San Jose Attorneys Make Most Money

If you have an attorney in Silicon Valley, you’re probably paying more per minute than anywhere else in the country.

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data for 2009, the average lawyer in the San Jose metropolitan area earns roughly $192,000 a year, which is the highest amount in the country. Leaving the South Bay isn’t likely to save clients much money, though.

According to the BLS, nine of the top 10 areas in the country for the highest paid attorneys are in California. Santa Rosa-Petaluma comes in second ($171K), Napa is third ($170K), Madera is fourth ($168K) and San Francisco is fifth ($167K).

New York City comes in sixth at just over $166,000.

An interesting footnote is the BLS does not take pay-ladders into account, meaning the actual salaries for some attorneys could be worth much more.

Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. San Jose Attorneys make the most money and with full benefits,they are all City Council Persons… who happen to be Attorney’s. 

    The world ended when Reed took Office.

    Old Frank

    • Frank:

      Love your posts. Always worth the read and occasionally pretty damn funny. I am fairly sure the world will survive Reed, the City of SJ and it’s public servants, that is another question. I am counting the days until Madison Nguyen and Sam Liccardo both kneel before the nightmare and wait to see who is christened/endorsed the successor of Reed the Terrible.

      • Well Thanks Officer X, I always tell it like it is… The humor may or may not be intended but is always aimed at the selected politicians that make “IDIOT’S” of themselves. 

        My goal is to catch these “clowns” doing wrong plain and simple.  There is no place for “corruption” in our City but yet it continues at every level.  You never know what project and who I have dirt on. 

        But I can tell you it’s time for a Recall regarding our city leaders.  At this point, this is the worst I have ever seen our city in my 70 years living here, with the most corrupt administrators.

        Old Frank

  2. Corruption ?
    Maybe you can tell me where can I see a list of bonuses paid to city employees well I really want to know does city council and the mayor take a bonus? How much rumor is they do and it’s big ?

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