Charvez Enters Sheriff’s Race; Targets Longtime Foe Salcido

Laurie Smith is widely considered a shoo-in to be re-elected as County Sheriff. She was first elected in 1998 by a fat majority of voters—becoming the first female sheriff in the state—and since then, her popularity has grown steadily. It was no surprise when Jose Salcido, the former head of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association (DSA), announced that he would run against her—he is becoming something of a perennial candidate. But this week, Salcido’s nemesis, former DSA vice president Joe Charvez, threw his hat into the ring as well.

Charvez says he decided to enter the race on June 17, and plainly states that the main reason for his candidacy is to block Salcido. “I have a problem with Jose Salcido’s integrity,” Charvez says.

Charvez has been a deputy sheriff since 1985, and was a member of the DSA board for around seven years. Salcido and Charvez have tangled since they have been on the board together, according to Charvez. He accuses Salcido of draining the DSA’s union funds and putting it toward his own self-serving purposes.

Salcido did not return several phone calls for comment.

In 2005, DA David Tomkins found, following an investigation, that Salcido committed perjury in a sworn declaration as part of an apparent cover-up of a vote-buying deal between the powerful DSA and the county’s chief executive, Pete Kutras. No criminal charges were filed.

In addition, Charvez alleges that in the past Salcido has “released information to the public that was supposed to be kept in confidence.”

Charvez admits that he is running because he sees it as the best way to bring questions about Salcido’s actions into the public space.

“Somebody’s got to say the king has no clothes on every now and then,” Charvez says.

Of course, the battle between the two DSA members may give incumbent Sheriff Smith an edge, as the two men attack each other while she remains above the fray.



  1. Ms. Fishman,
    Before writing this and putting this out in the public eye, did you fact check any of these accusations made by Charvez? Is the Metro supporting Charvez or Smith?


    Who are Jose Salcido and Joe Charvez?  Why should we care?  And why does one have a Spanish first name and the other has an American first name. Political???  And who the hell is Laura Fishman?????  Never heard of her, never seen her name in print.  And she gets an article posted on SJI??!!  Oh yeah, that’s free speech.  So, Laura, tell us who the hell you are and what credentials you have to post on this “issue”. Are you just another Metro tool?

    But one constant—Dale still hates Victor.

    So many questions.  Does anyone have answers for me?  I’ve never felt so ignorant.

  3. Informed San Joseans have learned that, when they hear the words Deputy Sheriff’s Association, they should look for Victor Ajlouny. 

    The DSA has been one of his political bases for years. Voters expect frequent mailings from the DSA endorsing Victor’s candidates, as well as phony news stories in the Merc reporting on DSA political activities as though those activities rose shining & fresh out of the Bay without Ajlouny’s fingerprints.

    Your writer, Laura Fishman, needs to go back to her sources to find out Ajlouny’s role in this quarrel between his former tool, Jose Salcido, and political newcomer, Joe Charvez.

    Knowing the malice and guile that lurks in the cold heart of Ajlouny, this all sounds like Salcido is getting out of control, and that Ajlouny is using Charvez to get Salcido back in line.

    And, once we know Ajlouny’s role, we’ll know more about Chuck Reed’s goals. It’s not quite clear whether Reed is a tool of Ajlouny, or Ajlouny is a tool of Reed.  Probably a mixture of both because they are each aware of the dirty backgrounds of the other one.

  4. Dale

    Gill Cable learned to be frightened of me.  Chuck Reed learned my power as did my adopted political daughter Hon Lien.

    I am invicible, and I smell stronger than any real polecat.

    Like any smelly rodent, I will overturn your magnolias and lesve garbarge trails behind.

    Beware of Fallujah Vic, my bombs are my armpits!!

  5. #1Christian: This article was fact-checked. And Metro has taken no position on the upcoming Sheriff’s race.

    #3 JMO: Laura Fishman is a recent graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz, where she studied journalism and worked at the school’s newspaper, City on a Hill. She joined our team as a reporting intern last week. She is a fine young woman and deserves some respect, so…please…

  6. I never read this or saw this on the news. What proof does Charvez have of this and did the reporter verify these things before putting it in this article? Saying he committed perjury and gave out confidential info are pretty serious allegations. They can really damage Salcido’s reputation if they aren’t true.

    “In 2005, DA David Tomkins found, following an investigation, that Salcido committed perjury in a sworn declaration as part of an apparent cover-up of a vote-buying deal between the powerful DSA and the county’s chief executive, Pete Kutras. No criminal charges were filed.

    In addition, Charvez alleges that in the past Salcido has “released information to the public that was supposed to be kept in confidence.”

  7. #3 John Michael Oconnor

    “I’ve never felt so ignorant.”

    Enough with the false modesty!

    Remember comment #88 from the POA v. Jayadev article?

    “So, who be wantin’ to conversate fuhtha ‘bout dat?”

    And don’t forget #4 from the Lua Methamphetamine article

    “One less sh*thead who can’t breed and bring another generation of lowlife, meth-head, spouse-abusing sh*theads into the world for the rest of us to have to deal with, all the while the ACLU folks sue for “they rights”.

    I have full faith you will continue to astound us with your ignorance as long as you continue to post.

    And as far as the content of this article, is commenting on sherriff or police issues some sort of sacred ground that only cops and their confidants are allowed to explore?


  8. 8 – Ignorance simply means “lack of knowledge or information.” Has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing with an opinion. When you back-up your opinion with either knowledge or information you will no longer be ignorant. You should try it.

    12 – So, until a publication that you agree with is cited you will still live in the land of denial? Interesting way to make an argument—you ask for proof and it’s provided. Then you say I don’t want that proof, I want some other proof. Kind of weakens your case.

  9. #5,
    I’m kind of in agreement with Jaymock on this one. If Laura Fishman is ever going to succeed as a journalist, she’s going to need to choose topics that are far more interesting to the public than this Charvez/Salcido brouhaha.
    “The Foraging Habits of the Red Legged Bustard” comes to mind.

  10. That’s it.  Just this, on Joe Charvez’s attempts to become a Spider Man for Law Enforcement.  Hey Pinocchio, quit trying to be Batman.  I’ll tell you what; let’s see what the C/Rat drags in. The race has just begun. The best has yet to come, so kick back and watch the fun.

  11. #14 Christian, to see the facts for yourself visit: case # 104CV2067 at the Superior Court located at 191 N. 1st St. San Jose, Ca.  Compare his declaration to his deposition. A transcript of his videotaped deposition was prepared by Bell & Myers Certified Shorthand Reporters Inc., 50 Airport Parkway #205 San Jose, Ca. For more information enter the following into your favorite web search engine:  “josesalcidoforsheriff”;  “victor ajlouny + jose salcido” – (Victor Ajlouny, Eagle Communications, provides public relations / polit ical consultations); “” – then enter “salcido” into the Search Metroactive box; “” – then enter “salcido” into the Type and Wait to Search box.

  12. Fred,
    Metro? Media? Facts? No thanks. I met Jose when he was on the Mayor’s Public Safety Transition Committee. He is nothing like the media is portraying him. He is a very nice guy. The media bashed me when I ran for Council so I know how dirty campaigns can get. Glad I lost, and am out of politics for good.

  13. Good evening my fellow readers.  Let us pick up the pace now that things are heating up.  Joe Charvez is no where to be seen.  I went out to look for him at his former nest.  He was moved elsewhere in the realm of the Sheriff.  Why?  Rumours are rampant about Joe Charvez.  Try digging around the Halls of Justice.  Ask the deputies what is going on.  I did. 
    I know he filed false declarations in case #104CV2067.  The District Attorneys Office provided him with a copy of a tape recording that was supposed to be used as evidence.  He then changed his declaration based on the tape.  Why? Because he lied in his original declartion.  The Goverment Attorneys Association/District Attorneys Office/Joe charvez tried to fabricate a case. ( I know, little c)
    But the truth always prevails.
    Forget about Jose Salcedo, he now works for the mayor.  The Mayor saw far more in him than the Sheriff ever did.
    Come on Charvez, take the cheese.  I know you’re out there,,, so am I.
    Don”t make me run, in order to drag you out in public.  Till then, I’ll be digging for the truth.

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