Autopsies Indicate Santa Clara Co. Covid-19 Deaths Occurred Earlier Than Initially Thought

Santa Clara County’s Medical Examiner-Coroner confirmed that at least two people died in February from Covid-19, meaning the novel coronavirus causing the disease had been spreading earlier in the community than previously believed.

Tissue samples taken from two local residents who died at home tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, county health officials announced on Tuesday. The decedents succumbed to the disease on Feb. 6 and 17.

Until this week, the earliest Covid-19 fatality in the U.S. was believed to have happened on Feb. 29 in Kirkland, Washington, and a March 9 Covid-19 death was believed to be the first in Santa Clara County.

On Tuesday, Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner Dr. Michelle Jorden announced the findings on the February fatalities as part of a batch of results from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirming that another person died from Covid-19 on March 6.

All three died at home during a time when tests were hard to come by.

“Testing criteria set by the CDC at the time restricted testing to only individuals with a known travel history and who sought medical care for specific symptoms,” the county explained. “As the Medical Examiner-Coroner continues to carefully investigate deaths throughout the county, we anticipate additional deaths from Covid-19 will be identified.”

As of the latest count posted on Tuesday, 1,946 people in the county have been confirmed to have the disease out of a total 19,928 tested.

Eighty-eight of them died and 175 are hospitalized.

Update From The Health Officer

County of Santa Clara Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody addresses the three deaths announced last night and talks about race and ethnicity of confirmed COVID-19 cases.Full Transcript:

Posted by County of Santa Clara Public Health Department on Wednesday, April 22, 2020


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the “Wuhan Red Death” arrived clear back in November, as no one was looking for it.

  2. > Autopsies Indicate Santa Clara Co. Covid-19 Deaths Occurred Earlier Than Initially Thought

    Bay area based syndicated radio talkeri Michael Savage pointed a finger of blame at Silicon Valley Tech executives.

    The early infectious cases of coronavirus were brought into the valley by tech executives benefiting from immigration from China. Can you say “H1 visas”?

    There you have it, progressive snowflakes: China bashing and immigrant bashing in one unified conspiracy theory.

  3. Newsom just ordered autopsies back to December. If Covid 19 was here back then, life in December, January and February is a barometer for how things can be without the quarantine. No doubt the virus, being so contagious, was spreading like wildfire even back then. Was there a large blip in illnesses or deaths back then? The news just reported there was a large blip in deaths of unknown cause in March. Is that consistent with December, January and February — because if not, how do we know it is statistically significant?

    • > Was there a large blip in illnesses or deaths back then?

      People get ill and die all the time.

      It’s what life is like for mortal beings.

      Viruses are a part or nature. There are millions of viruses. Human DNA is full of “junk DNA” inserted by viruses over millions of years. To a certain extent, WE are all viruses. Even a collection of viruses.

      Coronavirus is probably a pretty ordinary virus as viruses go, but has been assigned an absurd amount of significance on the basis of “the narrative” that has been constructed around it.

      People are behaving like it’s 10,000 BC and the tribal witch doctor is telling us there are demons and evil spirits in other people’s breath.

      The irrational fear of coronavirus created by our “witch doctors” sounds very much like the fear generated among aborigines by “bone pointing”.

      The shaman points a mystical bone at you and you’re going to die. And, people DO die just out of sheer fright.

      People have lost their minds.

  4. I am now almost certain I had the virus symptoms before, back in the middle of January. I though it was a bad flu. My symptoms were extreme fatigue that lasted few days before other symptoms and two weeks after those flu like symptoms including mild diarrhea for one day, pressure on the chest, weird feeling in left side of brain, and changes in vision. They lasted for three days; second day was the worst. On this day I thought I was probably experiencing a brain or heart attack episode. I am a healthy adult. I treated myself with homemade chicken soup, lemonade, and ginger and cinnamon tea. My family members have not been sick for months. I kept my distance from them since I though I was having a nasty flu. Fatigue lasted for a total of three weeks; one week before and two after other symptoms. The after fatigue was the worst. I had mild fever on the three days of other symptoms. I then went to my LA trip. I do most of my work from home, online. Thus, I was isolated from everyone during those three weeks. My relatives in LA whom I visited have not been sick either before or after my visits. Back then, we did not know the virus was here already. I enjoy going to coffee shops and restaurants including the Tacos Nacos. Who knows where I got it. I love Birria too!

  5. > Santa Clara County’s Medical Examiner-Coroner confirmed that at least two people died in February from Covid-19, . . .

    This is medical quackery.

    There is no proof that the victim, Patricia Dowd, “died … from Covid-19”.

    ” A healthy woman suddenly died. She was the first known coronavirus fatality in US”

    “She had flu-like symptoms for a few days, then appeared to recover, family members said. Then she was found dead Feb. 6, and the initial culprit appeared to be a heart attack.”

    She probably died of a heart attack.

    Even though the CDC guidance is that deaths where “COVID-19” are “known or suspected” is officially (i.e. “politically”) a
    COVID-19 death, it isn’t REALLY.

    This is medical malpractice.

  6. The COVID-19 was here last Dec. (2019) because my friend had it. She had every symptom x 100 and couldn’t breathe. She said all during it (before taken to ER) that it was like nothing she had ever had in her life. The ER doctors gave her every test under the sun, and doctors gave her the test to see if she had blocked arteries (they were all clear). They had no explanation as to what it was (no test kits or knowledge about COVID-19) and sent her home late the following night. While in the hospital they gave her a medicine she said helped her breathing within 1-2 hours. I would love to know which medicine they gave her.)

  7. In the statement and interview of Dr. Cody shown here, she discloses the ages and gender of the three previous 3 COVID deaths. She does not disclose the ethnicity of the three deceased, and significantly fails to disclose whether any or all of them had underlying medical conditions.
    She then goes on to talk about “health inequalities” by race, more PC BS, without discussing the lifestyles that bring about those alleged inequalities. It doesn’t take a physician to realize that people who smoke will have a higher death rate than people who don’t, or that people who share needles or engage in unsafe anal sex or unsafe sex with junkies will have “health inequalities” when compared to those who do not engage in those behaviors. Statistics could probably be compiled but would never be released in our hyper PC world in the US, regarding the racial divide in those areas, and other behaviors that result in health inequalities.

    • > She then goes on to talk about “health inequalities” by race, more PC BS, without discussing the lifestyles that bring about those alleged inequalities.

      Hmmm. I wonder if intelligence has any bearing on “lifestyles”. Do smart people have different life styles than dumb people? Are smart peoples’ life styles healthier than dumb peoples’ life styles?

      Does intelligence create “health inequalities”?

      Is the “health inequalities” between races a consequence of the different average intelligence levels between the races?

      If Dr. Cody is going to start opining that “health inequalities” are a consequence of race and/or ethnicity, she is tiptoeing down the slippery slope of intelligence differences based on race, Such tiptoeing is risky for a public health official and could foreseeably result in the maltreatment similar to that received by Nobel Prize winning molecular biologist and discover of the DNA double helix, James Watson.

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