Tesla to Bring Engineering HQ Back to Silicon Valley

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday announced that Tesla's new global engineering and AI headquarters will take over Hewlett Packard's original headquarters on Page Mill Road in Palo Alto.

This comes after Tesla moved its corporate headquarters to Austin, Tex., in December 2021.

“This is a very poetic transition from the company that founded Silicon Valley to Tesla and we're very excited to make this our global engineering headquarters,” Musk said.

The move would bring more engineering jobs to the Bay Area as many tech companies are slashing their workforce.

Tesla posted a call for applications for its California engineering team on its Twitter account on Wednesday, Feb. 22.

Newsom said that although there are 55 zero-emission electric vehicle manufacturers in California, none of them dominates like Tesla.

Those zero-emission vehicles are an important part of California's economy.

The governor's office said the success of California's programs has led to zero-emission vehicles becoming a top export and has spurred major advances in manufacturing and job creation.

Those programs include California's Zero Emission Vehicle program, which aims to achieve the state's long-term emission reduction goals by increasing the requirements for zero-emission vehicles through both increased stringency of zero-emission vehicle sales and associated actions to support wide-scale adoption and use of zero-emission vehicles.

The state has also set the goal that all new vehicles will be 100% zero-emission.

“The future happens in California first. We're changing the world through our historic investments, our conveyor belt for talent, and partnerships with companies like Tesla,” said Newsom. “The state continues to be the world's innovation hub, charging the electric vehicle revolution, and dominating the industry in every category – all while keeping the same goal in mind: ensuring a cleaner, greener, and healthier place to live for future generations.”


Elon Musk, left, and Gov. Gavin Newsom
Photo courtesy of Governor's Office




  1. That picture with Musk looking at Gavin is so characteristic… Musk working to change the world. Gavin seemingly to me to be working to destroy the world. It’s a brilliant move for Musk to virtue signal that he’s hiring engineers in an area that has an ongoing pandemic of layoffs of engineers. Just brilliant! So much cheaper than hiring them and relocating them back to the corporate headquarters in Texas. Plus, he was able to call out Gavin the puppy dog.

  2. To the contrary, a clear win for Newsom and California. Despite Musk’s theatrics, he recognizes that California has what is needed to succeed. Mr. Smith, your name-calling, politics and economics don’t reflect reality.

  3. Musk is not working to change the world, nor is he any Tony Stark and Thomas Edison, there is defiling, not grand symbolism, in reusing HP’s old facility, including as a news event, nor is Muck a god, and liberals and Democrats including Newsom, to get elected by liberals and Democrats, have sought and seek the opposite of what is needed to succeed, while exploiting what success has happened despite, not because, of what liberalism in California has sought for decades, while other places can and do as well or better; they lack comparative size and roots in comparison. Newsom is not presential except in the sense that so many Democrats, including state darling Kamala Harris, are worse or less bright.

    Now, if there were any special deals for Musk to keep some South Bay and Tesla presence alive more than the minimum, that would not be surprising.

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