Assembly Candidate Warns Residents of Impostor Volunteer

Someone posing as a volunteer for Assembly hopeful Madison Nguyen was reportedly knocking on doors and verbally sparring with residents.

Nguyen—who’s running against Councilman Ash Kalra for the state’s 27th Assembly District—took to Facebook to warn people about the aggressive impostor.

“I want to be very clear that this person or persons is not with our campaign,” she wrote in a status update on Facebook.

Several people complained about the overzealous poseur, who apparently went on his door-knocking tirades without campaign material. Nguyen’s campaign called that a red flag, as verified volunteers always carry literature about the candidate to hand out.

Campaign manager Chris Ratana said the complaints stopped rolling in after the public notice was posted online. So presumably, the mystery impostor has taken the hint.

“It seems to be resolved,” Ratana told San Jose Inside Thursday. “We didn’t get much information beyond that. We were unclear what he as even arguing about.”


  1. Ash has my vote over Nguyen’s any day. Initially, he stood alone against Reed/Liccardo & posse during the whole Measure B fiasco when the City Council and Reed tried to make villains out of its own City employees. Ash showed courage and integrity while the rest of city council followed Reed down this destructive path. I think just about everyone agrees now, that Ash did the right thing. Had the rest of the council listened to him, San Jose would be in a much better position today.

    • Give me a break. Karla is resorting to gorilla campaign tactics due to low polling numbers. Don’t even attempt to justify these dirty political acts. Shows what his true nature is, and oh by the way, we still have over a month to go. Stay tuned everyone…..

  2. Quite disappointing that this happened to her. Met Madison and she is a very nice lady. Referring to the comment above, I don’t understand how your comment relates to what’s being addressed in the article. I’m sure that you wouldn’t appreciate those types of comments if this had happened to your candidate. Can’t you just show some sympathy towards an unfortunate event that happened?

    • Oh I have sympathy. I have sympathy for happened to all our City employees and to the San Jose citizens. I have sympathy for the Fire Fighters and Police officers and their families for being dragged through the mud through this ordeal that she supported. San Jose once had the most envied police depts. in the nation before Reed and his supporters destroyed it. I have sympathy for the citizens who were lied to by the Mayor and most of city council. I have sympathy for the citizens who have had their homes burglarized when the bad guys realized that San Jose didn’t have enough police to respond in a timely matter. I could go on and on…….

  3. Nguyen is the face of incompetence! The title of the little story should read “Imposter running for Assembly” This woman was one of the most divisive and incompetent players on the San Jose city council. Anyone who has met her in person knows how arrogant and smug she can be. Actually these traits appear to be prerequisite for being Vice Mayor of the town of San Jose.

  4. Maddie was NEVER anything more than Reed’s Hand Puppet. She is a two faced liar , who simply can not be trusted . She was an integral part of decimating San Jose’s public safety .

  5. This is the most helpful she has been in the 8 years she served on the City Council, and of course it’s about herself. The only thing she has contributed to the city in 8 years on the Council was a prom dress donation program for high school girls. Big whoop. Oh unless you count decimating the police force and other City services with an illegal ballot measure that so far has costed the City over $5 million and counting.

    And her election campaign is to bring a new UC to San Jose. Really? Only the most expensive housing, rental and business market in the country. No chance that happens, so she’s only blowing smoke.

  6. Only 2 Vietnamese American people who has still stayed with Madison from her beginning political career in San Jose are a Beauty Contest organizer Huyen Tran and Trung Lam a real estate broker Nobody else . Everyone who has helped Madison get elected into City Hall learned a hard lesson, this lady is for herself. She promised promised promised when she meet you on her campaign trail . But once she in the office, she turned around, find an excuse, and swallow her promises . The Vietnamese community won’t vote for her. Now she is reaching out to White (Reed’s backers), Hispanic, and other voters . Her promise to bring a UC to San Jose is a big lie . With UC Santa Cruz , UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley, UC Davis to serve the North, they are not going to open another UC in Northern California . Central California has only one, UC Merced so they are fighting to get a piece of pie. She lies.

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