Memorial Day 2017 Photo Gallery

San Jose Inside sent photographer Greg Ramar to document the annual Memorial Day ceremony Monday at Oak Hill Cemetery. Veterans, their family and friends, South Bay residents and elected officials all came together to honor the men and women of the military who have served and sacrificed for the country.


  1. The five Inglewood police officers who fatally shot a young couple, firing 20 bullets into them as they appeared to be unconscious in a parked car, are no longer police officers in the city, Mayor James T. Butts said Tuesday.

    Wow! Well buckle up boys, in this environment the sky’s the limit. Brutal murderers

  2. Thanks SJI for documenting the honoring of these brave men and women. A worthy tradition.
    Also, the regular overflights of WW2 bombers in the week preceding Memorial Day serve as periodic reminders of the incredible achievements of our armed forces and have become a poignant tradition here that I hope continues for many years to come.

  3. Thank you for covering such a meaningful event. We have lost 2 members from the greatest generation in our family this year, and I have been thinking about the difficult times they lived through and the gift of freedom they passed on to us.

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