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The Drought-Proof Water Supply

Future droughts will become increasingly frequent and severe, according to climate predictions. Officials are so concerned about the current shortage that many are now looking for new sources of water, including the use of treated sewage discharge for—gulp—drinking water.

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Jose Antonio Vargas Films for Immigration Reform

When Jose Antonio Vargas turned 16 years old, he did what almost every kid his age does. He applied for a driver’s permit. But when he went to the DMV, he got something unexpected: the truth about his immigration status.

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San Jose Inside Launches Redesigned Website

Dear Readers:

You may notice something a little different this morning. After months of work, San Jose Inside has received a substantial facelift. Our hope is the new layout and commenting system will create better functionality and allow you to more easily share and comment on the stories you care about most.

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By the Numbers: 39 Percent

A union-backed poll for the San Jose mayor's race can be read many ways, but the percentage of undecided voters stands out most.

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