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Open Letter to The Incoming Class at Presentation High School

I was wondering…how many of you know who Jessica Ennis is? Jessica Ennis is an international track star. Earlier this Summer, she won the gold medal in the Heptathlon at the European Championships. Last year, she also took gold at the World Championships. Jessica Ennis is arguably the world’s greatest female athlete. This young woman can fly…and throw…and jump…etc. She’s Wonder Woman.

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Is the President a Bigot?

The morning after Federal Judge Vaughn Walker issued his ruling that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional, the Mercury News editorial board declared, “Facts triumph over bigotry in Prop 8 ruling.”  That same evening, ABC News ran portions of an interview with President Obama where he expressed his opposition to same-sex marriage. 

Does this mean, that in the eyes of the Mercury News and others, that President Obama (and anyone who shares a similar opinion on same-sex marriage) is a a bigot?


Responses to Reed’s Baseball Gambit

As expected, there was much written about San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s gambit to force the Baseball Commissioner’s hand on the A’s move to San Jose. SF Chronicle sportswriter Scott Ostler led with the headline, “Mayor Gives Selig An Old-Time Hotfoot.”


Did San Jose Strike Out?

It came as a big surprise to almost everyone, including Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig: Mayor Reed’s decision to go forward on the downtown baseball stadium.  Is Reed’s push a smart move that will demonstrate the city’s commitment to host a major league team, or is it a desperate move that will destroy the chances to bring the A’s to San Jose? UPDATED


Who’s to Blame for the Carnage at 10th and San Fernando?

By now, everyone knows about the awful car crash that left a 15-year-old girl dead, and members of her family injured. On July 13, after allegedly running a red light, Bernardino Cuebas sped away from a CHP cruiser, eventually colliding with another vehicle. According to reports, the 15-year-old girl was ejected from the car that Cuebas hit, and died at the hospital the next day.


San Jose Should Disown Joey Chestnut

Hard to believe that the Mercury News would provide space on its front page (let alone any page) to cover the annual spectacle that is the Nathan’s hot-dog eating contest.  Why would anyone have even the slightest interest in such an exhibition of gluttony?  Unfortunately for us, San Jose gets its name attached to the madness, as the “winner” of the event, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, lives in San Jose.  Why would anyone celebrate this guy?  Is there any way that we can distance ourselves from Mr. Chestnut?


San Jose’s Long, Hot Summer

Lately, San Jose’s political rhetoric has been hotter than its weather. Here are a few samples of comments by San Jose residents that were published by the Mercury News in recent days:

“With the resulting layoffs of 230 police and fire personnel looming, their (the unions’) motto needs to be revisited. Perhaps it should be modified to read, ‘To protect and preserve union power at the expense of public safety.’”

“Public and private workers increasingly live in separate economies…public employee unions have had a stranglehold on state and local elected officials for decades.  This has to end, as the taxpayers are fed up and tapped out.”


New San Jose Airport: An Icon?

Perhaps you’ve seen the advertisements that have appeared in the newspapers inviting San Jose residents to attend the “Community Open House” at the “new” Mineta San Jose Airport.  If you have seen the ads, perhaps you noticed that several words and letters were highlighted in the text of the headline to spell out the words, “NEW ICON.”  Is the new airport really an icon?


Tom Campbell for President

Hard to believe that California’s Republicans selected Carly Fiorina over Tom Campbell to run against Barbara Boxer in the Fall.  Campbell had polled much better than Fiorina in a theoretical contest with Boxer.  Campbell was/is one of the very few California Republican politicians who has appeal among Democrats and Independents.  Tens of thousands of Democrats and Independents would likely have voted for Tom Campbell.  How many Democrats are going to vote for Carly Fiorina…twelve?


Should San Jose Have its Own Navy?

Should San Jose have its own Navy to protect and defend Alviso? Ask that question to most people and they would respond, “Of course not,” and add, “Are you crazy?” 

Most people would agree that the City of San Jose doesn’t need a Navy, but what about having our own State Department? We could be like Berkeley, and issue policy declarations for the rest of the world to follow and obey.

The San Jose City Council’s unilateral call to boycott the State of Arizona over the immigration issue is a bit like one principality declaring economic war over another. Give me a break.


San Jose’s Values

“Values Fade In Face Of Budget Cuts.” So read the title of a recent column by the Mercury News’ Patty Fisher. “What do we value?” she asked, soon after Governor Schwarzenegger’s office released its revised budget outline replete with cuts to social programs.

“With a $19 billion gap to close, obviously the governor had tough choices to make.  But there was a pattern to his choices. He chose to eliminate welfare altogether and cut childcare for low-income families, in-home supportive services, Medi-Cal and mental health. Programs established to help the neediest among us: the poor, the sick, the elderly.”


San Jose Fights Autism

San Jose will take up its fight against Autism through two upcoming events. This Saturday, June 5, there will be a “Walk Now For Autism Speaks” event at History Park. In addition to the fundraising walk there will be activities for kids, resources for families, light refreshments, and entertainment. Registration for the event starts at 9am, and the walk begins at 10am. History San Jose is at Kelley Park, 1650 Senter Road.

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Yes Means No, And No Means Yes

Welcome to the City of Santa Clara where “Yes” means No, and “No” means yes.  That is, when it comes to the Measure J Campaign, the drive to build a football stadium for the 49ers. A posting on the website, Save Santa, indicated that supporters of Measure J had gone to the trouble of registering several different domain names that might have been useful to the opposition.  Apparently, it’s true.

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Planet Mercury

The Mercury News editorial board recently offered its opinion on the difficulties surrounding the San Jose Airport.  The city is about to cut the ribbon on a slick new facility, but there’s not enough money to run the place.  “Airport Needs To Study All Options To Cut Costs,” read the headline.  No kidding.


Is The Commissioner of Baseball Playing Games With San Jose?

I kept wondering why it’s taking so long for Major League Baseball to make a decision on whether or not to let the A’s move to San Jose.  It’s a big and expensive decision, but one that could have been made months ago.  I assumed that the source of the delay was rounding up the money to compensate the SF Giants ownership for the territorial rights to Santa Clara County.  Unfortunately for San Jose, there may be another reason for the delay.