imagine it happening to your kids.

    Now imagine the District Attorney filing a defective complaint against you just to keep it quiet, and your ex’s attorney starts poisoning you to go along with it.

    Does this sound right?

  36. I’ve lost a significant amount of health – just because I won’t give up on my kids.

    I don’t understand how the county can sit idly while this is happening.

    Why won’t the Board of Supervisors or James Williams help protect my kids?

    Why does everyone put collegues before protecting children from sexual abuse?

    If the Catholic Church can change, why can’t this county, as well?

  37. There is a child molester volunteering in several schools and a church nursery.

    The next victim could be any child in this county.

    Mr. Rosen has a duty to protect our children.

  38. The judge commandeered my daughter. He didn’t care what is to come or that both parents had an agreement.

    Then Mr. Rosen took her along with my other children and threw them all under the bus.

  39. Mr. Rosen cannot say that he didn’t know what happened to my kids when he raised the doubt.

    He cannot say that he raised a doubt after the attorney tried to pressure my to seek representation so that a doubt could be raised on my behalf.

    He cannot say that he ignored two rulings that denied his authority to raise on.

    He can never deny that he had evidence that my daughter is under the legal custody of a rapist.

  40. Apparently now mental health evaluations can be conducted with the presence of the person being evaluated. You don’t even need to use empirically validated assessment tools.

    I will be evaluated using only a few emails messages that I have written.

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