Jose Antonio Vargas Films for Immigration Reform

Jose Antonio Vargas, left, offers sworn testimony shown in his new film, Undocumented.

When Jose Antonio Vargas turned 16 years old, he did what almost every kid his age does. He applied for a driver’s permit. But when he went to the DMV, he got something unexpected: the truth about his immigration status.

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Supervisors to Discuss Immigration Reform

With upcoming drafts for immigration reform coming from a bipartisan group in Congress and President Obama, the county Board of Supervisors plans to discuss the issue at its next meeting.

Santa Clara County, inextricably defined by its immigrant population, has long been touted as one of the best places for foreign-born to become successful, engaged members of society. So, as the country tackles comprehensive immigration reform for the first time in decades, the county has a lot to add to the national conversation. The county Board of Supervisors will discuss this topic and others at Tuesday’s meeting.

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Interstate Commerce

Fly finds it ironic that many of the local leaders who supported last week’s City Council vote to denounce Arizona’s harsh new illegal-immigration law themselves do business in the Copper State—whether they are aware of it or not.

It turns out that Madison Nguyen, who sponsored the resolution, hosts her re-election website with the Phoenix-based iPower Inc.


Should San Jose Have its Own Navy?

Should San Jose have its own Navy to protect and defend Alviso? Ask that question to most people and they would respond, “Of course not,” and add, “Are you crazy?” 

Most people would agree that the City of San Jose doesn’t need a Navy, but what about having our own State Department? We could be like Berkeley, and issue policy declarations for the rest of the world to follow and obey.

The San Jose City Council’s unilateral call to boycott the State of Arizona over the immigration issue is a bit like one principality declaring economic war over another. Give me a break.