Rich Robinson

Rich Robinson

Rich Robinson is an attorney and political consultant in Silicon Valley. He is currently working on the campaign of Sheriff Laurie Smith.

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Politics Is Personal

The mantra that nothing is personal, just business, doesn't hold in life or in politics, according to Rich Robinson.

I learned an important lesson from former state Sen. John Vasconcellos—politics are personal. Every vote, every issue, every candidate he endorses—it’s all a reflection of his own belief system.


A Tale of Two Polls

Sam Liccardo's new poll has him gaining ground in the mayor's race.

The recent poll showing Dave Cortese in first place—and Madison Nguyen in second—for the San Jose mayor’s race must have been a shock to the Sam Liccardo camp. So much so, that Liccardo released his own polling information showing him now in second.


The Importance of the Secretary of State and a Stolen Election

Dan Schnur brings impressive credentials to his run for secretary of state, and his recent change in political affiliation might only help his chances. (Photo by Steve Cohn, courtesy of USCViterbiSchool)

Dan Schnur, an independent candidate for California’s secretary of state position, served as a political consultant to John McCain, back when the Arizona senator was still a maverick running against George W. Bush. We have had tremendous disagreements on some policy issues, but we have similar views when it comes to integrity in government, the honesty of elections, the enhancement of voting rights and the education of voters.

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Wasserman Leads with a Moderate Touch

Mike Wasserman delivered his Sate of the County speech on Tuesday. (Photo courtesy of Santa Clara County)

Mike Wasserman, president of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, gave an inspirational State of the County address Tuesday. While talking about public safety, he related the story of his mother being rushed to the emergency room by local firefighters, who helped save her life. It was a personal story that showed the role government plays and the everyday services that some people take for granted.

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