Response times

City Council’s Campos, Kalra Say Fire Department Analysis Incomplete

The San Jose Fire Department has lost more than 10 percent of its staff since 2007, and some councilmembers want to know if response times have suffered as a result. (Photo by Craig Allyn Rose)

An audit of the San Jose Fire Department didn’t include enough analysis of staffing, councilmembers Ash Kalra and Xavier Campos argue in a memo. They want to look into whether the shorter staffing levels are what led to longer response times and loss in overall service. Other items on the council agenda for Tuesday include a settlement with the family of a young child killed by a falling tree and a proposed ordinance to allow street vendors to sell fresh produce in low-income neighborhoods.

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Firefighters Union President: City Plays Politics with Department Response Times

The San Jose Fire Department is under pressure to release accurate response times to emergencies after it was found that thousands of reports were missing. (Photo by Craig Allyn Rose)

The city recently acknowledged that it was missing thousands of emergency response times when calculating how long it takes first responders from the San Jose Fire Department to arrive on scene. Robert Sapien, president of San Jose’s firefighters union, explains in an op-ed why emergency response times matter not only in life and death situations, but also when calculating the city’s budget.—Editor