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Oakland A’s-San Jose Lease Deal Goes before City Council

Five years since signing a lease agreement with the hope of relocating the Oakland A's to a new ballpark in downtown San Jose, the City Council is poised to renew the land-holding deal for another seven years. Still, prospects of the team moving 40 miles south remain uncertain.

A’s Agreement to Stay in Oakland Put on Hold

Though Oakland A's owner Lew Wolff has long wanted to move his team to San Jose, he has reached a tentative lease agreement to stay put for another decade. But a vote Friday to approve the deal was delayed after four of eight Coliseum Joint Powers Authority board members did not show.

Oakland’s Loss is South Bay’s Gain

It’s OK to pity Oakland, a beleaguered and maligned city whose greatest achievements were earned on the field by its World Championship sports teams. But now those storied franchises are fleeing like refugees from a war-torn nation.

Oakland’s New Fire Chief Not Retired Long

The city of Oakland hired Teresa Reed to be its new fire chief Wednesday, continuing a trend of former San Jose public employees finding work with nearby municipalities. But Reed’s change in employment, after retiring from the San Jose Fire Department less than two weeks ago, appears to be just one example of why Mayor Chuck Reed (no relation) and other city officials in San Jose are clamoring for pension reform.

Occupy Oakland Strike Done for Now

After a day-long “general strike” in Oakland, which lasted well into early Thursday morning, Occupy Oakland protestors have removed barricades at the port of Oakland entrance. On Wednesday afternoon, a crowd of more than 3,000 people marched to the port of Oakland.

No Facts Behind Ugly Rumors About Oakland Chief Batts

A couple of days before Debra Figone finalized her selection of Chris Moore as the city’s next chief of police, councilman Sam Liccardo referred to the candidates’ race as “the elephant in the room”—Moore, acting chief for the last three months, is white while the other finalist, Oakland Chief of Police Anthony Batts, is black. The real “elephant in the room,” though, was an inflammatory online report by a small newspaper in Long Beach.

Is Anthony Batts Coming to San Jose to Escape Trouble in Oakland?

Anthony Batts has only been the Oakland police chief for a year, which has prompted speculation as to why he is interested in coming to fill San Jose’s open position in the midst of a three-year contract he just signed. A report by Ali Winston, a producer for KALW Radio in Oakland, suggests Batts might want to come here because Oakland faces a real threat of having its police department placed under federal receivership.