California Poised to Extend Eviction Ban — Again

Californians facing eviction as soon as next week would get a temporary reprieve under a bill endorsed Thursday by the state Legislature’s Democratic leaders — and apparently by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins of San Diego and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon of Lakewood announced their support for a proposal that would extend eviction protections through June 30 for Californians applying for funds from the state’s COVID rent relief program. Atkins and Rendon said the bill will get its first hearing on Monday.

  • Under current law, statewide eviction protections are set to expire on April 1 — just one day after the March 31 deadline for residents to apply for state rent relief.
  • Although the new proposal keeps the March 31 application deadline in place, it protects Californians from eviction while they wait for the state to process their paperwork. As of Tuesday, the state had distributed funds to about 214,000 households — fewer than half of the nearly 490,000 that had applied for relief — prompting advocates to warn of an impending “eviction tsunami.”
  • A Newsom spokesperson told CalMatters housing reporter Manuela Tobias: “The Governor strongly supports an extension that continues to protect tenants well into the summer and ensures that every eligible applicant is protected under this nation-leading rent relief program as it winds down.”
  • The bill also prevents local governments from passing their own eviction protections until July 1 at the earliest — a major reason why the powerful California Apartment Association, which represents landlords, investors and developers — supports it, according to the Associated Press.

The last-minute proposal comes amid a flurry of reports that illuminate how the Golden State’s cost of living is becoming prohibitively high for a growing number of people.

In the face of such statistics, actions like the one Attorney General Rob Bonta took Thursday — putting the city of Encinitas on notice for denying a permit for an apartment building with affordable units — may seem like small potatoes.



  1. Enough with the Communistic taking of private property away from property owners.

    Let the evictions and the resulting diaspora of the less richer than others…begin with earnest!

    Buying ‘votes’ via ‘eviction moratoriums’ should never have been ‘legalized’.

    ‘Super-Majorities’ from any party should be outlawed…they are nothing more than a synonym for ‘Dictatorships’.

    David S. Wall

  2. Steve,

    Is there a substantial increase in deaths or just cases? We have 84% vaccination in the county so theoretically deaths should be going down. Remeber a vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting the virus in your body; it just makes it far less likely that you’ll die.

    If Dr Cody felt comfortable making masks optional but strongly encouraged I think that means she thinks it’s safer in the county of Santa clara than it was before.

    Also didn’t Pfizer come out with a treatment for people who get hospitalized for covid? Is that being used yet.

  3. @Neutrino78X, No & No. Don’t feed the pigeons. They just feed, feed & feed off of fear-mongering.

    Cases, Hospitalizations, & Deaths ALL continue to DROP, and have since the peak in Jan.
    Omicron is 100% of all new cases – and there is no significant difference in case severity due to the 30+ variants of Omicron.

    COVID-19 vaccinations fall 27% as BA.2’s prevalence grows: 10 CDC findings (25Mar2022 MBean)

    Ten CDC findings:

    6. As of March 23, the nation’s 7-day case average DECREASED 5.4%.

    7. The current 7-day death average is DOWN 29.5% from the previous week’s average.
    This marks the 7th Consecutive week Deaths have Fallen.

    8. The 7-day hospitalization average for March 16-21 DECREASED 21%.

    1. The 7-day average number of vaccines administered daily was down 27.1% as of March 23.

    2. As of March 23, 76.8% of the total U.S. population have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine,
    and 65.4% of the population, have received both doses.

    3. About 50% of people eligible for a booster dose have received an additional or booster doses in fully vaccinated people.

    4. For the week ending March 19, the CDC estimated that the
    Omicron variant accounts for 100% of new COVID-19 cases in the U.S.

    5. CDC estimates that BA.1.1 accounts for 57.3% of cases,
    while the BA.2 subvariant accounts for 34.9% of cases.
    Other omicron subvariants make up the rest.

  4. *Yawn*

    When a self-serving bloviator with too much time on his hands hijacks a comment thread, most other folks leave. This thread is a case in point.

    All I was gonna say is the CEO of Pfizer was recently barred from entering another country because he refused to be vaccinated for Covid.

    What does the CEO of Pfizer know that he’s not telling us?

  5. Just as expected – too much feeding and attention – standby – the paragraphs of pigeon droppings are flowing. More garbage in equals garbage out.

    The amusing advice: Did you all take your wake-up test?
    Do you do it before or after brushing?
    Or Both?
    Is an intervention required?

    — “Leftist Who Keeps Taking COVID Tests Says He Can Quit Anytime” (Jan2022 BB) —

    “A local family held an impromptu intervention for their son, Richard, 35,
    who has been taking up to 24 COVID Tests a Day.

    “I can quit anytime I want!” ….screeched Richard.
    “I’m not out of control!
    You’re all out of control!
    I’m going to cancel you from my room!”

    Though the initial intervention proved unsuccessful,
    his loving family isn’t giving up on him.

  6. Smokey,

    That was because the CEO of Pfizer was awaiting his turn to be vaccinated according the USA prioritizations. The host country had a different prioritization. If he had been vaccinated in that country he would have been accused of traveling elsewhere to circumvent USA rules. If he waited, he would be accused of avoiding vaccination. So, on this point, I wouldn’t associate his conduct with nefarious intent.

  7. The longer the Marxists push back the evictions, the greater the pain for the landlord AND the tenant. The tenants will get some serious surprises when evictions are finally able to proceed.

    Fellow readers, while this should be obvious, do not listen to people who are benefiting from the eviction moratoria. Do not listen to people who post word salad and try to scare you while wearing aluminum foil hats. These people are obsessed with their own personal agendas — not the public good.

    Here are the current stats for the county, not the poop propaganda.

    Will we have more “spikes?” Yes, but we have to live our lives and not focus on how to use the pandemic/endemic for our person gain and aggrandizement. Blowhards always have something to blow about, and they always need to have the last word — even if it is long after everyone has stopped reading their screeds.

  8. SG,

    “The facts are also if any contract runs afoul of any public policy, it is unenforceable. Simple Business Contract Law Principle”

    Perfect demonstration of how limited your understanding is of contract law and enforceability of contracts. It is NOT true that public policy can change any contract or contract term simply because the government sets public policy so that a term is thereby against it.

    Before citing cases, cite the law, and start with the law’s adherence to the Constitution. So, let’s begin here in Article I:

    Section 10
    “No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.”

    You probably think it’s a leap to have a law, regulation, executive order, or dare say unelected government official declaring anything that “impairs the obligation of contracts” against public policy and therefore presumptively ok? Let alone, actually ok?

    So that pretty much nulifies your State of California source of anything including the Ca Supreme Court.

    And that is the beginning of your journey. Mine, I already know how lost you are and don’t have an obligation implied or otherwise to help you find your way out. You’re simply beyond saving with your combination of arrogance and ignorance. It’s actually magical to watch such a combo in action.

  9. SMH…,
    20 repetitive garbage in = garbage out analysis posts out of 32,
    many more made up scenario posts over several months on dozens of articles.


  10. So True, that is why most normal people are done with this lunacy.

    — “Omicron Vaccine To Be Made Available In March For The 12 People Who Haven’t Gotten Omicron Yet” (Jan2022 BB) —

    Pfizer has reiterated their commitment to the release of a new Omicron vaccine in March,
    just in time for the 12 people who haven’t already gotten sick and recovered.

    “We intend to save lives,”
    said Derrick Pfizer while meeting with CDC officials.
    “Sure, Omicron is spreading so fast that it will have probably run through the
    majority of people by then, but this is NO Laughing Matter.

    The dozen or so people who haven’t had it yet will have a
    vaccine available so they don’t have to deal with
    a mild cold that puts them out of work for a week.”

    Experts at the CDC removed additional safety requirements from vaccine development to try and get it out the door sooner but admitted there was only so much they could do to bypass government regulation.

    “There are hundreds of government regulations to consider,”
    insisted a sputtering Dana Tacoa, a spokesperson for the government agency.
    “We’re only comfortable ignoring protocol for in-depth human testing.
    We have to risk the lives of every man, woman, and child so
    we can save the handful who don’t have Natural Immunity Yet.”

    When asked why scientists were working so hard on a vaccine
    that would be rendered useless by Herd Immunity
    Derrick Pfizer calmly reassured the public.

    “Don’t worry, we’re not working that hard,” he said.

  11. Steve,

    I feel like death is in fact the problem. We’re trying to save people from dying. From what I can see, new deaths are down to six a week.

    I think we’re far safer than before.

    Eventually the virus will be endemic like other coronaviruses such as the common cold. We’ll get a shot every year and we’ll move on with life. I don’t forsee any more lockdowns at this point which is good.

    I would point out that neither covid nor global warming should be used as excuses for people on the extreme far left to try to control others. I say this as someone onhe left myself. Moderate left. Biden yes Sanders no.

  12. I don’t think Steven realizes COVID cases continue to plummet and people are free-facing it everywhere.

    Breathing easy.

    Especially at schools.

  13. LOL, LOL, thanks…
    “….60,000 people are no longer able to return to NORMAL ever again.”

    I think we ALL know who is not able to return to NORMAL ever again,
    but was he ever normal?

  14. Naturally – what we all knew to be true…

    — “CDC Recommends Being Fully Vaccinated And Also Getting COVID For Strongest Immunity” (Jan2022) —

    In newly updated guidelines, the CDC is now recommending getting fully vaccinated and also getting COVID to achieve the strongest COVID immunity possible.

    “To achieve Robust Immunity, you must be Fully Vaccinated, then get a Booster, then get a 2nd Booster, then get a 3rd Booster, and then GET COVID,”
    said CDC director Rochelle Walensky.
    “In addition to these things, you must also Triple-Mask and Isolate yourself Indoors At ALL Times. And then,
    maybe get COVID Again.
    If you do all those things, you should be pretty safe.”

    Experts with the NIH, HHS, WHO, FDA, FBI, CIA, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs all have confirmed the CDC’s findings as “infallible and immutable.”

    “It’s important we do Everything We Can To Stop This Virus,”
    said Walensky.
    “Please Get COVID as soon as possible so you can be immune.”

    On the heels of the CDC’s announcement, Pfizer is contributing to the fight for immunity with an expensive new service that just sends someone to your door to sneeze in your face.

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