Casino M8trix

Casino M8trix Calls off Lawsuit against City

The nearly two-year standoff between the city of San Jose and owners of Casino M8trix may finally be coming to an end. On Monday, owners of the Tetris-adorned tower and card club filed papers to pull their lawsuit over several disputes—mainly the city’s rejection of gaming on the top/eighth floor. Sean Kali-Rai, a lobbyist for the card club, said he met City Manager Ed Shikada last week for coffee and had his “first meaningful interaction” with a city official in six months.

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Gaming Cop Breaks Silence on Casino M8trix Dispute

San Jose’s top casino cop has had enough. In his first interview since Casino M8trix filed lawsuits in February against the city of San Jose, Richard Teng, the San Jose Police Department’s gaming administrator, called accusations against him “a political nightmare.” There is history in this dispute.

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Huffington Post Blogger Wants Answers about Casino M8trix

The city’s poised to deny for the second time a Public Records Act (PRA) request from a journalist who wants to glimpse the behind-the-scenes workings of Casino M8trix. Other items on the Rules and Open Government Committee agenda fro Wednesday include a dispute within the Vietnamese community and a passionate letter from our favorite city critic.

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Council to Discuss Card Room Crime

San Jose’s casinos increasingly require more police attention, according to an annual audit of the two permitted card rooms going before the City Council. Other items on the agenda include an update on Measure B litigation and an audit of Team San Jose.

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Council Meeting Focuses on Ballot Initiatives

The first City Council meeting of the 2012-13 fiscal year Tuesday will feature votes on approving language for three major ballot initiatives for November: a sales and use tax increase, a proposal to raise the city’s minimum wage, and an increase in the number of card tables at the city’s two casinos.

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Administrator Signs off on Casino M8trix

UPDATE: San Jose Police Chief Chris Moore conducted a public hearing Monday morning at CityHall, but no immediate approval was given to Casino M8trix’s permit request. The casino will be allowed to open once it meets the conditions set forth by administrator Richard Teng, of the SJPD Division of Gaming Control. Casino operators were given the opportunity to speak at the hearing but declined.

Richard Teng, the San Jose Police Department’s administrator for the Division of Gaming Control, gave a new glimpse into the fight between Casino M8trix and the police Friday, when he sent out a memo recommending that Casino M8trix be allowed to open its doors if eight recommendations are met. Police Chief Chris Moore will hold a permit hearing at 10am Monday at City Hall to consider Teng’s report and decide if Casino M8trix can open.

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Compromise Could Pave Way for Casino M8trix Opening July 20

UPDATE: When will Casino M8trix open? Maybe as soon as July 20. City officials say they are cautiously optimistic Police Chief Chris Moore will grant the casino its necessary permits at a hearing July 19, because the card room owners have relented and agreed to open the first floor only while continuing negotiations on how top floor gaming will be managed. But casino owner Eric Swallow says the city never contacted him about such an arrangement.

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Bay 101 Polls for Ballot Measure

A new phone poll in San Jose wants to know exactly how you feel about card rooms. More specifically, the poll, paid for by Bay 101, wants to know how receptive you are to the city’s two casinos increasing card tables to 98 apiece and potentially incorporating Indian casinos’ modern-day 40 acres and a mule: slot machines.

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