More Cities Consider Gun Control

In one of his final acts as mayor of Sunnyvale, Tony Spitaleri helped get Measure C passed to create some of the most progressive gun control laws in the country.

Los Gatos and other South Bay cities begin to consider their own gun control measures as Sunnyvale’s Measure C works its way through court.


NRA Fires off Letter for Rules Committee Discussion on Local Gun Control

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre, an executive vice president with the organization, has been a fierce opponent of new laws on gun control. The NRA recently sent a letter to the city of San Jose regarding a proposed ordinance on assault weapons.

The National Rifle Association heard about a local attorney’s idea to crack down on assault weapons in San Jose and hired a law firm to write up a disapproving missive to City Council. Other items going before the Rules and Open Government Committee on Wednesday include support for a Constitutional amendment acknowledging companies aren’t people, a report on how transparent the city is in holding meetings and disseminating information and more rants from City Hall critic David Wall.

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